Moreover,the flowers bloom with sound.Although they are tiny

  Because outbreak,long time haven’t gone out.Today,I have a suitable opportunity to relax in Wanfu Park.

  As usual,I went to the Cherry Garden to watch the cherry blossoms.

  Wanfu Park covers an area of more than 20 mu of Sakura Forest,and there are many different varieties of Sakura,among which the largest single variety is Tokyo Sakura,Japan.I thought cherry blossoms were beautiful originally,but because of the influence of the Wuhan epidemic,I could see another feeling:Cherry blossoms bloom like snow or like clouds,beautiful,but also sad-I saw a little gloomy in the white,but I saw more bloody in the red,but I hope it can not only represent love,it can more represent a firm and determination spirit and render a more heroic color.–I think,instead of being sad,we might as well look at it with appreciation.

  Therefore,when I saw the cherry blossoms,I went to look for another kind of affection-the blossoms were loud.

  Is there any sound when flowers bloom?For a long time,I have been thinking about this problem.Finally,one day,I clearly found that if you feel it with your heart,you will hear the flowers bloom and sound,depending on whether you will find them.

  French poet krodale said:The eyes can also be heard.Literati’s works and scenes are frozen,no matter realistic or freehand brushwork,but also like frozen images,just like a moment on the screen.Watching flowers means feeling with your heart.If you watch more,you will get better and better.Touching the flower branches,making the flower shadow,watching the Flower Dance,smelling the fragrance of the flower,and releasing the flower language,suddenly one day you will feel the flexibility of the flower,the sound of the flower blooming,so tiny,but it is so simple-all creatures created by nature have their own unique meanings,so there will be sounds when flowers bloom,which belongs to themselves.

  whether you pay attention to them or not,they have existed objectively.

  ”I especially like a moment,when the words fall on the keyboard under the’kake’,a flower blooms suddenly.”I suddenly thought of such words,and I felt very Shu Ran.

  The mood is getting better gradually,and I can see the pleasure when I look at the flowers.Gradually,I feel that the world of flowers is psychic with people’s heart-when the leaves stretch their bodies slowly,when the flowers spit out their stamens,I clearly heard a proud voice:I want to bloom the splendor of life.

  Yes,on the short road of life,shouldn’t we grasp life and create miracles like flowers?Flowers bloom and sound,let alone us!Let the world feel our existence and let history record our splendor.

  Flowers bloom and sound,do you feel it?

what hides behind my existence is the happiness I pursue

  The child was reviewing his lessons and doing exercises.I put on a mask and went out of the door.The village path which gradually became solid was a little bit squatting.Walking on the top,his head was slightly shocked and the back of his head was firm and hard.The lights haven’t been turned on in the room in my hometown,and pots of newly planted potted plants have just sprouted,emitting faint fragrance.The sky was still dark and foggy.The wet ruts were covered with mud.The dirt on the shoes was disposed in the outdoor vegetable garden.Looking at the flood of Chunxi in the yard,the birds would not fly away in fear.

  After putting down three jin of walnut,my parents said a few words to me and asked me to coach my child’s homework.It was heard more and more clearly like the roar of torrent.The sky outside the window was covered with a gentle smog like a light yarn,which was scattered on those pomegranate trees like drizzle.My face was full of pain,and my parents’admonition was like gentle and beautiful spring rain.With the smell of soil,a large area of tender green leaves appeared in the potted plant.

  ”At that time,our conditions were so poor that we also offered your brothers and sisters to graduate from college.Why did you banish yourself so much and train your children to be the best people,it is also about our dignity and honor.”I am immersed in thinking,summarizing my parents’central thoughts in my own language,summarizing my own image completely and enriched,and feeling my parents’strong love.The generation of parents were full of glory and thorns.They had dinner casually and bumped into the embrace of the night with pale face.

  The deaf and blind old lady was struggling in the sharp pain and contempt of the world.She glanced at me and I smiled.Maybe she still hopes to recover her health strength and happiness,and comfort me with mercy on her face.She watched me grow up,watching her sleepy eyes,in the silence of everything,you can hear the sound of running water in the mountains and streams.The gentle moonlight splashed on The Silent Village.I remembered an ancient poem,”The mountains are flat Ye Kuo,and the moon is flowing along the river.”Through the crack of the branch,looking up at the stars in the night sky,just like a white sailing boat scattered on the blue sea,floating with the wind.

  Take out the two walnuts given by my colleague and put them in the palm of my hand.Then my brain feels better and my eyes seem to be much brighter.In order to live,suffering the torture of poverty and the pain of misfortune,the rebellion contained in the long sigh was released enthusiastically.I don’t deserve to be the backbone of my family.Pain cannot be strangled,even tears cannot be washed away.Bu Mei stubbornness and impatience all night long,gaunt.Gentle and docile,poor and noble,struggling and breaking out in contradiction.The tranquility and enjoyment in humbleness satisfied his own destiny,got shelter in the storm of life,and accepted the tranquility of death and nothingness.In the past,I could restrain all my wishes,not to be the unique flower.

  My heart is resisting.Isn’t the purpose of life to pursue something higher and farther than life?What I resisted was only myself.Anger turned into power,and yearning became the will of creation.I wanted to surpass the ordinary life,listen to the whisper of the universe,and feel the change and power of photoelectricity.

  Leaving those two walnuts far away into the pond full of darkness,I saw beautiful trees,listening to the joy of the night,there is a kind of taunt in the gray cement World although the pain still exists,I can forget myself for a moment and enjoy the agreement with the Earth to my heart’s content.The fragrant flowers hit my nose,and I can’t help speeding up my steps,maybe the child is waiting for me to go back to check my homework!

  No one cares about the beauty of a city because of a sudden disaster.No one appreciated a grand flower event because of a sudden virus.That gorgeous cherry rain,like a lonely beauty,silently shed tears.

  Wuhan is a very beautiful city,and Wuhan University is a very beautiful University.Cherry blossoms in Wuhan are the most beautiful synonyms of Wuhan University.The fragrance of the trees intoxicated many people.

  It came to the cherry blossom season for another year,but because of the influence of coronavirus,there was no one to watch it,and it was really a little wild.Those gorgeous flowers can only blossom and fade silently.I remember that the flowering period of Sakura is very short,only one week.Such a short beauty has become shorter due to this lesion.If you want to appreciate its beauty again,you can only wait for next year.

  For the freshmen,they may still be able to wait,but for the senior students,there is no chance any more.Time is really easy to throw people away,and many beautiful things become missed forever because of sudden accidents.

  Therefore,we should cherish every encounter and appreciate the rare beauty.After all,beauty is like cherry blossom,which is easy to fade away.

Some people say that after some people are separated

  I couldn’t help opening her circle of friends again.

  In your address book,is there such a person:you have your own life,occasionally think of each other,know each other not delete each other,do not blacklist,but will not contact again.

  It’s not that you can’t find a chat topic,but that you don’t know how to appear.

  You may not have thought that your relationship will become like this today,but in fact it is becoming more and more strange.

  Now your relationship is like two cross lines.The intersection has passed and you are going further and further.

  You used to talk late at night.I don’t know when your chat records have not been updated.I can’t tell why.


  During this period of time,I have nothing to do,looking through the circle of friends,I want to sort out my friends in the address book.

  Because of writing,many new people have been added to the address book,but with the passage of time and the widening gap,many people have no longer contacted.

  From A to Z,I sorted out and deleted people who had not been intersected for A long time.Some people even deleted him before I deleted him.

  My mother asked the girl who often left messages to me the year before last,why didn’t she see her messages recently.

  I said maybe she was busy,but actually I didn’t know what it was.

  Maybe it’s because we have been busy with our own affairs.We haven’t contacted each other for more than a year.We have a tacit understanding,as if we had discussed it in advance and didn’t contact anyone.When I thought about it again,I found that all these things had already gone wrong.

  I am thinking:how to say that people’s feelings are rusty?

  Time is really a terrible thing,which inadvertently proves how fragile we are.I have always felt that people can not meet frequently,but they must contact frequently.

  Sometimes when I saw TA lying in the address book,I suddenly felt:Haven’t you contacted me for so long?How have you been recently?

  The head teacher of high school said:

  You will meet different people at different stages.They will accompany you more or less through a journey,and then you will no longer be related.It’s not that they are unimportant,nor that their feelings can’t stand the test,this is growth.

  I didn’t understand what this meant before,but I didn’t understand it until I went to college.

  Time has killed our feelings,and now it has become dispensable,and finally it has become two irrelevant people.


  A few days ago,Chang Su talked with me for more than an hour.

  He said,”How long have you not contacted?”

  I said,”it’s been half a year.”

  He didn’t believe it and wondered,”you haven’t contacted each other for such a long time?”

  Yes,it turns out that there are two people who say something almost every day.

  I have known her for a long time,but in the end,it is better for the aunt in the canteen to know me.The aunt knows that I don’t want ketchup noodles,but what about her?

  It is said on the Internet that as long as you are willing to stick to any emotion,she can really go on with you.

  I have the perseverance to persist,but she didn’t even give me an initiative.

  To be honest,I have complained about her and hated her.But I still couldn’t bear to see her hurt,so I couldn’t bear to delete her.No one can contact anyone,no one can ask anyone.

  To be exact,I did not contact,but I did not ask.The last message of WeChat was sent by her,because I didn’t reply,and she didn’t send any more messages.

  If in the emotional world,boys must always take the initiative,then I want to be a girl in the next life.Because I wanted her to feel how cold her last words were at that time.

  At first,I didn’t delete,blacklist or contact because I couldn’t let it go;

  Now,I don’t delete,blacklist or contact because I put it down.

  If you can’t hold your hand tightly,wave your hand to say goodbye.


  If you delete,blacklist,and do not contact,you can reset the past,then I hope that I will not meet it from the beginning.

  You can delete WeChat,blacklist the phone,and even abandon your memory,but can you give me your feelings back?

  Last time,Z said,”Chen,come on.I missed not lying on each other’s list,but I will still keep an eye on your little cabinet……”

  This Z is a very good friend of mine.

  Looking at the words,I felt very uncomfortable and said,”although I didn’t know why at that time,I didn’t feel the same……”

  Z said:”This time,can I add you back?”

  I said,”I will add you.”

  World few recovered,multi-is hard meet.The feelings after being lost and recovered will be more precious.

  Perhaps it is because the feeling of losing is too uncomfortable,so we should cherish the future carefully.

  When watching former three,we couldn’t help feeling sorry:Why didn’t Meng Yun chase after him?Why does Lin Jia insist on leaving?If they take the initiative first,will the ending be different?

  Some people only appear for a period of time,and some are doomed to leave.

  The most terrible thing in emotion is that one doesn’t ask,the other doesn’t say,and then missed it.


  I have no habit of deleting people and blacklisting people,because I know it is not easy to meet them,but it doesn’t mean I won’t.

  they must delete and never see each other.But today I saw a sentence in the circle of friends:

  Only children delete WeChat with each other,but adults just don’t contact with each other.

  Putting down a person does not lie in whether there is his WeChat,whether there is his number in the address book,whether he will secretly look at his circle of friends,but you know that everything happened to him has nothing to do with you.You won’t feel sad for him,he won’t wait for you.

  In the years to come,we will not contact those who will not be deleted or blacklisted.After all,in this world,it is not the one who leaves who can’t live any longer.

  The girl in high school,who said she couldn’t live without me,now I know how old the child is.

Looking at spring passing by sentimentally and leaving a deep kiss mark in my heart quietly

  Sitting in front of the window,looking at the White Street,all kinds of past always appear in my mind.Why do things,even small and small things,become hot events in my place,always leaving my heart on the edge of being nervous and at a loss.I kept asking myself,why on earth is this?Although I am not a wise and brave person,at least I am not a treacherous and cunning person.Suffering from the fact that I couldn’t find any reason to explain,I could only warn myself that maybe this was my own life,and I was destined to experience these hardships and tests.

  Looking at the road coming step by step,I really can only do my best and let nature take its course.I don’t want my life path not to be so bumpy,not to mention smooth sailing,at least it can be appropriate and smooth.However,I really tried my best,but I couldn’t change too much.Let God decide the rest.I didn’t believe in life,and I didn’t want to give up.However,too many facts forced me to be impressed by my life.Forget it,all this is like catching a bad hand,no matter how you play it,it won’t be too beautiful.

  The game between life and fortune finally kicked off in my inner infinite uneasiness.I also wanted to grow up,but unexpectedly,my own conditions were not qualified,but it became a gap that I could never cross.In other people’s eyes,I am not qualified,I am not qualified,I am not good enough,I am humiliated.In my heart,how much I desire God to be fair to others,but everything is what I think at random.God,you are always unfair.

  Sometimes,when my heart is very tired,I like to stay alone.In my opinion,a person’s entertainment and relaxation is just a simple meal,which may not be the most beautiful but better enough,because what suits him is good,putting everything into the silent dishes and enjoying the joy of drawing people’s taste buds with the squeaking sound can also be regarded as a small encouragement to oneself.

  I have always felt that Western food is a place full of emotional appeal and pleasant,and it is also a place where lovers feel romantic.Nowadays,life has become beautiful,and everyone has the right to enjoy Western food,but the general Western restaurant has become a place for family and friends to get together,which is crowded and noisy,and can’t find half an hour of peace,it is just more laughter of the reunion of relatives and friends.Cheap Western restaurant is suitable for visiting when you are in a good mood.Of course,it is no problem to feed your stomach.

  Inadvertently,when I came out of the Western restaurant,I walked through the coffee bar and the tea room.The twittering voice still attracted me to look up.I thought it must be my uncles and aunts who were playing cards together.It was so lively,it was never imagined that many young sisters and younger brothers were full of gold flowers,landlords and troubles.They were so skilled that they felt that they were basically middle school students.Today’s children are really smart,in fact,I also want to learn.I can have a resonance when I engage in activities,but unfortunately……I still can’t learn.I’m so ashamed.I’d better watch the flowers bloom and fade quietly.

  Everyone has his own life path to go,so do I,swaying in the strong winds and tides of the society,and growing up slowly with the rain and dew.Every day,I will walk step by step towards the goal set in my heart.After reading the story of”wine is sold without wine”forwarded by the circle of friends,I cried unexpectedly,because there were too many resonances,because I missed my parents,and they also offered me to finish my college in this way,I should also be grateful to my parents.

  Groping step by step in the wind made me feel more homesick and miss my parents.It was Friday soon,the end of a week’s work and the beginning of a home reunion.After work,I ran on the road with my schoolbag on my back,but unfortunately there was no car near because of the traffic restriction.In order to catch the last bus back home and have a reunion dinner,I had to run fast and let the suspicious eyes in the past direct at me,sweat dripping down,it doesn’t matter,this is also very good,isn’t it faster than toad.

  Of course,every time on the eve of returning home,it was time to get off work before getting ready,so I had to run out with my backpack and get on the bus quickly to find a less conspicuous back seat to sit down.The bus was groping and bumping on the bumpy road.The trees and pedestrians outside the window blinked.The short and unforgettable experience was presented in my mind like a movie.Counting your fingers,don’t be surprised to sigh.The promises you made and those gratitude still need to be rooted in the land,and even more need to blossom and bear fruit.Floating on the surface can only be moldy and rotten.

  After a week’s hard work,the biggest reward for myself is playing the weekend.Besides sleeping and recuperating,what else can you do on weekends.Don’t doubt that if you want to be better,you have to keep charging yourself,cheer up,cheer up,rest assured and increase your knowledge.Because as long as you are willing to come,you must get something.

  Indeed,sometimes I was still immersed in the sleep of Chen’an,and I was woken up by the roaring furniture manufacture next door.I had to get up with sleepy sleepy eyes.Opening the door,the light sunshine in the morning came in without any discussion,gently patted on the face,gentle and elegant.Walking down the steps,strolling around the courtyard Dam,blending with the cool breeze,waiting for the departure of the next stop.Absorb the small cup of Nai Xi,and let the silk and jujube fragrance reach the heart along the throat.The cold Nai Xi is stirring in the warm heart,and there is always a smell that you are reluctant to give up.

  I know that no matter how strong a person is,he should often go home to have a look and listen to his parents’most affectionate words.It’s time to go home.Go home slowly.On this day,the drizzling rain couldn’t stop me from going home.It took me 20 minutes to get home bumpy and staggered.When I opened the door,I smelt a strong and fragrant smell of hot pot soup,it turned out that I had a meal tonight.My mother cooked it herself and ate hot-pot fish.It was spicy and sour.In addition,pure green,pure natural,wild blood skin vegetables,tut tut tut,the mood becomes good instantly.A good mood is a good start.

  Facing the wind,braving the rain,walking on the wet Street,letting the rain drop kiss the umbrella gently,I also accept the washing of nature,everything after the rain is beautiful,the scenery after experiencing should be drunk and beautiful.Although there is a kind of love to call you good is sunny,there is a kind of pain to call me understand you but don’t understand,there is a kind of silly cry waiting for you to wait until the flowers bloom and fade,there is a kind of love to call me in the end of the world at hand,but when the familiar music is ringing in my ears again,accompanied by the bleak and beautiful melody and listening to the heartbreaking words,I think I should continue to be grateful and wish myself well with every point,don’t ask how the result is,just wait for the beauty of the process and don’t regret,don’t regret.

  The sky is always beautiful after the rain.You see,after a heavy rain,several mountains on the opposite side became more and more green,and the asphalt road at the door also took a cool bath happily,even the sky became clearer and more transparent.Long time no see,I miss you so much,are you OK?An hour and a half drive seems a little long in the sparse rain.The road is still that road,and the land is still that land.Only the beautiful new village is more and more attractive under the precipitation of time.However,the clean and tidy streets and the graceful tall buildings also bring the sweetness of home under the shade of green trees,making people forget to return.

  I haven’t seen you for a few days.Looking at my brother’s driving work,he seems to be more mature,more sensible and more responsible.It’s good.Mom and dad should smile and I should work harder.Looking at the current sales promotion,I am really attentive.Not only the corridors,but also the doors are neatly arranged.Don’t say that it is not easy to work.I am also drunk.We all walk in the society,and it is hard to avoid bumping and bumping,which is somewhat regretful and disappointed.In fact,this society is still beautiful.Everyone hopes to live a natural and unrestrained life and be decent.But all these are given to themselves.As long as you dare to give,tomorrow will surely become better.

  After a day,there will be no more.Every day is a brand new day.Wang Guozhen said,”now that you have chosen a distant place,you just focus on both wind and rain”,”there is no road longer than feet,and there is no mountain higher than people”,”If you want to lose,you will lose to the pursuit,if you want to marry,marry happiness”.Special wishes to special people.As for my parents,I am not afraid of taking them to the park in the red envelopes full of mosquito bites on my face under the scorching sun.I will put down my way to relax and have a look at Luzhou,then make a rich and simple dinner for them,and let the taste of home permeate the heart forever,which is happiness.

  As for me,I believe that diligence always has hope,and hard work will lead to success.Life is determined by heaven,but fortune is created by oneself.When quantitative change reaches a certain degree to realize qualitative change,it is successful opening.At that time,I believed that I was almost grown up,no longer self-abased,no longer pessimistic,no longer desperate,no longer afraid of wind and waves,no longer escaping from reality,knowing how to better adapt to the society and make efforts to do something.

  I understand that this is the affectionate confession it makes to people who like him in its own way.When the trees grow up,the leaves turn green and the flowers turn red,I should also slowly break the film on the land where the spring has not dispersed and look up at the magnificent sky.When youth is still alive,slowly spread its wings in the precipitation of time to welcome the soaring after growing up.

 ”Hey,there is a cat there.”

  The Hong Jin swallows who cut water through the curtain,lingered on a bud,and pecked the beauty of the flourishing age of the flower fairy.

  Those soft red,childish Green,Hornets and butterflies,everything is just right.

  The cat followed its owner to sketch.On that day,the owner brought it over,tied the rope to a willow tree,sat down in the shade of the tree,and lifted the pen,immersed in his own world,he never came out.From sunrise to noon,the sun was getting bigger and bigger,and the host was still drawing with great interest.The cat was also intoxicated by the fascinating scenery.Excited,curious,let it run and jump.Slowly,being tired,it is too sleepy.So I fell asleep vaguely.When it wakes up,the host has no idea where to go.Later,a naughty little boy untied the rein,and the cat ran wildly and was left behind in this way.

  There are people coming and going here every day.There is no need to worry about eating.The lotus seed soup of chidong’s family tastes fresh.Girls often kindly spread the soup made by their mothers in the upper corner and let the cats come to eat,remove the painstaking lotus seed,leaving only two white and fat petals,together with chicken,and stew red dates in a rough casserole until the lotus seed is soft and melted at the entrance.The girl loves to eat lotus seed soup made by her mother most.She is still sick and weak.Her friends have gone to school and the cat is her playmate.They often cross the Lotus Bridge to Ting Yu,listen to the morning dew dripping green lotus and listen to the chirp of insects.Sometimes girls will take it to pick Ai Ye,come back and let mom wash it and grind it into moxa paste,mix it with thin and smooth glutinous rice flour,spoon a few white sugar,and beat it in the washbasin,until the glutinous rice flour and moxa paste are integrated,wrapped with fried peanut sesame stuffing,gently cover two layers with thick lotus leaves or zongzi leaves,and steam them in the steamed bun.This is the most enjoyable delicacy for cats.

  The girl wanted to keep a cat,but her mother refused.

  ”This is a wild cat,”Mom said,”you are still sick.The wild cat and wild dog are not sanitary.”

  Every time the cat approaches the girl,the girl’s mother will be fed with broom.

  But this is really a paradise on earth.Even if there is no little girl to take care of it and the cat follows the tourists,it is often delicious and spicy.But the cat often looks at the east of the pool from a distance,at dusk and half-falling evening.

  Cat entertainment activities are also very colorful.The modern girl who hated the Sky High came here to sing and dance lightly,and the cat kicking and stepping also took the cat step.Young girls dressed in hanfu flew there,like a refined fairy,or Bing Yi to take photos of oiled paper umbrellas or the shiny and smooth hair of cats.There are often groups of aunts dressed in colorful dancing clothes and still having good charm here.Cats twist their bodies with them,like happy elves,and the old man who has just sipped mulberry wine,taking advantage of the wine to have a period of erhu,the purple and black fruit pulp wine,ten catties of mulberry fruit,six catties of rock sugar,and one to two catties of white spirit can be soaked until the rock sugar completely melts,nourishing Yin and kidney,benefiting liver and improving eyesight,promoting fluid production and quenching thirst,it can also delay aging,and the local elderly love drinking.Cats had the honor to drink some wine bottles discarded by farmers.There were also the teams who sang the strong drama,and the drums and gongs were very loud.Cats often forget to hear.

  Life was just like this.After many years of peaceful life,a kind-hearted girl grew up,had a good body recuperation,and was graceful and graceful.I heard that I went to a famous university,and my mother invited me.Everyone said that I was a big girl.The geomancy here is good and talented.Mother laughed so hard that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut,’I only hope that my baby can get married and have children in big cities and live happily for a lifetime.The’know’people echoed.

  On the day of college wine,the cat went to see the girl.At the table of the banquet,the girl picked up the cat and just kept touching the cat’s hair,gently,again and again,without saying a word.

  The girl is gone,and the cat is old.Mao Er is also dim,who cares about this wild cat,it is always Lazily curled up in the corner of the trash can.Or follow the footsteps of tourists,and then be driven away.People come here and bring packaged snacks and bread to feed the ornamental fish.People are noisy,chasing and playing.But no one paid attention to this old,ugly and dirty cat.The cat was extremely sad,but it had no strength to squeeze out tears.It squinted,looked at the desolate world and thought of the girl,I heard that after graduating from college,the girl desperately chose to teach in remote mountainous areas,thinking that the surrounding scenery became more and more blurred.

 a young boy pulled his brother’s clothes and shouted excitedly.After a while,his friends also came around and discussed with his mouth in his mouth.”I have hugged this cat before.””It seems very sad.”The cat felt dizzy at this moment.The world was getting farther and farther,leaving only a figure of a petite girl,”Let’s take it back,”a boy said,”but it seems to be dying.”The children wet their eyes and surrounded the cat together,quietly accompanying the cat which once brought countless joy to people.

  The cat looked at the world feebly with its eyelids drooping and finally fell asleep.The children Qi Li buried it in the flower field.Buried in this land of joy boiling.

  The tourists gradually dispersed,and the night and night came together.Everything is quiet,quiet.

  Listen,shake people’s songs,and dream in the night wind.

  Look,the moon is round again.

From thousands to tens of thousands,and then to hundreds of thousands

  When you climb from the bottom of the society to the top,you will find out how hard it will be and how dangerous it will be.Hardship,hardship,hardship.When you climb from the top of the society to the bottom again,you will also find how wonderful and wonderful the cleanliness of the world will be.The mountains are full of boundless meanings.

  Don’t worry about a man’s stomach…Being able to see clearly is a man’s elegance,and being able to make sense is also a man’s experience.Being able to know clearly and hear clearly is even more like a man listening to Huixiang,taking a cursory look all the way through five levels,cut six generals;Ups and downs at any time,a precipitation of Heart Sutra accumulated with the world.

  We are all adults now.Why do we embarrass ourselves everywhere in the world of adults and adults?From youth to ignorance,from ignorance to youth,from youth to youth,from middle age to over a hundred and a half years old,the age of ancient times,the year of the past,the blessing,salary,three days of life,why bother to be embarrassed everywhere.

  Is there no definition of life?Where does the so-called definition come from?Liu Yuxi,the poet of Tang Dynasty,said in his”the inscription of the humble room”,such a famous saying passed through the ages:”If the mountain is not high,the You Xian is famous.The water is not deep,there is a dragon and the spirit.Si is a shabby house,but I am virtuous.The Moss marks are green,and the grass color is green.Laughing with round perspective,with no Baiding.You can tune Su Qin and read Jin Jing.The disordered ears without Silk bamboo”…

  I have a pot of tea which is not enough to fear the wind of dust.I have a brilliant pen.I can comfort the gods of heaven and earth and the Five Emperors of xuanhuang.I can warn the people of heaven and earth to come to the court,and the heaven and earth,people,ghosts and gods in the three realms.

  Sometimes I like studying essays about wild stories very much,and sometimes I also like studying ancient scrolls and fairy tales very much.Sometimes I also like to focus on the study of Saints,the way of Confucius and Mencius;Knowing is knowing,not knowing is not knowing,it is knowing.Knowledge has no borders and culture has no thickness.Sometimes,I also like to write some books of changes,the Book of Changes,yin and yang theories,eight diagrams and Five Elements,wind,fire,thunder and lightning,gold,wood,water,fire and earth,about feng shui,about devouring demons and subduing demons,nine ghosts house-building method.

  The”Xun Long tactic”in the grave robbing notes once recorded such a verse:Xun Long the gold is divided into the mountains,and the heavy entanglement is the heavy barrier.If the door is closed,there will be eight risks,and there will be no Yin-Yang and eight diagrams.And the movie Mo Jin captain in A is:-in-is born,sub-rule die,side with between the two worlds,eyes is the other shore flowers,crowing lamp,sprites infested;Xun Long gold,one pass and one insurance.These are all historical authenticity records that have long been rooted from the origin of human culture.

  Don’t believe it.Four Seas and five lakes,so does Jiuzhou heaven and earth.But do you know how many circles the Earth has rotated from turnover to revolution?But do you know where the origin of human civilization comes from?Do you know how merchants,that is,the origin of trade transactions,formed?Where it comes from and when it comes from.

  Everyone says that reading is good,and it is self-righteous to read a hundred times;From kindergarten to nine-year compulsory education,high school,junior college,undergraduate,postgraduate,postgraduate,then to doctor,postdoctoral.More than 30 years without time will not be put into this?Dedicated,suck it sticking out our necks,decade cold han chuang.

  millions.And the manpower,material resources and financial resources spent.Isn’t it a long-lasting hatred for a slip?Or is it that reading is not for officials Yi Qiu money?Take office,travel a thousand miles.

  Then what on earth is called real knowledge and real culture.Then please believe me,the real knowledge is read into people’s mind,and can also be eaten into people’s stomach,words and deeds,words and deeds,every move,every word and sentence motto.The end of the line is positive.Interested in is not in high,no ambition empty long centenarians;Avenue trip,world to be is also.

  When you climb from the top of the society to the bottom again……

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