Stepping into the door of youth

  I saw that corner,which was gradually uncovering the cover cloth.I like the night sky,the stars in the night sky,the moon and the dark night without any brightness,the shadow under the street lamp seemed to be what I looked like.A shadow matched in this lonely scene,which was very bleak.A gust of wind blew,and the clothes rang in a daze,shaving on my face,let yourself try to open your eyes to see where it has gone.

  They said that when you lose all your dependence,you will learn everything.In fact,lonely people have already learned to bear the cold.They locked themselves in a room,where there were warm spring flowers blooming,rivers and lakes,eternal youth,birds and flowers fragrance,but only when they were alone could they appreciate them,they don’t like to be disturbed,and they want someone to disturb them.In fact,they are afraid of loneliness,but they have been used to loneliness and the joy and sorrow of appreciating the world.

  I remember that I was just promoted to junior high school,and gradually fell in love with loneliness.At first I thought it was so cold and cold,but Hen Ku.Later I realized that I was actually different from them.I was a person from two worlds,they can’t integrate into each other,their world is very simple,as if there is only one element”happiness”,and my world is indeed composed of many elements,but there is no happiness.I don’t like to tell my own stories.At that time,when I knew it,I would make people happy and let people have another kind of eyes to look at themselves.

  Through several Spring and Autumn Periods like this,I still can’t change the darkness in my heart.It is really dark.I can feel that it is slowly eroding my body,it’s like a single wolf eating a stiff yellow sheep,looking around for the point where you can lower your mouth,finding the breakthrough,and disappearing is just an instant thing.

  Once in a while,you lean against the tree,listen to the birds,listen to the wind,talk to the tree,light a cigarette,take a deep breath,close your eyes,when you open it,everything is still the original,without any change,the only change is that the night sky is full of stars and they are beautiful.They don’t say a word.I think they are lonely too!We are all listeners of each other,but we say nothing.

  Loneliness is the monologue in the heart.It comes from the night,but never comes out of the darkness.It is in charge of life and death in the world,but it appreciates the water of the Yellow Spring alone.

  At dawn,a cold wind blew into the room from the window.A new day began.I took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

  A few days ago,it rained and snowed again.Today is the second solar term”rain”this year.It happened that there was no rain in the sky.The sky was so clean and there was no cloud at all.

  There is a folk proverb:Three big bowls of rain,big rivers and small rivers should be full.The solar term without rain may indicate that crops grow and lack of water this spring,and the task of farmers ploughing in spring may be much more arduous.At this moment,I am immersed in the concern and missing of my hometown field.

  The sun rose from the top of the high-rise building,sprinkling the golden sunlight on the streets and alleys of the city.Casual people stretched themselves on the balcony.They didn’t care about the weather today and always stared at the mobile phone,care about daily changes in the epidemic.

  This winter and spring isolation or conscious isolation has greatly exceeded the stipulated 14 days,because the government has not lifted the epidemic warning,so everyone stays at home patiently,care about changes in the epidemic situation from mobile phone information.

  The unlocked spring scenery,the indomitable footsteps.

  Flowing in the yard of the community.The branches of the ginkgo tree just showed light red buttons.Begonia grew hard.The most dazzling willow branches were blown green by the spring breeze.The leaves of the cherry tree were so young that there was no sign of flowering,the purple golden flower blooms and wither tirelessly,and the withered petals lose their luster.The hairy grape leaves are like a silkworm crawling on the rough Vine.The most popular spring-catching flower blooms at the earliest,full of branches,it is full of pools…….

  I felt the tenacity of life,the growth of life and the beauty of life in the yard.They struggled to lean out from the cold wind and looked up at the sky and the earth;they broke through the darkness from the rock crack of frozen soil and welcomed the first ray of sunshine in early spring.They always give people Enlightenment,with beauty and hope!

  The sun rises slowly,and the air is flowing warm.The language of nature tells us that another spring is growing,and we have to start a new day again,which may be plain or vigorous,these seem to be not so important.The important thing is that they are still alive,can talk to the world,dedicate all their love to the world,and can be safe and sound for each other.

  Sitting on the stone stool beside the small bridge,the sun wakes up the tadpoles in the water,which are black one after another.Life is so vigorous that the swinging body conveys their energy,lift the water in the pond round and round,and disappear in the weeds beside the pond.

  Opposite the pond is a forest,with no new leaves,bare.Birds fly around and fall on the largest tree.There are about hundreds of birds,which are very spectacular.They fly back and forth occasionally.They are all in pairs.They are shouting and singing,there was no quietness in the morning in the yard.

  Suddenly,there was a muffled sound.The birds were flying all of a sudden and could not be seen any more.When they were enduring,another bird flew on the top of the tree,the cry of loneliness never stopped,and there were no birds flying back.I sat here staring blankly,ten minutes,twenty minutes,thirty minutes……An hour passed,but still didn’t fly back.The muffled sound just now was not only the one who took away the life of his partner,but also the pain of being alone made him wait for a whole day and fly away reluctantly until dark.

  In the vast world,how many lives are in reincarnation every day,how many partners are lost,they are divided and combined,and they are separated from each other.How many touching things happened around you and how many painful things twined you and couldn’t move.We chose and gave up again and again,and finally we returned to having nothing.How like that single bird!You will eventually leave here and embrace the beginning of a new day.

  Everything returned to peace,and everything began a new round of energy savings.We return to reality again,care about everything happening around us,and become mature and strong in this disaster.

  We expect the disaster to pass away as soon as possible every day,and pray that patients infected with the virus will get rid of the line of death as soon as possible and recover as soon as possible.Pray for the soldiers,medical workers,volunteers who stay at home safely for us……,When the spring blossoms and the anti-epidemic victory comes,they all need to go back to their small homes safely.

  Without their fighting in the front line,we would stay at home and enjoy the warmth of our small family!We are grateful,we pray,we silently bless,this extraordinary spring,those warriors fighting selflessly in the anti-epidemic line!

  Love warms this spring;Love makes us understand the boundless love in this spring!

  Copyright works,without the written authorization of”short literature”,are strictly prohibited to reprint,offenders will be investigated for legal responsibility.

  Life,half is running,half is leisure;While facing the sunshine,while facing the shade.–Inscription

  What should it look like to grow into an imaginary appearance?No one is perfect,just like it.When firewood,rice,oil and salt wipe out the luster of life,pink and black can not cover the traces of annual rings,and it is inevitable to grow old.It is also good if you can feel relieved and slowly grow old gracefully.

  I feel that I haven’t grown up yet.The children around me have grown into big trees over my head.Suddenly one day,he shouted”Mom,a white hair……”Original age affects us,time stay.In a daze,the wrinkles deepened,with ravines and ravines,spots under the sky,and Twilight.Only children’s smiling flowers fill their lives,feeling very gratified.

  When you are young,you can go to a snow-moon romantic scene,or invite three or two confidants to sing to wine,with great lofty sentiments and burning youth dance music.Now,when I wake up in half of my life,I only hope that the years will be quiet and good.I can read the Moonlight Song,taste the happiness and become old slowly.

  When I like riding a bike,I pick up a little bit of meeting,and my thoughts are free and unfettered.The wind blew around my ears,and I felt very emotional for a moment,like the sea waves,suddenly a word,I was deeply moved,and came to my heart:”Life,it’s good to walk like this!”

  Being willing to be ordinary and enjoying being ordinary is also a state.There is no difference in life,and some have different moods.A porridge and a meal are as sweet as a mouthful.A book of tea is full of fun and spring.The less you spend the rest of your life,the more you can steal Fu Sheng for a long time.You can also have a childlike innocence.Simple happiness is also happiness!

  Time will not be simplified,life can not be expanded,step by step,it is a choice.Silence may not be thin,and enthusiasm may not be plump.Sometimes the words are wordless,lonely as snow,without more explanation.The wind blows and the snow falls,and the clouds fade away,all of which fall into the bottom of my heart and evolve into shallow marks.Ups and downs of life,cadence,after precipitation is also fragrant.

  Once prosperous,it was also the peak of bustle.The days when flowers bloom and fall,you come and go are the reality of life.One day and one night,I saw spring flowers,autumn moon,summer clouds and winter snow.Although we are small in such a large stage and so many beautiful things,we can shoulder the same shoulder with the years,treat them equally and cherish them every second.

  Walking life,put the mood into the wind,Bloom in the flowers,let the soft words,softer,slowly walk on the road of time.The left hand holds the insipid,the right hand holds the leisure,ordinary days,in the fun point,a moment of fragrance.

  Look for the leader of the soul,grow into the snow lotus on the peak,and brighten the days ahead.The efforts of all living creatures are nothing more than to get what they want.If they can get both sides thoroughly on the black and white grid,the walking life may be lighter.

  When walking in life,if you read the cadence and cadence rhyme and add affectionate punctuation,the interlaced and white ones will be the scenery in your eyes.If there is Spring blossoming on the face and splendid mountains and rivers in the heart,then the sunshine in the future will be bright and bright without hurting,and there will be no deletion!

  This season of the year before last,I always remember that it was the first winter I came to this city.It was the first time in 19 years that I left home thousands of miles away.There were no relatives or friends around me.I was not sad,because I knew that I was starting a real life alone,and I was walking the road that a person should take.

  I am a person who does not know worldly stories.I tried hard to design the future path for myself with my unintelligent mind.Reality is a practice field,which can help you take off and make you die.Through the Ages,many charming fantasies have been knocked apart by the reality.Of course,there are yours,his and mine.

  I ran in the bitter season,I walked through the strange crowd,and I had a strong desire for all the beautiful things in the world.In order to pursue these,I once lost myself,maybe it was a kind of confusion.During that period of time,I lived in disguise and couldn’t see a real sky for a long time.I felt sad unexpectedly.I doubted whether I had a real life and whether I also existed.

  In the twenty-three years of life,sadness and joy were mixed,falling down and standing up were the same,but I always insisted that even though I was exhausted and scarred,I still maintained my unique personality.Because I know that life is not easy.What is easy is decadence and death.However,a person who is unwilling to be ordinary will not allow himself to stay in this situation for a long time.Even if he falls into darkness and falls into the mire occasionally,he will struggle and climb up.

  Life is the heaven and earth where we cultivate our youth,and ideal is the belief we still insist on.People are born with desires,strong desires,strong and powerful,so as to reach a state of life.Maybe you will say that this state is the shore that is hard to reach in your life,but it is because of this that you have the meaning of life and life.Life is a lifetime,grass and trees are a spring,what kind of life is worthy of being born?What kind of life can lead to death without regret?We have been asking and doing it.Until today,we still can’t give a perfect answer,because this itself is incomprehensible.We only know better,better,and unremitting pursuit.

  I once asked myself whether I had a clear conscience in the past twenty years.Looking back on the past,it seems that this question has been there.The reason why people are human beings is not only that they have thoughts,but also that they have pursuits and strive to realize them.

  I saw people like me rippling in the Rivers of Time.Looking back,the wilderness of memory was full of desire.No matter how difficult life is,please stick to it;No matter how dangerous the years are,please keep on the road.There will be another scenery in your life.

 Gently,with one stroke,write down thousands of rivers and mountains.

  Handwriting half Shujian does not think temptress,drink the long march out but heart text.There are few fallen flowers and no sound.I don’t know how many years have passed,half of them are sunny,and a period of cool breeze.Right and wrong have passed,and the wounds of time have been written in the annual rings one by one.I can’t wait to wait,dip in the vicissitudes of life,and devote all my life to gentleness and fireworks.I dreamed butterfly in my dream,and I met you outside my dream.

 Yunzhi is affectionate.Those Fu Wen that are difficult to write in time cannot hear the sound of flowers falling,but the breeze is too light.The poem is full of poems,and the ink in the prosperous ending is the faint yellow of kissing fingertips.A tiny piece of warm sun,grinding the spring snow Xia Ming,there will be beautiful ladies in the eternal age.I dreamed for her a star wandering,and she played the piano for me for a lifetime.

  Zhi Nian,grinding.Painting a city,making a dream of eternity,the flower of time drips into rain,and the gray words give four seasons mu song.And it is popular,and the wind stops,waving a thick ink and heavy color,painting Chang’an lantern flowers.I look for you in the painting,but you are deep in the sea of flowers.Pick up the pen in your hand,and draw the remaining flowers for you like wiping,leaves fall Qing Qiu,floating clouds and comfortable.And there are stars in your eyes……

  Zhi Bi,no matter how light the ink color is,wait for the wind to wait for Xuesi Yi Cheng Guo Xinghuo.

  Draw,despite chunhuaqiuyue,recalling flower dream wait gift Iraqis.

  I like stars and time.I wrote and drew the ups and downs at that time in the fleeting time,which was neither very light nor very heavy.All the things that can be seen and cannot be seen can be written and drawn as long as one pen,Yi Yan ink,and the time is quiet and the future is blurred.

  Gradually,we went through the crowd and the world.The sound of flowers falling in the room,stars whispering in the night sky,the sound of wind passing by clouds,etc.They are all engraved on the strings of time,and they create songs of the soul irregularly.Draw it into the painting,the painting will have a sound,and people will know the meaning……

At this moment,a strong feeling gushed out of my heart:

  The spring tide of 2019 AD kicked off in the rain and snow.As usual,I combed the peace of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new,and calmly enjoyed the joy of lucky years.After the snow,the light rain,which is chilly and cold,does not stop and has been working hard.That stubbornness overdraws people’s patience.Or bring a lot of inconvenience to people who travel and work outdoors.In desperation,I tried reverse thinking to solve my troubles,or recollecting and experiencing the memory of Yu Le in the rain.The ancients had rain Byung ode book article arty,there is a saying”wind rain sound the sound of affairs everything care……”

  Here,I have a lot of experience.

  Falling in the wind and rain.At night,gurgling water dripping from the eaves of the House fainted in the peace with the sound of”ticking.When the spirit of calm turns into a pleasant voice,it sublimates into the rhythm of thinking rhythm.Or when there is light rain,which moistens things silently,or spring thunder,wind and rain,falling rainbow,or the sky and earth are in the same color,the sudden inspiration will burst out,and the artistic conception will become the spring of writing and thinking,and I want to write freely and write freely.All of a sudden,the writing was so capricious and deep,and most of the articles that felt good about themselves grew up at this time……

  Until this evening,when it was raining outside,his wife’s cell phone rang.It turned out that the goods bought online had arrived.After pressing the door downstairs for a while,I saw a courier who was pale and panting carrying a bag of rice,covered with rain and sweat,stumbling up the stairs.

  Ah!Young,how hard it is to go upstairs?Seeing the surprise on our face,my little brother frowned tightly and his face was painful.He murmured to himself and mocked:my leg was a little painful,a little painful.Seeing this,his wife felt a little uneasy,so she immediately took the goods and handed a Big Apple to show her gratitude.He shook his head and declined.I also sighed with emotion that after placing the goods,I immediately found a few boxes of pain-relieving plaster for my own use and chased them out eagerly while shouting.Little brother’s hurried figure has already drifted away in the cold rain……

  The rain is still continuing,and the night outside the window is gradually strong.In front of my eyes,there was a thin figure of the courier brother who went away and supported the wind and rain under the dim street lamp.My heart is undulating.How familiar this figure is.At this time,many familiar or unfamiliar faces appeared in my heart.The cold rain stubbornly reminds Ctrip of the bleak and sorrowful materials,arousing many complicated and old memories of the world.My thoughts gradually became clear in the rhythms of wind and rain.Ah,it was many labors who built our well-off life with diligence and kindness.

  Tonight,I don’t care about human beings,and I only wish you-people who beg for life through hardships and bring warmth to all living creatures!

Deep in the misty rain,a pillow of lovesickness is thin.Whose Rouge is used up

  The red sleeves of the family read the monarch,knowing each other about vertical and horizontal,hating that the years have passed,and the sky still remembers that time,just like last spring.Spring rain falls,grass and trees are green,and the smoke and dust are boundless.

  Look at thousands of miles of rivers and mountains,wake up this morning,listen to the birds Chong Ming.Looking at Changting from afar,the weeds have no knees.Thinking of the past,love is surging,love is thin,and the return period is uncertain.Can’t keep the spring,can’t keep the king,break the Red Grass,who can feel the same?Pin Ning for a long time,short flute,cherish the past and feel sad.

  In the past few years,who cares?It happens to be your intention and your love,rather than a short life to meet and say goodbye in a hurry,with your eyes full of makeup.Ask,who knows what I like in my heart,write thousands of new poems for you,and express your love.Push the pillow for the King,push the window for the King,the west window under the moon alone Haggard.

  Three years of sun and moon,in detail,is also destined.Little by little,every second,now it is hate and love.Ask,who is right,children’s feelings.After the song of that year,everlasting wishes and vows of eternal love were just on the spur of the moment.Day and night,all forget,poor little romantic,became a few sorrow.

  You are lonely,you are lonely,you can only see the rise and fall of the River Moon,Du Yin a hundred years of old wine,you can only write poems and paintings,no one is accompanied,it is called romantic.The country is still the same,the old friends are not the same,the three of them are six guests,each of them is happy and sad,each of them is sad and happy.The years are slim,feeling sad and sad.

  Laughing,the Feng Shen is boring,and the Feng Hou is unintentional.I am only drunk with my bosom friend.Who is drinking with me,forget these times.On that day,I fell in love with flowers and watched them bloom.When the flowers bloom,I teased them.It was the past and half hurt.

  Drink the cup alone,ask if you want to start over,laugh at the world,Legend of romantic,a little red tears.

  The West Wind fell Green,revisiting the old place,very bleak.Going around,or back to the original point,just a little bit more sorrow and hate.Who used to be a swordsman to the end of the world,who used to be a boatman to sail,this period of time is really true,now thinking,only Kong Bei left.Ask,at this time next year,can you forget?

  whose beautiful clothes are worn,Chuchu moving?The wind and dust rose,the clouds and smoke scattered,the Moonlight buckled the window and threw it on the dressing table.Whose figure was motionless?A jade Chai held it in his hand and watched it for thousands of times,but it looked like that day.Who took out his heart,without reservation,thought it was a lifetime,but I didn’t know that the moon was full and the moon was short of several degrees,the time was like an hourglass,and the grass and trees were sparse in the deep autumn.

  At that time,it was a nuisance.People lost in the years and faded day by day.Even if they choked,they couldn’t get back the past flowing years.Sadness became hatred and resentment,which made people collapse.It turns out to be a virtual dream when you grow old,and it turns out to be a virtual talk for a lifetime.People fall at 1.1 o’clock and get old at 1.1 o’clock.

  Poetry and Literature idle,courtesans ash powder again not less.

  Looking back gently,deep in the fleeting time,the most painful and painful experience.Who falls in love with it in a flash,but can’t forget it in his whole life?How to distinguish the so-called fate in this world?How to keep this time clip?In three years,how many stories are flowing?Look again,we are not the original appearance.We went to the two poles without paying attention.

  The flowers are gone,the dust is gone,and finally it is gone,far away.

  Many years later,I only remember that you were intoxicated like drunken,but never made me drunk.Finally,it became a sad sigh.But the love for you at that time was from morning to evening,it’s true.

In the past,Qin state established the system of the Emperor

  Now,Li Qingzhao is an Yi An monk named”the first talented woman in the Northern Song Dynasty”,while the Youqi monk who was as famous as Li Qingzhao in those years was forgotten in some corner of history,Youqi,Youqi,this sentimental beauty poet in the Northern Song Dynasty died of old age at last.

  It can be said that both of them are from scholarly families,and the life of young girls is happy and happy.

  Li Qingzhao was really partial to the heaven.He found good fortune and was happy for a long time.It happened that there was happiness and excellence.This talented woman in Northern Song dynasty was forced to marry an unambitious official,and finally left because of her husband’s humiliation and abuse.

  I have to say that the middle period is the most colorful life in Zhu Shuzhen’s life.After being appreciated by the Prime Minister’s wife Wei Wan,she became a guest,and her life was just beginning.Perhaps,love is perfect only when it goes smoothly.

  Join hands with lotus lake on the road.

  I am not afraid of being guessed,and I sleep with my clothes,which makes me pregnant.

  What I like most is this piece of peaceful music,which is bold and can see love things so thoroughly,which is also the reason why she is not sought after by later generations,the heroism of women does not seem to conform to the”aesthetic”of the ancients”.

  On this point,she lived more wantonly than Li Qingzhao.The late love made the withered wood meet the spring.While at this time,Li Qingzhao didn’t know that he was drinking and shedding tears in that boat.

  As time went by,Jin Bing entered and two women fled to their hometown one after another.Zhu Shuzhen the image of a woman at that time seemed to be unbearable.After returning to her hometown,she died of old age,and many collected works had been buried in a fire.However,Li Qingzhao was different.He met another man and found that love was not easy.Fortunately,it was the friendship in the past.He was alone in his later years,but he would not be belittled.

  In spite of this,both of them had several relationships,and it was not clear whether the love was beautiful or sad.Therefore,talented women since ancient times are heartbroken.

  The pavilions in my heart are willing to let their boats stop and talk with them drunk.

  There is a sword in xuanhu Lake,which is five feet long.Its handle occupies two parts,and its edge is elliptical and moist.Its sheath is black and black with stripes all over.Its sword body winds ahead,like a soul snake flying,as well as flowing water undulating,when it happens,it enters.The sword was called”The heavy weapon”,which was placed in the clear sky and the moon.The fog unexpectedly circled and sneaked into people’s hearts.They suddenly felt terrified,or”sword spirit”.Those who are heavy-willed should be ominous and should not be lightly shown to others.

  The Sword of the great power takes mountains,rivers and abundant products as the handle of the sword;Takes the wise and powerful,talented as the edge of the sword;Takes the elite master and the tough force as the body of the sword;Takes the generous virtue,the Yin Ren of virtual Huai is scabbard.The Sword of the great power is called”The important weapon of the country”,which can not be easily unsheathed.

  raised the sword handle and sharpened the body of the sword,and”worked hard for three generations”,which finally swept away the peerless Jia Jian of Liuhe.However,the Emperor forgot the scabbard and often exposed his sword body outside.He attacked Huns in the north and swept hundreds of Yue in the South.The Imperial people inside were like animals.How many families were destroyed at that time?At last,the sword was exposed for too long.It was attacked frequently and didn’t know how to raise it.The scabbard was abandoned but didn’t know how to cultivate it.The First Emperor collapsed and the Qin Empire collapsed.Although the Fu Su was reborn,there was still no power to return to heaven.

  The power of the great power of Qin dynasty was to fear the people rather than the virtue,so it was called”lust of power”.Lust of power was under the power of heaven,so the world was not convinced,and the heroes rose together and replaced it.Vertical(Xiang Yu)is also like this,so the head is different from the place and cannot be complete.

  Fu Dasong,with thick scabbard and light sword body,had no choice but to pay tribute to the north and the South,and finally attracted a thorough cleaning.The power of this great nation was replaced by defending,so all the wolves were greedy,and finally they ate up all the wide fields in the south,and made the South a prisoner of Chu.

  The power of a great country lies in Germany and in military.The virtue protects the military,and the military protects the virtue.

  A great power is a heavy weapon,which is honed day and night to maintain its front.Therefore,it can be easily not out of the sheath,out of the sheath must see blood;Not easy to fight,fight will win,not so can not fight for prosperity.It is impossible for the poor to fight against the military,and it is impossible for the poor to survive.

  The power of a great power is the way to strive for a long time,not a flash in the pan.

The silent snow enchanted the tenderness of the wind.Crystal

  The snowflakes flying all over the sky drifted silently in the silent sky all night.Looking around in the morning,the white snowflakes dressed the fields,mountains,trees and villages into silver,the world made of powder and Jade.Snowflakes are trembling and floating under the sky,rippling and flying,and their expressions are so pleasant.Standing in the snow,looking up at the sky,feeling the purity and depth of the snow between heaven and earth.The wisps of light snow flying in the sky made the soul seem to be precipitated and filtered,becoming pure and quiet.At this moment,the soul seems to be sublimated as crystal and transparent as ice and snow.At this moment,breathing the fresh air of snowflakes,extending the memory that has been touched for thousands of times to the distant scenery.

   clear snowflakes are like fairies in Feather gauze.They are invited by the wind to sing and dance lightly between heaven and earth.Watching snowflakes dancing alone in the wind,they all show her charm and enchanting.The elegant movement was natural and soothing,leisurely and leisurely,without any deliberate creation.The steps were light and the ground was silent.It came so quietly that it was so quiet that it didn’t disturb anyone,it floats silently in the wind,completely ignoring the obstruction of all the trivial things between the sky and the Earth,using its own pure and flawless body and beautiful feelings in the wind.Standing in the snow,he raised his face and kissed the snowflakes gently.The snowflakes were straight on his head and eyelashes,and his lips seemed to be a girl’s kiss.He was shy,cold and gentle,making people relaxed and happy,I can’t help indulging in romance and comfort.Snow fluttering one after another,lingering for a whole night,and after a whole night of separation,under the wind,the memory with seals quietly fell into the deepest part of the world of mortals.

  The snow falls silently and enchanting the color of flowers.Snowflakes flying all over the sky dyed the Earth into a piece of white paper,allowing couples to write and depict romantic pictures with lingering emotions.Under the interpretation of love,the cold red plum blossoms through snowflakes flying all over the sky,burning Flame and red lips is like a scene of snow plum falling in love with each other.Appreciating the white snow and plum blossom kissing me in the chilly cold wind gives people a feeling of Ice and Fire.The white snowflakes make lovers close,and the red wintersweet makes love faithful;The snow contains lingering thoughts,and the plum sticks to the oath once;The snow comes as promised,which proves that the heart of the plum is connected;mei Shengqing was open and witnessed the unexpected encounter with snow.Snow in love with plum,one is white and flawless,the other is arrogant and upright,the other is the sky,the other is the underground Bell spirit.Snow is not Mei’s lover,but as long as they meet Mei,they will recite the myth of love.This is not only the symbol of love,but also the beautiful and enchanting scenery and color in the silvery white world.

  The snow fell silently and sad the missing of love.Walking on the snow leaves a string of footprints of different depths,which are woven into the most beautiful concern in the world of mortals,and each string of footprints hides distant memories.Although the memories have been incomplete,the romance of walking hand in hand in the snow and sharing the happy time of joys,sorrows and sorrows often appears in my mind.I thought I would accompany you for a lifetime,but I could make a fortune to make people.Facing the so-called love,I became a corner of my heart.The sound of stepping on the snow under your feet is like the Elegy of parting,which makes this short love end forever in the string of footprints.The world of mortals is long and time is like a song.The snow is dancing quietly with the silent wind without saying a word.The delicate and smart snowflakes condense the love of missing in the frown.Standing in the snow,holding a handful of snowflakes and letting them fly,the flying snowflakes are like a helpless farewell,carrying all the thoughts and sorrows to the distant place.

The second change is to set up a place for yourself to see and think.

  I am a lazy person.After many years,I found that I was actually a lazy person.I know myself.I was not that kind of person before,I even felt that I would never be that kind of person.I could be called diligent in the past.In a word,I would not be lazy.But now I want to find a reason to show that I am not lazy,but I really can’t find it,I sentenced myself,I am a lazy person.I became the person I thought I would definitely not become before,which made me a little depressed.Now I deny the past me,what a cruel thing it is.

  Why did this discovery occur many years later?In fact,this sentence can’t be added with Greeting.It always happens at any time.There is no reason or reason.It has nothing to do with many years.After a day or a month,you can find it in a hundred years.If you find it,you will find it.If you find it,you will find it.It means that I know I am a lazy person.

  In the past,my understanding of the word”lazy”was that I was not energetic and had nothing to do.I began to make do with it.This idea was because I was so young at that time,I just struggled out from school and finally entered a colorful society.I was a student with poor grades.I was really suffering in the last few years of school.I couldn’t wait to enter the society,however,I think good grades should be similar to mine.They all want to get out of the school world and enter a new world as soon as possible,because we are all young people,and there is no essential difference between good grades and poor grades,at that time,although I did not gain much after paying a lot of enthusiasm and energy,I never thought I would become lazy.How could I have something to do with this word?I have so many things to do and so many places to go,how can I have time to be lazy?

  Of course,many years ago,I would never think that I would not only be really lazy,but also be hard to extricate myself.Many years later,through years of hard work,I have gained a lot of luxury things in the past,however,if you subdivide these gains,they are materialistic and have no gains in mental outlook.Even if you go backwards,the appearance of”laziness”is a good proof.Fortunately,although I am hard to extricate myself,but I was not able to extricate myself,so I made a change to quit”laziness”.

  I think the main performance of my laziness now is that I can’t leave my mobile phone.As long as I have free time,I can’t help taking out my mobile phone.Let’s take a look here and then,after thinking about cellphone as an important tool for communication and work,it was irrational that I couldn’t quit at all.So I set myself a standard that I wouldn’t watch the cellphone as long as I lay on the bed in the future,

  After getting married,especially having children,the whole world becomes chaotic and has no personal space at all,the balcony of the bedroom has always been a small place.I decided to pack it up and stay inside for a while every day.

  Both of them are small changes,but I think they both have great effects.

  First of all,this has greatly relieved the anxiety that has troubled me recently.I feel anxious every once in a while,worrying that I have too little material,colleagues also dislike their inaction to the ideal and spiritual world.

  Now through this small change,I divide my time,most of the time for my family and work,at the same time,I have time to think quietly,and at the same time,I also make myself self-disciplined,it seems that I have found a little feeling of being young many years ago.Specifically,it is the feeling of looking for trouble when I have nothing to do.People really need to spare time to empty themselves.They have nothing to do but find something to do.Only in this way can life be the most meaningful and creative.They can only do things passively like machines when they are busy every day.

  Sometimes,small changes are really useful.

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