Stepping into the door of youth

  I saw that corner,which was gradually uncovering the cover cloth.I like the night sky,the stars in the night sky,the moon and the dark night without any brightness,the shadow under the street lamp seemed to be what I looked like.A shadow matched in this lonely scene,which was very bleak.A gust of wind blew,and the clothes rang in a daze,shaving on my face,let yourself try to open your eyes to see where it has gone.

  They said that when you lose all your dependence,you will learn everything.In fact,lonely people have already learned to bear the cold.They locked themselves in a room,where there were warm spring flowers blooming,rivers and lakes,eternal youth,birds and flowers fragrance,but only when they were alone could they appreciate them,they don’t like to be disturbed,and they want someone to disturb them.In fact,they are afraid of loneliness,but they have been used to loneliness and the joy and sorrow of appreciating the world.

  I remember that I was just promoted to junior high school,and gradually fell in love with loneliness.At first I thought it was so cold and cold,but Hen Ku.Later I realized that I was actually different from them.I was a person from two worlds,they can’t integrate into each other,their world is very simple,as if there is only one element”happiness”,and my world is indeed composed of many elements,but there is no happiness.I don’t like to tell my own stories.At that time,when I knew it,I would make people happy and let people have another kind of eyes to look at themselves.

  Through several Spring and Autumn Periods like this,I still can’t change the darkness in my heart.It is really dark.I can feel that it is slowly eroding my body,it’s like a single wolf eating a stiff yellow sheep,looking around for the point where you can lower your mouth,finding the breakthrough,and disappearing is just an instant thing.

  Once in a while,you lean against the tree,listen to the birds,listen to the wind,talk to the tree,light a cigarette,take a deep breath,close your eyes,when you open it,everything is still the original,without any change,the only change is that the night sky is full of stars and they are beautiful.They don’t say a word.I think they are lonely too!We are all listeners of each other,but we say nothing.

  Loneliness is the monologue in the heart.It comes from the night,but never comes out of the darkness.It is in charge of life and death in the world,but it appreciates the water of the Yellow Spring alone.

  At dawn,a cold wind blew into the room from the window.A new day began.I took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

  A few days ago,it rained and snowed again.Today is the second solar term”rain”this year.It happened that there was no rain in the sky.The sky was so clean and there was no cloud at all.

  There is a folk proverb:Three big bowls of rain,big rivers and small rivers should be full.The solar term without rain may indicate that crops grow and lack of water this spring,and the task of farmers ploughing in spring may be much more arduous.At this moment,I am immersed in the concern and missing of my hometown field.

  The sun rose from the top of the high-rise building,sprinkling the golden sunlight on the streets and alleys of the city.Casual people stretched themselves on the balcony.They didn’t care about the weather today and always stared at the mobile phone,care about daily changes in the epidemic.

  This winter and spring isolation or conscious isolation has greatly exceeded the stipulated 14 days,because the government has not lifted the epidemic warning,so everyone stays at home patiently,care about changes in the epidemic situation from mobile phone information.

  The unlocked spring scenery,the indomitable footsteps.

  Flowing in the yard of the community.The branches of the ginkgo tree just showed light red buttons.Begonia grew hard.The most dazzling willow branches were blown green by the spring breeze.The leaves of the cherry tree were so young that there was no sign of flowering,the purple golden flower blooms and wither tirelessly,and the withered petals lose their luster.The hairy grape leaves are like a silkworm crawling on the rough Vine.The most popular spring-catching flower blooms at the earliest,full of branches,it is full of pools…….

  I felt the tenacity of life,the growth of life and the beauty of life in the yard.They struggled to lean out from the cold wind and looked up at the sky and the earth;they broke through the darkness from the rock crack of frozen soil and welcomed the first ray of sunshine in early spring.They always give people Enlightenment,with beauty and hope!

  The sun rises slowly,and the air is flowing warm.The language of nature tells us that another spring is growing,and we have to start a new day again,which may be plain or vigorous,these seem to be not so important.The important thing is that they are still alive,can talk to the world,dedicate all their love to the world,and can be safe and sound for each other.

  Sitting on the stone stool beside the small bridge,the sun wakes up the tadpoles in the water,which are black one after another.Life is so vigorous that the swinging body conveys their energy,lift the water in the pond round and round,and disappear in the weeds beside the pond.

  Opposite the pond is a forest,with no new leaves,bare.Birds fly around and fall on the largest tree.There are about hundreds of birds,which are very spectacular.They fly back and forth occasionally.They are all in pairs.They are shouting and singing,there was no quietness in the morning in the yard.

  Suddenly,there was a muffled sound.The birds were flying all of a sudden and could not be seen any more.When they were enduring,another bird flew on the top of the tree,the cry of loneliness never stopped,and there were no birds flying back.I sat here staring blankly,ten minutes,twenty minutes,thirty minutes……An hour passed,but still didn’t fly back.The muffled sound just now was not only the one who took away the life of his partner,but also the pain of being alone made him wait for a whole day and fly away reluctantly until dark.

  In the vast world,how many lives are in reincarnation every day,how many partners are lost,they are divided and combined,and they are separated from each other.How many touching things happened around you and how many painful things twined you and couldn’t move.We chose and gave up again and again,and finally we returned to having nothing.How like that single bird!You will eventually leave here and embrace the beginning of a new day.

  Everything returned to peace,and everything began a new round of energy savings.We return to reality again,care about everything happening around us,and become mature and strong in this disaster.

  We expect the disaster to pass away as soon as possible every day,and pray that patients infected with the virus will get rid of the line of death as soon as possible and recover as soon as possible.Pray for the soldiers,medical workers,volunteers who stay at home safely for us……,When the spring blossoms and the anti-epidemic victory comes,they all need to go back to their small homes safely.

  Without their fighting in the front line,we would stay at home and enjoy the warmth of our small family!We are grateful,we pray,we silently bless,this extraordinary spring,those warriors fighting selflessly in the anti-epidemic line!

  Love warms this spring;Love makes us understand the boundless love in this spring!

  Copyright works,without the written authorization of”short literature”,are strictly prohibited to reprint,offenders will be investigated for legal responsibility.

  Life,half is running,half is leisure;While facing the sunshine,while facing the shade.–Inscription

  What should it look like to grow into an imaginary appearance?No one is perfect,just like it.When firewood,rice,oil and salt wipe out the luster of life,pink and black can not cover the traces of annual rings,and it is inevitable to grow old.It is also good if you can feel relieved and slowly grow old gracefully.

  I feel that I haven’t grown up yet.The children around me have grown into big trees over my head.Suddenly one day,he shouted”Mom,a white hair……”Original age affects us,time stay.In a daze,the wrinkles deepened,with ravines and ravines,spots under the sky,and Twilight.Only children’s smiling flowers fill their lives,feeling very gratified.

  When you are young,you can go to a snow-moon romantic scene,or invite three or two confidants to sing to wine,with great lofty sentiments and burning youth dance music.Now,when I wake up in half of my life,I only hope that the years will be quiet and good.I can read the Moonlight Song,taste the happiness and become old slowly.

  When I like riding a bike,I pick up a little bit of meeting,and my thoughts are free and unfettered.The wind blew around my ears,and I felt very emotional for a moment,like the sea waves,suddenly a word,I was deeply moved,and came to my heart:”Life,it’s good to walk like this!”

  Being willing to be ordinary and enjoying being ordinary is also a state.There is no difference in life,and some have different moods.A porridge and a meal are as sweet as a mouthful.A book of tea is full of fun and spring.The less you spend the rest of your life,the more you can steal Fu Sheng for a long time.You can also have a childlike innocence.Simple happiness is also happiness!

  Time will not be simplified,life can not be expanded,step by step,it is a choice.Silence may not be thin,and enthusiasm may not be plump.Sometimes the words are wordless,lonely as snow,without more explanation.The wind blows and the snow falls,and the clouds fade away,all of which fall into the bottom of my heart and evolve into shallow marks.Ups and downs of life,cadence,after precipitation is also fragrant.

  Once prosperous,it was also the peak of bustle.The days when flowers bloom and fall,you come and go are the reality of life.One day and one night,I saw spring flowers,autumn moon,summer clouds and winter snow.Although we are small in such a large stage and so many beautiful things,we can shoulder the same shoulder with the years,treat them equally and cherish them every second.

  Walking life,put the mood into the wind,Bloom in the flowers,let the soft words,softer,slowly walk on the road of time.The left hand holds the insipid,the right hand holds the leisure,ordinary days,in the fun point,a moment of fragrance.

  Look for the leader of the soul,grow into the snow lotus on the peak,and brighten the days ahead.The efforts of all living creatures are nothing more than to get what they want.If they can get both sides thoroughly on the black and white grid,the walking life may be lighter.

  When walking in life,if you read the cadence and cadence rhyme and add affectionate punctuation,the interlaced and white ones will be the scenery in your eyes.If there is Spring blossoming on the face and splendid mountains and rivers in the heart,then the sunshine in the future will be bright and bright without hurting,and there will be no deletion!

  This season of the year before last,I always remember that it was the first winter I came to this city.It was the first time in 19 years that I left home thousands of miles away.There were no relatives or friends around me.I was not sad,because I knew that I was starting a real life alone,and I was walking the road that a person should take.

  I am a person who does not know worldly stories.I tried hard to design the future path for myself with my unintelligent mind.Reality is a practice field,which can help you take off and make you die.Through the Ages,many charming fantasies have been knocked apart by the reality.Of course,there are yours,his and mine.

  I ran in the bitter season,I walked through the strange crowd,and I had a strong desire for all the beautiful things in the world.In order to pursue these,I once lost myself,maybe it was a kind of confusion.During that period of time,I lived in disguise and couldn’t see a real sky for a long time.I felt sad unexpectedly.I doubted whether I had a real life and whether I also existed.

  In the twenty-three years of life,sadness and joy were mixed,falling down and standing up were the same,but I always insisted that even though I was exhausted and scarred,I still maintained my unique personality.Because I know that life is not easy.What is easy is decadence and death.However,a person who is unwilling to be ordinary will not allow himself to stay in this situation for a long time.Even if he falls into darkness and falls into the mire occasionally,he will struggle and climb up.

  Life is the heaven and earth where we cultivate our youth,and ideal is the belief we still insist on.People are born with desires,strong desires,strong and powerful,so as to reach a state of life.Maybe you will say that this state is the shore that is hard to reach in your life,but it is because of this that you have the meaning of life and life.Life is a lifetime,grass and trees are a spring,what kind of life is worthy of being born?What kind of life can lead to death without regret?We have been asking and doing it.Until today,we still can’t give a perfect answer,because this itself is incomprehensible.We only know better,better,and unremitting pursuit.

  I once asked myself whether I had a clear conscience in the past twenty years.Looking back on the past,it seems that this question has been there.The reason why people are human beings is not only that they have thoughts,but also that they have pursuits and strive to realize them.

  I saw people like me rippling in the Rivers of Time.Looking back,the wilderness of memory was full of desire.No matter how difficult life is,please stick to it;No matter how dangerous the years are,please keep on the road.There will be another scenery in your life.

Moreover,the flowers bloom with sound.Although they are tiny

  Because outbreak,long time haven’t gone out.Today,I have a suitable opportunity to relax in Wanfu Park.

  As usual,I went to the Cherry Garden to watch the cherry blossoms.

  Wanfu Park covers an area of more than 20 mu of Sakura Forest,and there are many different varieties of Sakura,among which the largest single variety is Tokyo Sakura,Japan.I thought cherry blossoms were beautiful originally,but because of the influence of the Wuhan epidemic,I could see another feeling:Cherry blossoms bloom like snow or like clouds,beautiful,but also sad-I saw a little gloomy in the white,but I saw more bloody in the red,but I hope it can not only represent love,it can more represent a firm and determination spirit and render a more heroic color.–I think,instead of being sad,we might as well look at it with appreciation.

  Therefore,when I saw the cherry blossoms,I went to look for another kind of affection-the blossoms were loud.

  Is there any sound when flowers bloom?For a long time,I have been thinking about this problem.Finally,one day,I clearly found that if you feel it with your heart,you will hear the flowers bloom and sound,depending on whether you will find them.

  French poet krodale said:The eyes can also be heard.Literati’s works and scenes are frozen,no matter realistic or freehand brushwork,but also like frozen images,just like a moment on the screen.Watching flowers means feeling with your heart.If you watch more,you will get better and better.Touching the flower branches,making the flower shadow,watching the Flower Dance,smelling the fragrance of the flower,and releasing the flower language,suddenly one day you will feel the flexibility of the flower,the sound of the flower blooming,so tiny,but it is so simple-all creatures created by nature have their own unique meanings,so there will be sounds when flowers bloom,which belongs to themselves.

  whether you pay attention to them or not,they have existed objectively.

  ”I especially like a moment,when the words fall on the keyboard under the’kake’,a flower blooms suddenly.”I suddenly thought of such words,and I felt very Shu Ran.

  The mood is getting better gradually,and I can see the pleasure when I look at the flowers.Gradually,I feel that the world of flowers is psychic with people’s heart-when the leaves stretch their bodies slowly,when the flowers spit out their stamens,I clearly heard a proud voice:I want to bloom the splendor of life.

  Yes,on the short road of life,shouldn’t we grasp life and create miracles like flowers?Flowers bloom and sound,let alone us!Let the world feel our existence and let history record our splendor.

  Flowers bloom and sound,do you feel it?

Yunfeng and Lili sat at the bow of the boat.

  In the early autumn of year 82 S,Yunfeng accepted the restoration and confirmation work of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project in Yichang.At half past four P.M.on August 15,the passenger ship from Chongqing to Shanghai left Chaotianmen Wharf on time.The third class cabin on the ship was a room with eight people.There were four beds on the upper and lower bunks in the room.The bed of Yunfeng was No.123,and the thin and thin girl I met when I bought the ticket was No.122.When the girl saw Yunfeng,her face immediately turned from sunny to overcast.Maybe she recalled the dispute when she bought the ticket.Whatever,a man and a big husband,don’t have the same knowledge with her.Yunfeng put the pillow on the head of the bed next to No.122,and closed his eyes and recuperated himself on the bed with the clothes.This means that if you don’t see it,your heart will not be annoyed.

  ”Son of a bitch,get up and sleep!”

  Yunfeng opened his eyes and saw that little girl standing in front of his bed,staring at him severely with her eyes,pretending to be aggressive.Yunfeng wanted to laugh in his heart.You are about 1.5 meters tall,weighing about 80 kilograms at most.I am lying here.If you beat me ten times or eight times,it won’t hurt me at all.Really….

  ”Alas–,sorry.Of course I can sleep on the other end.Well,it’s just a little inappropriate….Think about it,a young man,once he opened his eyes,he saw a little girl coming there,feeling….”

  ”What do you think!Hum….”

  ”A little,um…,Indecent.”

  ”Hee hee,indecent?….”

  The little girl stared,her face turned red,as if what Yunfeng said was reasonable.Apart from being thin,this little girl is quite delicate and symbolic.Although it was a little bit unruly,raising your hands and raising your feet also showed some elegance and the spirit of books.

  ”Well,yes,it is not suitable for me to sleep on the other end!….”

  Yunfeng thought to himself,that’s right,where there is a young man sleeping under a girl’s crotch.If she really wants to insist,then Yunfeng has to change to the other end to sleep.At most,it is just to open your eyes less or not to squint.After thinking for a long time,she may still think what Yunfeng said is more appropriate.The expression on her face turned cloudy and sunny immediately.She moved her pillow and put it on Yunfeng’s pillow.Finally,a disturbance disappeared.

  This ghost elf looked at Yunfeng with his big eyes,as if he wanted to ponder,speculate,or guess what he wanted to know from Yunfeng’s face.Yunfeng raised his head,avoiding her gaze,silently looking at the autumn sun outside the window,feeling the domineering of Chongqing Autumn Tiger.Thinking about the beauty of the Three Gorges,the hero of Yamen.

  ”My name is Lili.May I ask if you are….”

  ”Oh,Hello,My name is Yunfeng.”

  When young people are together,some small unhappiness will soon disappear.It is said that Chongqing people are straightforward,open-minded,and the joy and anger only appear on the face,never exist in the heart.That Lili was no exception.She soon became friends with Yunfeng and had a great chat.

  Lili said that after her major graduation,she was assigned to work in a research institute in Beijing,and her parents both taught in Chongqing Academy of Fine Arts.She began to learn art since she could remember,not because she loved it herself,or she was willing.But their parents all do that kind of work.Their work is painting,leisure and painting.The topic of chatting is painting,what is happy is painting,and what is sad is painting.Although she was a worker,she became interested in painting because of the edification from childhood.And he declared to me that this was not a hobby,but a habit formed from childhood.

  She also said that she went to Yichang for a public trip because her parents were in Chongqing.With the consent of the leaders,they made a detour to Chongqing to see their parents.

  Yunfeng said that he worked in a large factory in western Sichuan to do something in Yichang,and also said that he knew another Lily.I said that Lili was clever and talented,and that Lili’s time was wasted….

  The next day,just before dawn,the little girl picked up the drawing board and frame and left the room silently.Yunfeng closed his eyes and silently reviewed the relevant materials of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project,thinking about this task.Then,Yunfeng also came to the deck and saw Lili concentrating on painting there.Yunfeng gently walked to her side,and she didn’t notice at all,which showed how focused she was.

  Although that little girl’s paintings were only sketched with the technique of drawing,they were also majestic and extraordinary,which really deserved to be born in an art family.Yunfeng watched quietly and dared not make any noise.I knew this was the most taboo thing for artists.Her paintings are full of mountains and rivers,and cliffs are overlapping.Cangshan also appears to be full of vitality….It could not be seen from the picture that it was actually the hand of a thin little girl.With this and this scene,Yunfeng naturally remembered a few poems and wanted to match them with the little girl’s paintings.Look up at the sky,it’s still like Wei Xiao dawn.Seeing Lili standing at the bow of the boat,observing and sketching on the drawing board,I showed some respect to her in my heart.Anyone who does any work should be respected as long as he is dedicated.Even if he has a bad impression on her,there should be no exception.

  After dinner,Yunfeng and Lili walked on the deck.Lili seemed to be tired.Just quietly walking beside Yunfeng,the expression is neither excited nor depressed.

  ”Tired!I went to see you painting in the morning,very good,very imposing.”

  ”I have to modify it tomorrow,Yunfeng.I feel a little tired,let’s go to the bow and sit for a while.”

  The evening wind was cold.Although it was very comfortable to blow on the body,it was not a good thing to get cold.

  ”Lili,it’s too cold.I’d better go back to my room.”

  ”Sit down again,Yunfeng.The room is very stuffy,and it’s still early to rest.”

  ”Well,good.Lili,I saw your paintings and the modality when you were painting,and I remembered a few words of rhyme.One is the painting that you want to match,and the other is the shape of your painting.However,I also feel that the artistic conception and momentum are a little insufficient.It seems,um,it seems that there is something wrong with it.”

  ”Hee hee,I am Lili,not surnamed Ban!Speak out and listen,Yunfeng.”

  ”One song is called’going down to the Three Gorges’.I think your painting is also a bit like going down to the Three Gorges,and the other one is called’mountain high gorge forced to reflect the moon xiao’.Yes……”

  ”Yunfeng,you have become a big girl,tell me quickly!”

  ”Hao Ba!It is:the mountains are heavy,the water is overlapped,and the mountains are endless.If it is difficult to create a generation of business,only the great river will never die.”

  ”Well,Zi Yun.The first two sentences are full of momentum,which write down the mountains of the Three Gorges and the running of the Yangtze River,which is exactly the artistic conception that my painting wants to express.Although the latter two sentences also eulogized the endless flow of the Yangtze River,they slightly belittled the generals and princes.Hee hee,this also reflects Yunfeng’s young age….”

  ”Yunfeng,there is another song,read it quickly!”

  ”The other song is:the mountain is high and the gorge forces the moon to be small,and the breeze is thin and the mist floats on the boat.It looks like Dan Wei Dan Xiaoguang is shallow,and the bow of xiaoya is painted with white drawing.”

  ”Hee hee,Yunfeng,’Mountain high gorge forces the moon to be Xiao’,absolutely,absolutely.I like it,thank you for the poem you wrote for me!Well,the word”little ya”feels a bit…,Hee hee.”

  ”Lili.Although using’xiaoya’seems casual,it is more suitable for your lively and unrestrained character.Hee hee,don’t say thank you.Anyway,it’s okay.It’s for fun.I’ll copy it with a pen tomorrow.”

  ”Well…,Zi Yun,I know.Why did that Lily struggle hard for you for those years and can’t extricate herself.Hee hee,I guess,I’m afraid that deep in your heart,you also have a deep feeling for that lily!”

  ”Alas–let bygones be bygones.Lili,look at the rolling Yangtze River and the passing water of the East,isn’t it just like those generals and princes who have a lot of entrepreneurship,and just like the years we lost….”

  At this point,they didn’t speak any more,silently watching the rolling Yangtze River,passing through the Three Gorges and fleeing far away.

what hides behind my existence is the happiness I pursue

  The child was reviewing his lessons and doing exercises.I put on a mask and went out of the door.The village path which gradually became solid was a little bit squatting.Walking on the top,his head was slightly shocked and the back of his head was firm and hard.The lights haven’t been turned on in the room in my hometown,and pots of newly planted potted plants have just sprouted,emitting faint fragrance.The sky was still dark and foggy.The wet ruts were covered with mud.The dirt on the shoes was disposed in the outdoor vegetable garden.Looking at the flood of Chunxi in the yard,the birds would not fly away in fear.

  After putting down three jin of walnut,my parents said a few words to me and asked me to coach my child’s homework.It was heard more and more clearly like the roar of torrent.The sky outside the window was covered with a gentle smog like a light yarn,which was scattered on those pomegranate trees like drizzle.My face was full of pain,and my parents’admonition was like gentle and beautiful spring rain.With the smell of soil,a large area of tender green leaves appeared in the potted plant.

  ”At that time,our conditions were so poor that we also offered your brothers and sisters to graduate from college.Why did you banish yourself so much and train your children to be the best people,it is also about our dignity and honor.”I am immersed in thinking,summarizing my parents’central thoughts in my own language,summarizing my own image completely and enriched,and feeling my parents’strong love.The generation of parents were full of glory and thorns.They had dinner casually and bumped into the embrace of the night with pale face.

  The deaf and blind old lady was struggling in the sharp pain and contempt of the world.She glanced at me and I smiled.Maybe she still hopes to recover her health strength and happiness,and comfort me with mercy on her face.She watched me grow up,watching her sleepy eyes,in the silence of everything,you can hear the sound of running water in the mountains and streams.The gentle moonlight splashed on The Silent Village.I remembered an ancient poem,”The mountains are flat Ye Kuo,and the moon is flowing along the river.”Through the crack of the branch,looking up at the stars in the night sky,just like a white sailing boat scattered on the blue sea,floating with the wind.

  Take out the two walnuts given by my colleague and put them in the palm of my hand.Then my brain feels better and my eyes seem to be much brighter.In order to live,suffering the torture of poverty and the pain of misfortune,the rebellion contained in the long sigh was released enthusiastically.I don’t deserve to be the backbone of my family.Pain cannot be strangled,even tears cannot be washed away.Bu Mei stubbornness and impatience all night long,gaunt.Gentle and docile,poor and noble,struggling and breaking out in contradiction.The tranquility and enjoyment in humbleness satisfied his own destiny,got shelter in the storm of life,and accepted the tranquility of death and nothingness.In the past,I could restrain all my wishes,not to be the unique flower.

  My heart is resisting.Isn’t the purpose of life to pursue something higher and farther than life?What I resisted was only myself.Anger turned into power,and yearning became the will of creation.I wanted to surpass the ordinary life,listen to the whisper of the universe,and feel the change and power of photoelectricity.

  Leaving those two walnuts far away into the pond full of darkness,I saw beautiful trees,listening to the joy of the night,there is a kind of taunt in the gray cement World although the pain still exists,I can forget myself for a moment and enjoy the agreement with the Earth to my heart’s content.The fragrant flowers hit my nose,and I can’t help speeding up my steps,maybe the child is waiting for me to go back to check my homework!

  No one cares about the beauty of a city because of a sudden disaster.No one appreciated a grand flower event because of a sudden virus.That gorgeous cherry rain,like a lonely beauty,silently shed tears.

  Wuhan is a very beautiful city,and Wuhan University is a very beautiful University.Cherry blossoms in Wuhan are the most beautiful synonyms of Wuhan University.The fragrance of the trees intoxicated many people.

  It came to the cherry blossom season for another year,but because of the influence of coronavirus,there was no one to watch it,and it was really a little wild.Those gorgeous flowers can only blossom and fade silently.I remember that the flowering period of Sakura is very short,only one week.Such a short beauty has become shorter due to this lesion.If you want to appreciate its beauty again,you can only wait for next year.

  For the freshmen,they may still be able to wait,but for the senior students,there is no chance any more.Time is really easy to throw people away,and many beautiful things become missed forever because of sudden accidents.

  Therefore,we should cherish every encounter and appreciate the rare beauty.After all,beauty is like cherry blossom,which is easy to fade away.

Some people say that after some people are separated

  I couldn’t help opening her circle of friends again.

  In your address book,is there such a person:you have your own life,occasionally think of each other,know each other not delete each other,do not blacklist,but will not contact again.

  It’s not that you can’t find a chat topic,but that you don’t know how to appear.

  You may not have thought that your relationship will become like this today,but in fact it is becoming more and more strange.

  Now your relationship is like two cross lines.The intersection has passed and you are going further and further.

  You used to talk late at night.I don’t know when your chat records have not been updated.I can’t tell why.


  During this period of time,I have nothing to do,looking through the circle of friends,I want to sort out my friends in the address book.

  Because of writing,many new people have been added to the address book,but with the passage of time and the widening gap,many people have no longer contacted.

  From A to Z,I sorted out and deleted people who had not been intersected for A long time.Some people even deleted him before I deleted him.

  My mother asked the girl who often left messages to me the year before last,why didn’t she see her messages recently.

  I said maybe she was busy,but actually I didn’t know what it was.

  Maybe it’s because we have been busy with our own affairs.We haven’t contacted each other for more than a year.We have a tacit understanding,as if we had discussed it in advance and didn’t contact anyone.When I thought about it again,I found that all these things had already gone wrong.

  I am thinking:how to say that people’s feelings are rusty?

  Time is really a terrible thing,which inadvertently proves how fragile we are.I have always felt that people can not meet frequently,but they must contact frequently.

  Sometimes when I saw TA lying in the address book,I suddenly felt:Haven’t you contacted me for so long?How have you been recently?

  The head teacher of high school said:

  You will meet different people at different stages.They will accompany you more or less through a journey,and then you will no longer be related.It’s not that they are unimportant,nor that their feelings can’t stand the test,this is growth.

  I didn’t understand what this meant before,but I didn’t understand it until I went to college.

  Time has killed our feelings,and now it has become dispensable,and finally it has become two irrelevant people.


  A few days ago,Chang Su talked with me for more than an hour.

  He said,”How long have you not contacted?”

  I said,”it’s been half a year.”

  He didn’t believe it and wondered,”you haven’t contacted each other for such a long time?”

  Yes,it turns out that there are two people who say something almost every day.

  I have known her for a long time,but in the end,it is better for the aunt in the canteen to know me.The aunt knows that I don’t want ketchup noodles,but what about her?

  It is said on the Internet that as long as you are willing to stick to any emotion,she can really go on with you.

  I have the perseverance to persist,but she didn’t even give me an initiative.

  To be honest,I have complained about her and hated her.But I still couldn’t bear to see her hurt,so I couldn’t bear to delete her.No one can contact anyone,no one can ask anyone.

  To be exact,I did not contact,but I did not ask.The last message of WeChat was sent by her,because I didn’t reply,and she didn’t send any more messages.

  If in the emotional world,boys must always take the initiative,then I want to be a girl in the next life.Because I wanted her to feel how cold her last words were at that time.

  At first,I didn’t delete,blacklist or contact because I couldn’t let it go;

  Now,I don’t delete,blacklist or contact because I put it down.

  If you can’t hold your hand tightly,wave your hand to say goodbye.


  If you delete,blacklist,and do not contact,you can reset the past,then I hope that I will not meet it from the beginning.

  You can delete WeChat,blacklist the phone,and even abandon your memory,but can you give me your feelings back?

  Last time,Z said,”Chen,come on.I missed not lying on each other’s list,but I will still keep an eye on your little cabinet……”

  This Z is a very good friend of mine.

  Looking at the words,I felt very uncomfortable and said,”although I didn’t know why at that time,I didn’t feel the same……”

  Z said:”This time,can I add you back?”

  I said,”I will add you.”

  World few recovered,multi-is hard meet.The feelings after being lost and recovered will be more precious.

  Perhaps it is because the feeling of losing is too uncomfortable,so we should cherish the future carefully.

  When watching former three,we couldn’t help feeling sorry:Why didn’t Meng Yun chase after him?Why does Lin Jia insist on leaving?If they take the initiative first,will the ending be different?

  Some people only appear for a period of time,and some are doomed to leave.

  The most terrible thing in emotion is that one doesn’t ask,the other doesn’t say,and then missed it.


  I have no habit of deleting people and blacklisting people,because I know it is not easy to meet them,but it doesn’t mean I won’t.

  they must delete and never see each other.But today I saw a sentence in the circle of friends:

  Only children delete WeChat with each other,but adults just don’t contact with each other.

  Putting down a person does not lie in whether there is his WeChat,whether there is his number in the address book,whether he will secretly look at his circle of friends,but you know that everything happened to him has nothing to do with you.You won’t feel sad for him,he won’t wait for you.

  In the years to come,we will not contact those who will not be deleted or blacklisted.After all,in this world,it is not the one who leaves who can’t live any longer.

  The girl in high school,who said she couldn’t live without me,now I know how old the child is.

toward a new goal,usher in the spring warm flowers!

  ”The slight wind is still floating with the fragrance of flowers,green mountains and green waters,traveling in a picturesque way.My home is on the other side of the mountain of Naxi……”Wandering on the road of happiness in the city,looking at the bustling crowd and vehicles passing by Sichuan,I can’t help thinking of teacher Li Guyi’s”Na Xi Na Shan”,with mixed feelings in my heart.

  Looking up at the starry sky,I understood that with a flick of my finger,I had been separated from that pure land for several years.Rongyou village,now called Rongshan town,is a small town located in the remote area of Hejiang county,Luzhou city.It has a unique soil climate and a small basin in the original ecological mountainous area.It breeds Nanxiang rice with peculiar flavor.Here,it is also known as the hometown of Nan Xiang rice.Many people never feel tired of visiting here,perceiving the purity of the Paradise,witnessing the legend of the integration of mountains and rivers,appreciating the pleasure of the natural scenery,and tasting the original ecological fish and Yunxian chicken.

  In order to study and dream,I followed my parents away from the countryside for more than 10 years.Because of fate,I returned to this field of hope with fear and longing.Winding paths,layers of forests,abrupt peaks,traditional folk customs and simple folk customs make people intoxicated.Accompanied by green mountains and forests all day long,frogs call birds and insects fly together,far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility and comfort of stepping into the remote mountains and forests,cultivating one’s morality and nourishing one’s nature,just like stepping into Yun Dian fairyland.

  A small village,like the bridegroom expected in a dream,can be seen after a long time.The Classic of the gathering of valleys and peaks is quiet in the misty water mist,charming but elegant.After a short period of mental contrast,I still find that my heart of returning to the dust in my heart has never changed.All the feelings here are still so strange and familiar,stepping on the path of the new village,A burst of fragrant and strong local flavor will blow on your face.

  Because of the inconvenience of transportation,the distance of the road and the unsmooth communication,it seems to be an isolated border city when it rains.However,after every rain,here is more beautiful and beautiful,with green trees and shadows,and clouds and mist drifting around.It is a pleasure to be in it and experience the casual and wonderful work of nature.The forest coverage rate of 70%makes this small village become the old forest of the rural population.I still remember my thought at that time,but now it is still so interesting when I think of it.”Window silver light,house fan Coochie;Night sky starry,forest frog insects call;Hospital angry little,heart love endures;Suburban 80 kilometers,border town Iraq calm.””Beautiful Waters good cool,summer Feng Xia Yu Xia Zhuxiang;Mountain water a manor,Meitu view$scenery;Dream Dream Dream qian rao,love in love outer love connecting rooms.”

  Wine City,a city where I came and went,a bright pearl beside the Yangtze River,nurtured more than 5 million children of wine city with its own light and heat,here,generations have absorbed the unique essence and nutrients,walking on the waves in the wind.In this season of blooming flowers,the past is permeating like clouds and smoke.With clear context,familiar face and ardent entrustment,I set sail against the wind on my way back.

  Yesterday’s beautiful stars will soon pass away,and today we have to set sail again with a little wish.Although the other shore is still waiting far away,the heart of chasing can never stop.New year new atmosphere,New Year New Hope,a brand new journey,starting with a smile,in the vast life,in the sincere wishes

Counting each other’s sweet past counting

  Winter is approaching and spring is approaching.Another spring is coming.New morning light,new sunshine,and every new day,the spring sun falls gently,kissing the world quietly and everyone who loves the world.

  In the spring of clear and sunny days,everything is recovering,the old trees are sprouting,and the sunshine is breeding the newborn buds,as if every life is trying to grow and showing the most beautiful side to spring.

  In such a shallow day,there is a hope about you,as a seed,buried in the bottom of my heart,maybe it can make time pity,stay until the four seasons of the year pass,the story about you and me,the rest of my life is no longer only memories,and we will not let each other become the past.

  You once said that spring is your favorite season,but now,I stand in its arms alone,but I am still grateful,because you have been here,you have been in spring,with the simplest love and the most beautiful face,I met at the most beautiful age and spent those warm spring days together.

  each other’s promises and longing for the future,will eventually be covered by the fireworks in the world.You choose to go far away,I choose to settle down,maybe,what was wrong was just the haste when I was young.Without a firm heart to love,I picked up each other’s emotions.

  But now,you are at the end of the world,I am at the corner of the sea,walking in their own spring,and the care for you,the missing for you,can only be placed in memory,fortunately,you in memory,except for the turning around when we see each other,the rest are all about the picture of falling in love with me.

  The flowers will disappear at last,and I will always see you when I say goodbye.I always believe that you and I will meet again in the distance,just like this warm spring day when flowers bloom,waiting and waiting,and then coming.

  No matter how time flies,no matter how wrinkles pour out,the years are still quiet.In this bright spring day,we are all treated gently by this earthly world.Spring comes,although you are not here,but I have been waiting,maybe,waiting for you,just like waiting for spring in the bleak winter,with hope,waiting and waiting,then came.

The image of the Earth is full of female valleys

  In prose writing,I always like those poetic words,leaving endless space for reverie.I want to walk into the poetic space of the talented elves.This is not a kind of flattery or flattery,but a kind of Zhi Nian trying to absorb the source of the soul that will not be exhausted.Under the shadow of the quiet night,listening to the leisurely ticking sound of the rain,I imagined that there might be flowers blooming on the windowsill,otherwise how could there be a light fragrance floating over.

  The arrogant attitude towards the reality like clay sculpture and wood carving can’t be done,and the pleasure of vassal elegance can’t be lifelike,just as when roses bloom,bees just pass pollen from one flower to another,they do not seem to understand the symbolic meaning of love.The shy girl stroked the spoiled rose,and she knew how short-lived happiness the broken and broken flower leaves which were separated from the soil and water were.Sniffing the budding flower buds,the suspense such as what the girl really likes the man,the strong body,or the handsome appearance was still blooming before it was unsolved.The luxuriant tree room is deep and warm.The Flower enjoying love blooms leisurely.A shy flower bud passes through the dense layers of branches and leaves,standing proudly in the wind.The birds began their pleasant singing again.

  The dryness and heat in the study was full of forgotten atmosphere.The indifferent romanticism could not comfort the burning feelings and lungs.There were only a few various cars driving past on the extremely indifferent Street outside the window,the body was covered with dust.I longed for the tenderness of roses.The fiery purple-red fire was sucking the sunshine and rain in the tenacious and thorny love,and the flowers were slightly undulating and trembling,the refreshing fragrance is like pouring out,facing the sweet kiss of your lover,with the flower fragrance of enduring winter,intoxicated in the depth of the delicate flowers and leaves.The pulse intertwined,the small face was as delicate as petals,and the slightly trembling BlackBerry gave out a sweet and delicious smell as soft as holding a child,in a pious mood,carefully pull it away,just like the grass of quail nesting,to see the image of the Earth with light hands and feet.

  as well as mountains and hills.The frozen frozen Lake is so fragile,like the ceramic rolling down the table,leaning down the wine of life.Her hair was curly like black mushrooms,and the sunshine and breeze became her body.The hot spring of milk and body is permeated with the flavor of the South.Health and southern red beans,spring hair table branches.May you pick more,this thing is the most lovesick.The valley is quiet and the forest is dense,disturbing the lonely and lonely Sika deer to taste the spring leaves.The bright sunlight poured down and strolled along the soft coastline,as if you were in the Wonderland in the clouds.The flowing spring water gathered out from the mountains,and the woman with the skin color of the bottle was presented as a gift from the sunlight,vaguely heard the rhyme of flute solo and the singing echoed by women in the fantastic forest.

  The clear rain is like the words spreading on the River Bay quietly.The wind is extremely rich and changeable,waiting for the poet to bend down and come to pick it up.Here are the hometown of flowers,forests,seas,mountain springs and the charming gardeners.This is a warm Country.In the beauty of plump spirit,you can even meet Weeping Crabapple,morning glory and Joy Flower.Just as Kawabata Yasunari said-beauty is the gain from encounter and closeness.This needs to be cultivated repeatedly.

 When she woke up,she pulled the curtain open.Unexpectedly

  Sometimes I lay on the bed,the sunshine came in through the window,like a naughty child,rolling around on me.After a while,she scratched my feet,which made me itchy.She couldn’t help laughing,and she also smiled proudly.In order not to make her so complacent,sometimes I tried my best to endure,but she didn’t give up until she caught me.

  After a while,she jumped into my eyes again.I kept blinking.The more I blinked,the more energetic she was.I simply closed my eyes or turned around.She grabbed my back until I couldn’t stand turning around.Sometimes I escaped to the sofa,and she followed me to the sofa in a short time.Most of the time I won’t escape,and playing with her is also my pleasure.

  Sometimes I wanted to take a nap quietly,so I drew the curtains cruelly and drove her out of the window.She knocked on my window and begged for mercy.I pretended not to hear and fell asleep unconsciously.

 she didn’t leave.She shrugged her head and looked pitiful.Hearing that I pulled the curtain open,she jumped into the room immediately,but she was much more clever,just lying on me quietly.I thought she was angry or sad,so I couldn’t help trying to coax her.She suddenly showed her true face and made faces to me,then laughed with success.It turned out that she just pretended to be pitiful and coquetry.I couldn’t laugh or cry,but looking at her innocent and lovely appearance,she laughed happily.The house was full of our happiness.

  When I am sad,we will exchange roles.She was clever and quiet,just accompanying me silently.Sometimes she would make faces to make me happy,but at that time I had no intention to look at her.My numb eyes looked out of the window or stared at somewhere in the house.Maybe she would simply close her eyes and let the tears flow out of the corner of her eyes silently.She would gently dry the tears for me and then gently touch my head with her warm hands.

  At this time,I was like an obedient child,regardless of her touch,because it always gave me a feeling of comfort and peace of mind,relaxed all over,and sometimes even fell asleep unconsciously.When I woke up,my troubles had disappeared.I stretched myself,and my mood recovered to peace,and I also smiled again.And that guy turned back to the naughty child,dancing with my smile and playing the game of playing tricks on each other with me again.

  Sunshine and I are such a pair of inseparable friends,sometimes like a pair of infatuated lovers.We play games that others cannot understand but we enjoy ourselves every day.

  When dusk comes,we will not give up,but we will not feel sad,because it is only a short separation.She left me a deep glance as farewell,and I gave her a smile as goodbye.Then we look forward to the dawn together and start our new day.

Making Iron is a man’s career.The uncle spent his whole life on iron making.For decades

  There is a stove beside the cabin,a wind box beside the stove,and an iron block in the hearth……The saying goes,the world three bitter:blacksmith punting make tofu.Iron-making was once a common business in the countryside.Earlier,I learned something about blacksmiths from The Huagu Opera”iron-making”in Hunan.With the development of economy,this old business has gradually been far away from the public’s sight in recent years.I didn’t expect to see it again in the county today.

  In winter,I feel extremely cold.I always want to wrap myself up when I go out every day for fear that I will be frozen.I don’t like winter very much,because it is rare that the sun shines brightly in winter,and I wear more like a penguin every day.I am afraid of the coldness of winter,but every time I see him-Tie Jiang Uncle,I feel warm in my heart.At the entrance of a small alley in the county where I live,there is a small shop running ironware.No matter it is windy or rainy,the door of this shop is always open.

  I remember that when I passed by his door at seven or eight o’clock every morning,I couldn’t help looking at him.I want to see whether the uncle is in the store or not,what the uncle is busy with and what the uncle is talking about.The elder uncle occasionally wore a pair of presbyopic glasses with a light yellow frame.He liked to wear dark clothes without beard,and his hair was always clean.He likes to sit at the door of the store,while firing the ironware,watching TV.The small 14-inch color TV set on the desk seems to have been for some time,and the traces of time can be clearly seen.There are many irons in the store,such as hoes,hammers,iron tongs,kitchen knives,Wan Dao,scissors,sickles,nails,shovels……Is about everything.

  Every time I passed by the door of the uncle,the uncle was always alone.His daily work was to revolve around all the ironware.Although it was only a few square meters,Ke Nei was the widest world of the uncle.Under the careful care of the uncle,the business in the store was always colorful and the whole store was very tidy.If you don’t see him,you must think it is a shop run by a woman.Before,I always thought that my uncle was a person.Otherwise,every time I saw him,he was alone.He ate alone,made iron,watched shops,and managed by himself.Later,I heard from my colleague who knew him that in fact,the uncle had already been full of children and grandchildren and lived a happy life.Only when the uncle was not willing to spare time,he would wander around the iron shop all day long,adding some color to his simple life and saving some thoughts for his children and grandchildren with his own labor.The uncle lived a very leisurely life day after day,and he was self-sufficient.

  As for the understanding of the uncle,the most impressive impression in my mind was that I passed by his shop after work every day.It’s been several months,and it can be counted as hundreds of times to pass by the uncle,and every time,I can’t help wanting to have a look,for fear that the uncle will not open a shop here in the next second.Although I don’t need anything in my uncle’s shop for the time being,I still want to have a look.Just a glance,I also feel very satisfied,very happy and very comforted.

  When I saw my grandpa,I felt that I saw my grandpa.The uncle is a few years younger than grandpa,because if Grandpa was alive,he would be in his 90 s now.The uncle looks just about 60 years old,and his hair is black and oily.It seemed that the uncle had few words,and when he saw the things he introduced to the customers,he tried his best to say their practical effects and to choose the most useful and affordable ones for the customers to the maximum extent.Customers also like to buy things from him,feeling at ease,at ease and at ease.

  My uncle’s shop was opened at the entrance of the alley,which was a little inconspicuous.If you didn’t look carefully,you might not even know it after passing by.There was no dazzling signboard,only an ordinary brand with a length of dozens of centimeters,after writing a few simple words,you can see the uncle’s family name,the type of business operation and the contact information.There is no bright decoration in the store,but only a properly painted wall,even those used to place ironware were simple pieces of old wood boards,and there were three square wooden cabinets filled with ironware standing against the wall.The whole shop is simple and not luxurious,but it has a wide range of varieties,making people willing to be repeat customers.

  The old saying,blacksmith also required its own hard.The uncle got up very early every day.Every time he passed by his shop during working hours,he saw that he had already put all the things in order.Sometimes he beat them with utensils beside the stove,and sometimes he looked at them with ironware.Looking at the serious appearance of the uncle,I really want to call grandpa.Grandpa has become blurred in my impression.Maybe grandpa left early,or maybe he didn’t chat with me much,but every time I saw grandpa’s smile in the frame,I still had mixed feelings.

  It seems that there is a shadow of Grandpa on my uncle.Even if I meet him every time,I will never give up.My grandfather was born in the countryside.He was a real farmer.He didn’t know a few big words,but he was good at doing business.He only sold something in the countryside to subsidize the family’s livelihood.The elder uncle didn’t worry about food and clothing at first,and now he is also enjoying his old age,but he still can’t let go of his work and still uses his own business to enrich his simple life.It’s not easy to say.In today’s market,I’m afraid it still needs to work hard if we don’t lose money.

  Uncle’s shop always has a constant source of customers,which is regarded as an old shop.It seems that the operation is not a problem,no matter the customers from the countryside or the customers from the city,they can all buy things that satisfy themselves in the store.There were no people shouting,no speakers shouting,no single-page publicity,and uncle’s shop was still moving forward in the market competition as always.When passing by the uncle’s shop occasionally,I saw him chatting with some neighbors.The uncle smiled like an old friend who had been familiar with him for a long time.

  the uncle became one of the few old blacksmiths living in the county.The body of the uncle seemed to be a little”too weak to resist the Wind”,but for decades,he couldn’t even remember how many hammers he had broken and how many ironwares he had made.The person who beats the iron must be the person who beats the iron.The children all told the elder uncle not to do it and to have a rest earlier,but the elder uncle just refused.He had been doing it for decades and never changed to another profession.You can’t iron without strength,you dare not iron without courage,and you are not willing to iron without the spirit of hardship.Uncle’s iron-making skill is the most skilled skill on him,and it is also a witness of the trace of time.

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