Yunfeng and Lili sat at the bow of the boat.

  In the early autumn of year 82 S,Yunfeng accepted the restoration and confirmation work of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project in Yichang.At half past four P.M.on August 15,the passenger ship from Chongqing to Shanghai left Chaotianmen Wharf on time.The third class cabin on the ship was a room with eight people.There were four beds on the upper and lower bunks in the room.The bed of Yunfeng was No.123,and the thin and thin girl I met when I bought the ticket was No.122.When the girl saw Yunfeng,her face immediately turned from sunny to overcast.Maybe she recalled the dispute when she bought the ticket.Whatever,a man and a big husband,don’t have the same knowledge with her.Yunfeng put the pillow on the head of the bed next to No.122,and closed his eyes and recuperated himself on the bed with the clothes.This means that if you don’t see it,your heart will not be annoyed.

  ”Son of a bitch,get up and sleep!”

  Yunfeng opened his eyes and saw that little girl standing in front of his bed,staring at him severely with her eyes,pretending to be aggressive.Yunfeng wanted to laugh in his heart.You are about 1.5 meters tall,weighing about 80 kilograms at most.I am lying here.If you beat me ten times or eight times,it won’t hurt me at all.Really….

  ”Alas–,sorry.Of course I can sleep on the other end.Well,it’s just a little inappropriate….Think about it,a young man,once he opened his eyes,he saw a little girl coming there,feeling….”

  ”What do you think!Hum….”

  ”A little,um…,Indecent.”

  ”Hee hee,indecent?….”

  The little girl stared,her face turned red,as if what Yunfeng said was reasonable.Apart from being thin,this little girl is quite delicate and symbolic.Although it was a little bit unruly,raising your hands and raising your feet also showed some elegance and the spirit of books.

  ”Well,yes,it is not suitable for me to sleep on the other end!….”

  Yunfeng thought to himself,that’s right,where there is a young man sleeping under a girl’s crotch.If she really wants to insist,then Yunfeng has to change to the other end to sleep.At most,it is just to open your eyes less or not to squint.After thinking for a long time,she may still think what Yunfeng said is more appropriate.The expression on her face turned cloudy and sunny immediately.She moved her pillow and put it on Yunfeng’s pillow.Finally,a disturbance disappeared.

  This ghost elf looked at Yunfeng with his big eyes,as if he wanted to ponder,speculate,or guess what he wanted to know from Yunfeng’s face.Yunfeng raised his head,avoiding her gaze,silently looking at the autumn sun outside the window,feeling the domineering of Chongqing Autumn Tiger.Thinking about the beauty of the Three Gorges,the hero of Yamen.

  ”My name is Lili.May I ask if you are….”

  ”Oh,Hello,My name is Yunfeng.”

  When young people are together,some small unhappiness will soon disappear.It is said that Chongqing people are straightforward,open-minded,and the joy and anger only appear on the face,never exist in the heart.That Lili was no exception.She soon became friends with Yunfeng and had a great chat.

  Lili said that after her major graduation,she was assigned to work in a research institute in Beijing,and her parents both taught in Chongqing Academy of Fine Arts.She began to learn art since she could remember,not because she loved it herself,or she was willing.But their parents all do that kind of work.Their work is painting,leisure and painting.The topic of chatting is painting,what is happy is painting,and what is sad is painting.Although she was a worker,she became interested in painting because of the edification from childhood.And he declared to me that this was not a hobby,but a habit formed from childhood.

  She also said that she went to Yichang for a public trip because her parents were in Chongqing.With the consent of the leaders,they made a detour to Chongqing to see their parents.

  Yunfeng said that he worked in a large factory in western Sichuan to do something in Yichang,and also said that he knew another Lily.I said that Lili was clever and talented,and that Lili’s time was wasted….

  The next day,just before dawn,the little girl picked up the drawing board and frame and left the room silently.Yunfeng closed his eyes and silently reviewed the relevant materials of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project,thinking about this task.Then,Yunfeng also came to the deck and saw Lili concentrating on painting there.Yunfeng gently walked to her side,and she didn’t notice at all,which showed how focused she was.

  Although that little girl’s paintings were only sketched with the technique of drawing,they were also majestic and extraordinary,which really deserved to be born in an art family.Yunfeng watched quietly and dared not make any noise.I knew this was the most taboo thing for artists.Her paintings are full of mountains and rivers,and cliffs are overlapping.Cangshan also appears to be full of vitality….It could not be seen from the picture that it was actually the hand of a thin little girl.With this and this scene,Yunfeng naturally remembered a few poems and wanted to match them with the little girl’s paintings.Look up at the sky,it’s still like Wei Xiao dawn.Seeing Lili standing at the bow of the boat,observing and sketching on the drawing board,I showed some respect to her in my heart.Anyone who does any work should be respected as long as he is dedicated.Even if he has a bad impression on her,there should be no exception.

  After dinner,Yunfeng and Lili walked on the deck.Lili seemed to be tired.Just quietly walking beside Yunfeng,the expression is neither excited nor depressed.

  ”Tired!I went to see you painting in the morning,very good,very imposing.”

  ”I have to modify it tomorrow,Yunfeng.I feel a little tired,let’s go to the bow and sit for a while.”

  The evening wind was cold.Although it was very comfortable to blow on the body,it was not a good thing to get cold.

  ”Lili,it’s too cold.I’d better go back to my room.”

  ”Sit down again,Yunfeng.The room is very stuffy,and it’s still early to rest.”

  ”Well,good.Lili,I saw your paintings and the modality when you were painting,and I remembered a few words of rhyme.One is the painting that you want to match,and the other is the shape of your painting.However,I also feel that the artistic conception and momentum are a little insufficient.It seems,um,it seems that there is something wrong with it.”

  ”Hee hee,I am Lili,not surnamed Ban!Speak out and listen,Yunfeng.”

  ”One song is called’going down to the Three Gorges’.I think your painting is also a bit like going down to the Three Gorges,and the other one is called’mountain high gorge forced to reflect the moon xiao’.Yes……”

  ”Yunfeng,you have become a big girl,tell me quickly!”

  ”Hao Ba!It is:the mountains are heavy,the water is overlapped,and the mountains are endless.If it is difficult to create a generation of business,only the great river will never die.”

  ”Well,Zi Yun.The first two sentences are full of momentum,which write down the mountains of the Three Gorges and the running of the Yangtze River,which is exactly the artistic conception that my painting wants to express.Although the latter two sentences also eulogized the endless flow of the Yangtze River,they slightly belittled the generals and princes.Hee hee,this also reflects Yunfeng’s young age….”

  ”Yunfeng,there is another song,read it quickly!”

  ”The other song is:the mountain is high and the gorge forces the moon to be small,and the breeze is thin and the mist floats on the boat.It looks like Dan Wei Dan Xiaoguang is shallow,and the bow of xiaoya is painted with white drawing.”

  ”Hee hee,Yunfeng,’Mountain high gorge forces the moon to be Xiao’,absolutely,absolutely.I like it,thank you for the poem you wrote for me!Well,the word”little ya”feels a bit…,Hee hee.”

  ”Lili.Although using’xiaoya’seems casual,it is more suitable for your lively and unrestrained character.Hee hee,don’t say thank you.Anyway,it’s okay.It’s for fun.I’ll copy it with a pen tomorrow.”

  ”Well…,Zi Yun,I know.Why did that Lily struggle hard for you for those years and can’t extricate herself.Hee hee,I guess,I’m afraid that deep in your heart,you also have a deep feeling for that lily!”

  ”Alas–let bygones be bygones.Lili,look at the rolling Yangtze River and the passing water of the East,isn’t it just like those generals and princes who have a lot of entrepreneurship,and just like the years we lost….”

  At this point,they didn’t speak any more,silently watching the rolling Yangtze River,passing through the Three Gorges and fleeing far away.

toward a new goal,usher in the spring warm flowers!

  ”The slight wind is still floating with the fragrance of flowers,green mountains and green waters,traveling in a picturesque way.My home is on the other side of the mountain of Naxi……”Wandering on the road of happiness in the city,looking at the bustling crowd and vehicles passing by Sichuan,I can’t help thinking of teacher Li Guyi’s”Na Xi Na Shan”,with mixed feelings in my heart.

  Looking up at the starry sky,I understood that with a flick of my finger,I had been separated from that pure land for several years.Rongyou village,now called Rongshan town,is a small town located in the remote area of Hejiang county,Luzhou city.It has a unique soil climate and a small basin in the original ecological mountainous area.It breeds Nanxiang rice with peculiar flavor.Here,it is also known as the hometown of Nan Xiang rice.Many people never feel tired of visiting here,perceiving the purity of the Paradise,witnessing the legend of the integration of mountains and rivers,appreciating the pleasure of the natural scenery,and tasting the original ecological fish and Yunxian chicken.

  In order to study and dream,I followed my parents away from the countryside for more than 10 years.Because of fate,I returned to this field of hope with fear and longing.Winding paths,layers of forests,abrupt peaks,traditional folk customs and simple folk customs make people intoxicated.Accompanied by green mountains and forests all day long,frogs call birds and insects fly together,far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility and comfort of stepping into the remote mountains and forests,cultivating one’s morality and nourishing one’s nature,just like stepping into Yun Dian fairyland.

  A small village,like the bridegroom expected in a dream,can be seen after a long time.The Classic of the gathering of valleys and peaks is quiet in the misty water mist,charming but elegant.After a short period of mental contrast,I still find that my heart of returning to the dust in my heart has never changed.All the feelings here are still so strange and familiar,stepping on the path of the new village,A burst of fragrant and strong local flavor will blow on your face.

  Because of the inconvenience of transportation,the distance of the road and the unsmooth communication,it seems to be an isolated border city when it rains.However,after every rain,here is more beautiful and beautiful,with green trees and shadows,and clouds and mist drifting around.It is a pleasure to be in it and experience the casual and wonderful work of nature.The forest coverage rate of 70%makes this small village become the old forest of the rural population.I still remember my thought at that time,but now it is still so interesting when I think of it.”Window silver light,house fan Coochie;Night sky starry,forest frog insects call;Hospital angry little,heart love endures;Suburban 80 kilometers,border town Iraq calm.””Beautiful Waters good cool,summer Feng Xia Yu Xia Zhuxiang;Mountain water a manor,Meitu view$scenery;Dream Dream Dream qian rao,love in love outer love connecting rooms.”

  Wine City,a city where I came and went,a bright pearl beside the Yangtze River,nurtured more than 5 million children of wine city with its own light and heat,here,generations have absorbed the unique essence and nutrients,walking on the waves in the wind.In this season of blooming flowers,the past is permeating like clouds and smoke.With clear context,familiar face and ardent entrustment,I set sail against the wind on my way back.

  Yesterday’s beautiful stars will soon pass away,and today we have to set sail again with a little wish.Although the other shore is still waiting far away,the heart of chasing can never stop.New year new atmosphere,New Year New Hope,a brand new journey,starting with a smile,in the vast life,in the sincere wishes

Counting each other’s sweet past counting

  Winter is approaching and spring is approaching.Another spring is coming.New morning light,new sunshine,and every new day,the spring sun falls gently,kissing the world quietly and everyone who loves the world.

  In the spring of clear and sunny days,everything is recovering,the old trees are sprouting,and the sunshine is breeding the newborn buds,as if every life is trying to grow and showing the most beautiful side to spring.

  In such a shallow day,there is a hope about you,as a seed,buried in the bottom of my heart,maybe it can make time pity,stay until the four seasons of the year pass,the story about you and me,the rest of my life is no longer only memories,and we will not let each other become the past.

  You once said that spring is your favorite season,but now,I stand in its arms alone,but I am still grateful,because you have been here,you have been in spring,with the simplest love and the most beautiful face,I met at the most beautiful age and spent those warm spring days together.

  each other’s promises and longing for the future,will eventually be covered by the fireworks in the world.You choose to go far away,I choose to settle down,maybe,what was wrong was just the haste when I was young.Without a firm heart to love,I picked up each other’s emotions.

  But now,you are at the end of the world,I am at the corner of the sea,walking in their own spring,and the care for you,the missing for you,can only be placed in memory,fortunately,you in memory,except for the turning around when we see each other,the rest are all about the picture of falling in love with me.

  The flowers will disappear at last,and I will always see you when I say goodbye.I always believe that you and I will meet again in the distance,just like this warm spring day when flowers bloom,waiting and waiting,and then coming.

  No matter how time flies,no matter how wrinkles pour out,the years are still quiet.In this bright spring day,we are all treated gently by this earthly world.Spring comes,although you are not here,but I have been waiting,maybe,waiting for you,just like waiting for spring in the bleak winter,with hope,waiting and waiting,then came.

In the development of human history

  Outside the window,the spring rain was drizzling.I was free,so I moved a small soft stool,held a cup of chrysanthemum tea,and lay lazily in front of the windowsill……


  These naughty rain children took the rain as the key,and casually played the movement that they thought mysterious.Occasionally,there were a group of people who were so naughty that they didn’t know what they were doing.They imitated the diving girl,and a skater who was rolling down from the rain.What a coincidence!They are neither skewed nor skewed,and just fall on the tip of the crisp leaves of the fat and tender dianlan beside the windowsill.I am so obedient.How can the tender and emerald branches and leaves that seem to be dripping bear the weight of these bastards?Helpless!Helpless!Before they could stand firm,return to their senses,or wait for them to skim me,they fell to the ground full of water bubbles,muddleheaded and dizzy,in an instant,they teased with layers of water flowers on the ground,and could not distinguish between you and me.At this time,no matter how fast you are,no matter how big you open your eyes,they can no longer find their handsome back just now.In this way,they repeated the wonderful performances of the last group or the last group in groups and batches.

  Maybe I love them too much.I can’t help putting my hands up and stretching out to continue them.I hope the limited space in my palm can give them some help,Hey!They still don’t appreciate it.They dislike me very much!Otherwise,how could I splash out of my palm in a hurry!I smiled and said strangely,”What are you panicked about?Is it very reluctant to walk away after patting with me?”,Who knows that some of them are frowning,some are blinking,and some of them are bold and fickle,saying”you are too old!”.Hey you.If a!I shook my head and waved my hand.It’s all right.Let’s go.What reason do I have to force you who don’t belong to me?

  My chrysanthemum tea is just suitable for drinking at this time.The soft stool under my butt has made me feel a little sleepy.OK,byebye,my naughty rain kids……


  Raindrops lengthened and widened my mind.My dear him,where are you?Don’t you want to have an afternoon date with me?Er,er,er!Please feel wronged.Don’t tell me that you think I am old too!Otherwise,I will definitely give you a supercilious look!

  Everything in the world has spirituality,ranging from the universe to the fine Earth.According to philosophy,”movement is absolute,while stillness is relative”,movement is vivid and checks and balances in spirit.Celestial bodies in the vast space attract and circle each other,forming a regular celestial system,and no celestial body moves against this rule.The Earth revolves around the sun with its laws.Its own composition also has spirituality.In people’s eyes,the mountains and stones on the Earth remain static and lack of aura.In fact,it is not the case.Himalayas stand up,Albius stands up,East Africa Rift Valley breaks,the Mediterranean surface shrinks,and there are spirits in it,let alone organic soil and creatures.

  Since all things have spirituality,there is a history of life development,which exists between heaven and earth,fair but not exclusive.It doesn’t exist in the center of something.It exists in the heaven and earth.There is its reason.It must not exist only by me but also by its reason.Besides,only self-existence and its death,will perish.

  If human beings live on the Earth,they need to coexist with any material in nature,whether in the organic world or in the inorganic environment,so as to achieve win-win results.Destroying others and monopolizing them is against the law of development of things.

  the lesson that I was respected is profound,such as eliminating species,reclamation of wasteland,destroying Woods,filling rivers and lakes,primer species,dirty atmosphere………This kind of excessive destruction of ecology and excessive pollution of environment is the obliteration of the spirituality of all things.Why not get revenge?Plague epidemic,soil and water loss,global warming,frequent drought and flood,raging sandstorm………

  All things have spirits.Seeking balance in spirits and fair development are the absolute principles.The Ancients all understand,but modern people do not obey.

  The old Confucius said:”Dao Fa the nature”,”universal love for people,do not reward and punish with joy and anger,so for benevolence”(Dong Zhongshu”spring and autumn Fan Lu.Li He Gen),the”Harmony and four Ruirui”of Tibetan Buddhism all advocate that everything is fair.

  Today’s human beings must wake up,and all things coexist,not only human beings.We must not misinterpret”man decides to win the heaven”as”certain”and”Heaven power”,nor do we misinterpret”Man does not die for himself”as””.

  All things are spirits,obeying morality and law,and harmonious development is the destination.

Some farmers,thinking about the work at home

  Our local dialect,taking advantage of the time,is also called investment,Day,market.Every day when the number of the 2nd,5th and 8th of the solar calendar comes,it is the day of taking advantage of the sun in our town.

  Vendors in the town will display more commodities than usual,including slippers,salted fish,basins and buckets.The goods produced by their own families in rural areas will also be quite abundant.Eggs,sweet potatoes,vegetables,Huaishan,Horseshoe,chicken,duck and so on are numerous.Sometimes it is sold in season according to the season,and it is both pretty and easy to sell.

  It is necessary to hurry up early when you are busy.You have to go to the street early in the morning and take a good position to start selling.There were shouts and bargained voices,and the sounds Rose one after another,very lively.Some people don’t meet each other once in a few months,and they come across each other in the street market.They must have a good talk for a long time,talking about the harvest of this year,the tuition of children,and talking about everything is so sentimental.

  would sell the agricultural products early at a good price and sell them to the back.The people who took advantage of the holiday gradually dispersed,because it was the conventional time to have a meal from eleven o’clock,everyone will cook or eat at the same time,so before this hour,the leftover will always be sold at a low price or at a low price,so that you can go home early and have lunch with your family.Where are some people who don’t plan to go back early?They will eat a bowl of steaming rice noodles in a small shop near the street,and continue to sell after eating.Usually,people who don’t have time to go out in the morning after lunch at one o’clock P.M.will go shopping again,thinking that they can buy some cheap good goods in the morning.After all,generally speaking,compared with the things sold in daily life,Sundays are more good and cheaper,which is a great temptation for people living in the town.

  ”How much did you buy a kilo of banana?””One Piece and five pieces.””It’s a good deal for you.I bought two yuan a Jin this morning”.Like this,people who buy cheap goods are naturally happy in their hearts,but they always like to be modest in their mouths:”What you buy in the morning is good,and what I go there in the afternoon is left by others.”Then we talked about parents’short stories and Happy Days,which often ended in chatting while buying and selling.It is not the day when you take advantage of it,the street will naturally be a little deserted,although all kinds of goods are still available for sale.

  Sometimes I want to buy something when I am short of something at home,and I think it will be tomorrow.I’d better wait until tomorrow.When I go there again,I will definitely start with more cheap and good goods that I need or don’t need,which is the temptation of the day.

  Taking advantage of the weather is like a small festival for people.There will be one in a few days,and people’s happiness is always full.The days are also full of expectation,which is easy to realize.People are willing to expect and enjoy the reality more.

  Such days have been far away from me,and I always miss every day I take advantage.

  When I asked my classmates in my hometown,I said that there was still a day of embarrassment,but it was not as lively as before.Maybe it is related to the prevalence of logistics and online shopping.

  Next time I go back to my hometown,I will definitely choose a good day and go to buy some shoes early.I will buy a lot of cheap and good things to show off to my family;I will buy some clothes to buy some shoes,to meet old classmates,old friends and neighbors inadvertently,we also enjoy the happy time of chatting and trading together.

The food in my memory is always so delicious.

  The cloud from my hometown floated slowly over my head with the smell of fireworks.In a trance,I saw the smoke of the kitchen dotted with the sunset in the farmhouse again,which was still familiar and graceful.

  I still remember clearly that in that era when firewood was used,the smoke on the roof was all my hope,which was all my sense of security.I often stand at the intersection where I have to go home from school and look at my roof carefully.As long as there is smoke rising on the roof,you can be sure that your parents have gone home and there are delicious food in the pot.I will speed up the pace of going home,go to that safe haven and start my happy time.

  Whether it is rice or noodles,I feel very comfortable in my stomach.Every meal can taste the process of slow work and meticulous work,and can also feel mother’s concentration and strong love when cooking.I am not picky about food,but I can’t eat fast food now.Its taste always makes people feel the impatience and haste of cookers.Even if I eat it,I don’t have the feeling of fusion when I was a child.

  There are many things that can’t be expressed,but they can be so real.The taste of mother’s meal,can not be explained clearly,but has been occupying the whole taste bud,involving a lot of nostalgia.In my memory,as long as the meal is made by my mother,it is just mixed with five flavors,which is just soft and crisp.

  The smoke from the kitchen in a trance today brought the smell of my mother’s cooking that year,which made me shed tears of surprise or heartbreak.Many people had already disappeared in my trance,just like the smoke of the kitchen,leaving no trace to find,even the memory was incomplete.

  In the process of missing and caring,the past came out one after another.In that plain time,there were so many luxurious happiness buried unexpectedly.The busy figure of mother in front of the stove is always so beautiful.The steaming food in the pot always floats away the fragrance of seducing taste buds.The smoke on the roof is always gentle and lingering.These are the longitude and latitude lines of my happiness in life,which symbolize my joys,sorrows and sorrows.

  The urgent phone ringing interrupted my mind,and Biao Mei said she would surprise me.I was stunned for a few seconds and asked her if the mountain flowers had come.If so,just take a few photos.I didn’t let the spring scenery down.

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