Making Iron is a man’s career.The uncle spent his whole life on iron making.For decades

  There is a stove beside the cabin,a wind box beside the stove,and an iron block in the hearth……The saying goes,the world three bitter:blacksmith punting make tofu.Iron-making was once a common business in the countryside.Earlier,I learned something about blacksmiths from The Huagu Opera”iron-making”in Hunan.With the development of economy,this old business has gradually been far away from the public’s sight in recent years.I didn’t expect to see it again in the county today.

  In winter,I feel extremely cold.I always want to wrap myself up when I go out every day for fear that I will be frozen.I don’t like winter very much,because it is rare that the sun shines brightly in winter,and I wear more like a penguin every day.I am afraid of the coldness of winter,but every time I see him-Tie Jiang Uncle,I feel warm in my heart.At the entrance of a small alley in the county where I live,there is a small shop running ironware.No matter it is windy or rainy,the door of this shop is always open.

  I remember that when I passed by his door at seven or eight o’clock every morning,I couldn’t help looking at him.I want to see whether the uncle is in the store or not,what the uncle is busy with and what the uncle is talking about.The elder uncle occasionally wore a pair of presbyopic glasses with a light yellow frame.He liked to wear dark clothes without beard,and his hair was always clean.He likes to sit at the door of the store,while firing the ironware,watching TV.The small 14-inch color TV set on the desk seems to have been for some time,and the traces of time can be clearly seen.There are many irons in the store,such as hoes,hammers,iron tongs,kitchen knives,Wan Dao,scissors,sickles,nails,shovels……Is about everything.

  Every time I passed by the door of the uncle,the uncle was always alone.His daily work was to revolve around all the ironware.Although it was only a few square meters,Ke Nei was the widest world of the uncle.Under the careful care of the uncle,the business in the store was always colorful and the whole store was very tidy.If you don’t see him,you must think it is a shop run by a woman.Before,I always thought that my uncle was a person.Otherwise,every time I saw him,he was alone.He ate alone,made iron,watched shops,and managed by himself.Later,I heard from my colleague who knew him that in fact,the uncle had already been full of children and grandchildren and lived a happy life.Only when the uncle was not willing to spare time,he would wander around the iron shop all day long,adding some color to his simple life and saving some thoughts for his children and grandchildren with his own labor.The uncle lived a very leisurely life day after day,and he was self-sufficient.

  As for the understanding of the uncle,the most impressive impression in my mind was that I passed by his shop after work every day.It’s been several months,and it can be counted as hundreds of times to pass by the uncle,and every time,I can’t help wanting to have a look,for fear that the uncle will not open a shop here in the next second.Although I don’t need anything in my uncle’s shop for the time being,I still want to have a look.Just a glance,I also feel very satisfied,very happy and very comforted.

  When I saw my grandpa,I felt that I saw my grandpa.The uncle is a few years younger than grandpa,because if Grandpa was alive,he would be in his 90 s now.The uncle looks just about 60 years old,and his hair is black and oily.It seemed that the uncle had few words,and when he saw the things he introduced to the customers,he tried his best to say their practical effects and to choose the most useful and affordable ones for the customers to the maximum extent.Customers also like to buy things from him,feeling at ease,at ease and at ease.

  My uncle’s shop was opened at the entrance of the alley,which was a little inconspicuous.If you didn’t look carefully,you might not even know it after passing by.There was no dazzling signboard,only an ordinary brand with a length of dozens of centimeters,after writing a few simple words,you can see the uncle’s family name,the type of business operation and the contact information.There is no bright decoration in the store,but only a properly painted wall,even those used to place ironware were simple pieces of old wood boards,and there were three square wooden cabinets filled with ironware standing against the wall.The whole shop is simple and not luxurious,but it has a wide range of varieties,making people willing to be repeat customers.

  The old saying,blacksmith also required its own hard.The uncle got up very early every day.Every time he passed by his shop during working hours,he saw that he had already put all the things in order.Sometimes he beat them with utensils beside the stove,and sometimes he looked at them with ironware.Looking at the serious appearance of the uncle,I really want to call grandpa.Grandpa has become blurred in my impression.Maybe grandpa left early,or maybe he didn’t chat with me much,but every time I saw grandpa’s smile in the frame,I still had mixed feelings.

  It seems that there is a shadow of Grandpa on my uncle.Even if I meet him every time,I will never give up.My grandfather was born in the countryside.He was a real farmer.He didn’t know a few big words,but he was good at doing business.He only sold something in the countryside to subsidize the family’s livelihood.The elder uncle didn’t worry about food and clothing at first,and now he is also enjoying his old age,but he still can’t let go of his work and still uses his own business to enrich his simple life.It’s not easy to say.In today’s market,I’m afraid it still needs to work hard if we don’t lose money.

  Uncle’s shop always has a constant source of customers,which is regarded as an old shop.It seems that the operation is not a problem,no matter the customers from the countryside or the customers from the city,they can all buy things that satisfy themselves in the store.There were no people shouting,no speakers shouting,no single-page publicity,and uncle’s shop was still moving forward in the market competition as always.When passing by the uncle’s shop occasionally,I saw him chatting with some neighbors.The uncle smiled like an old friend who had been familiar with him for a long time.

  the uncle became one of the few old blacksmiths living in the county.The body of the uncle seemed to be a little”too weak to resist the Wind”,but for decades,he couldn’t even remember how many hammers he had broken and how many ironwares he had made.The person who beats the iron must be the person who beats the iron.The children all told the elder uncle not to do it and to have a rest earlier,but the elder uncle just refused.He had been doing it for decades and never changed to another profession.You can’t iron without strength,you dare not iron without courage,and you are not willing to iron without the spirit of hardship.Uncle’s iron-making skill is the most skilled skill on him,and it is also a witness of the trace of time.

Maybe we want to be Gao Jie’s Lotus.

 Even if we are trapped in mud and filthy all around,we can still get out of the mud without being dyed and live Gao Jie.But what if we can’t make Lotus?It is better to be a chrysanthemum of Yin Yi and a man of wild cranes.

  Lotus was born in silt and rooted here.Its root system went deep into the filthy place,but it still presented the most clean side to the world.It is bound by the mud and can never escape.On the contrary,wild chrysanthemum did not grow in the mud.It was not in the center of political rights.It was in the wilderness.It just hoped to be a hermit between the mountains and the wild,keep the purest thing in your heart-do not forget your original heart.

  Not everyone could achieve the state of Lotus.Du Fu was one of the very few lotus flowers.During the period of Tang Dynasty when the boom and decline,the common people were not bored with the darkness of national politics.He tasted all the sufferings in the world and still worried about the country and the common people.Even if the officialdom is mud,it can still be”clear”in the muddy officialdom.

  Let’s go back to the present.Grandpa Yuan Longping has been engaged in the research of hybrid rice for half a century.He is the pioneer of hybrid rice in China.He is not afraid of difficulties,willing to contribute,painstakingly and painstakingly pursues,it has made great contributions to solving the problem of Chinese eating.He has always been unknown,selfless dedication,persistent pursuit of strong will,strict self-discipline,indifferent to fame and wealth noble qualities should also be the standards we should learn.

  But when you are in the mire,it will be as difficult as before.Although we all want to be muddy but not dyed,it is really rare to do it.Like Song Huanwei,Lin Guoti,they were the winners of the May Day labor medal,but in front of money,they also lost their original intention to be Communists.When you don’t have enough willpower,the best way is to stay away from the silt if you don’t want to be deeply trapped in the silt.

  When you don’t want to be in the mud,you might as well learn to Tao Yuanming.His heart goes back to the countryside and hides in the countryside.He doesn’t fold his waist for five-bucket Rice.From then on,he picks chrysanthemums to the east fence and enjoys it.He doesn’t ask about officialdom and lives as he wishes.Life is short,you don’t have to break into the south wall and turn back,change your way of life,maybe your world will be full of luster.

  Fame and benefit,power and nobility have become the pursuit of most people in this world.People no longer pursue dreams.They all want to make themselves”successful”through shortcuts”,because in this way,they lost themselves in dignitaries,as if they could not extricate themselves from the swamp.Little imagine that they lost the most important process of chasing dreams.When you lose this baptism process,you will never get real success.Because of fame and wealth,dignitaries are just the last accessories for pursuing dreams.

  It is difficult to be a Lotus of high purity,and it is not easy to be a chrysanthemum of Yin Yi.The most important thing is to keep the original intention in mind and achieve the final goal.

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