Deep in the misty rain,a pillow of lovesickness is thin.Whose Rouge is used up

  The red sleeves of the family read the monarch,knowing each other about vertical and horizontal,hating that the years have passed,and the sky still remembers that time,just like last spring.Spring rain falls,grass and trees are green,and the smoke and dust are boundless.

  Look at thousands of miles of rivers and mountains,wake up this morning,listen to the birds Chong Ming.Looking at Changting from afar,the weeds have no knees.Thinking of the past,love is surging,love is thin,and the return period is uncertain.Can’t keep the spring,can’t keep the king,break the Red Grass,who can feel the same?Pin Ning for a long time,short flute,cherish the past and feel sad.

  In the past few years,who cares?It happens to be your intention and your love,rather than a short life to meet and say goodbye in a hurry,with your eyes full of makeup.Ask,who knows what I like in my heart,write thousands of new poems for you,and express your love.Push the pillow for the King,push the window for the King,the west window under the moon alone Haggard.

  Three years of sun and moon,in detail,is also destined.Little by little,every second,now it is hate and love.Ask,who is right,children’s feelings.After the song of that year,everlasting wishes and vows of eternal love were just on the spur of the moment.Day and night,all forget,poor little romantic,became a few sorrow.

  You are lonely,you are lonely,you can only see the rise and fall of the River Moon,Du Yin a hundred years of old wine,you can only write poems and paintings,no one is accompanied,it is called romantic.The country is still the same,the old friends are not the same,the three of them are six guests,each of them is happy and sad,each of them is sad and happy.The years are slim,feeling sad and sad.

  Laughing,the Feng Shen is boring,and the Feng Hou is unintentional.I am only drunk with my bosom friend.Who is drinking with me,forget these times.On that day,I fell in love with flowers and watched them bloom.When the flowers bloom,I teased them.It was the past and half hurt.

  Drink the cup alone,ask if you want to start over,laugh at the world,Legend of romantic,a little red tears.

  The West Wind fell Green,revisiting the old place,very bleak.Going around,or back to the original point,just a little bit more sorrow and hate.Who used to be a swordsman to the end of the world,who used to be a boatman to sail,this period of time is really true,now thinking,only Kong Bei left.Ask,at this time next year,can you forget?

  whose beautiful clothes are worn,Chuchu moving?The wind and dust rose,the clouds and smoke scattered,the Moonlight buckled the window and threw it on the dressing table.Whose figure was motionless?A jade Chai held it in his hand and watched it for thousands of times,but it looked like that day.Who took out his heart,without reservation,thought it was a lifetime,but I didn’t know that the moon was full and the moon was short of several degrees,the time was like an hourglass,and the grass and trees were sparse in the deep autumn.

  At that time,it was a nuisance.People lost in the years and faded day by day.Even if they choked,they couldn’t get back the past flowing years.Sadness became hatred and resentment,which made people collapse.It turns out to be a virtual dream when you grow old,and it turns out to be a virtual talk for a lifetime.People fall at 1.1 o’clock and get old at 1.1 o’clock.

  Poetry and Literature idle,courtesans ash powder again not less.

  Looking back gently,deep in the fleeting time,the most painful and painful experience.Who falls in love with it in a flash,but can’t forget it in his whole life?How to distinguish the so-called fate in this world?How to keep this time clip?In three years,how many stories are flowing?Look again,we are not the original appearance.We went to the two poles without paying attention.

  The flowers are gone,the dust is gone,and finally it is gone,far away.

  Many years later,I only remember that you were intoxicated like drunken,but never made me drunk.Finally,it became a sad sigh.But the love for you at that time was from morning to evening,it’s true.

Maybe we want to be Gao Jie’s Lotus.

 Even if we are trapped in mud and filthy all around,we can still get out of the mud without being dyed and live Gao Jie.But what if we can’t make Lotus?It is better to be a chrysanthemum of Yin Yi and a man of wild cranes.

  Lotus was born in silt and rooted here.Its root system went deep into the filthy place,but it still presented the most clean side to the world.It is bound by the mud and can never escape.On the contrary,wild chrysanthemum did not grow in the mud.It was not in the center of political rights.It was in the wilderness.It just hoped to be a hermit between the mountains and the wild,keep the purest thing in your heart-do not forget your original heart.

  Not everyone could achieve the state of Lotus.Du Fu was one of the very few lotus flowers.During the period of Tang Dynasty when the boom and decline,the common people were not bored with the darkness of national politics.He tasted all the sufferings in the world and still worried about the country and the common people.Even if the officialdom is mud,it can still be”clear”in the muddy officialdom.

  Let’s go back to the present.Grandpa Yuan Longping has been engaged in the research of hybrid rice for half a century.He is the pioneer of hybrid rice in China.He is not afraid of difficulties,willing to contribute,painstakingly and painstakingly pursues,it has made great contributions to solving the problem of Chinese eating.He has always been unknown,selfless dedication,persistent pursuit of strong will,strict self-discipline,indifferent to fame and wealth noble qualities should also be the standards we should learn.

  But when you are in the mire,it will be as difficult as before.Although we all want to be muddy but not dyed,it is really rare to do it.Like Song Huanwei,Lin Guoti,they were the winners of the May Day labor medal,but in front of money,they also lost their original intention to be Communists.When you don’t have enough willpower,the best way is to stay away from the silt if you don’t want to be deeply trapped in the silt.

  When you don’t want to be in the mud,you might as well learn to Tao Yuanming.His heart goes back to the countryside and hides in the countryside.He doesn’t fold his waist for five-bucket Rice.From then on,he picks chrysanthemums to the east fence and enjoys it.He doesn’t ask about officialdom and lives as he wishes.Life is short,you don’t have to break into the south wall and turn back,change your way of life,maybe your world will be full of luster.

  Fame and benefit,power and nobility have become the pursuit of most people in this world.People no longer pursue dreams.They all want to make themselves”successful”through shortcuts”,because in this way,they lost themselves in dignitaries,as if they could not extricate themselves from the swamp.Little imagine that they lost the most important process of chasing dreams.When you lose this baptism process,you will never get real success.Because of fame and wealth,dignitaries are just the last accessories for pursuing dreams.

  It is difficult to be a Lotus of high purity,and it is not easy to be a chrysanthemum of Yin Yi.The most important thing is to keep the original intention in mind and achieve the final goal.

Falling one after another covered the wide road and blurred the brightness of eyes.

  Keeping the beauty of home,thinking silently,the gentle sunshine is the perfume in winter.

  Standing alone under the gray blue sky without being disturbed by anyone,your firm eyes are reluctant to linger for a minute,and the reeds can also see your heart.With the Bell accompanying the wind chime and the peaceful theater spreading on the water,the performance leaped out the exciting ballet in winter,moving even the hay beside the pond was dancing gently.

  I have always been by your side.You never look at me and say that I don’t know the heart of a snowman.Looking straightly at Lin Dai in front of him,he was heartbroken,regardless of the melodious bamboo bushes aside.

  In a gray day,The Sun also goes home to hibernate.Facing the wind,the natural freedom and melancholy,carrying the wind,seemed to be carrying a heart wound and moistened the goddess’s eyes.I can only quietly accompany you to think…

  Snow and rain fell in the sky,falling on the vast land.The wooden house in the mountain nest was beside you and me.

  I can’t hold back the waves in my heart,and I jump around you with great excitement.

  I glanced at you casually and found that you were looking at the distance silently all the time.I stopped slowly,gazing at you,seeing that your eyes were wet but the corners of your mouth seemed to rise a little,and continued to look at the White Ocean far away.

  I looked up slowly and looked at the direction you looked at.I found a pair of big snow-white butterflies flying out of the mountain forest in the snow,flying interactively in the boundless white sky.Gentle rhythm,write the most beautiful chapter in this snowy day.

  You smiled and said that it was on the other side of the mountain.In the distance,someone could see the watch of the snowman……

  Have you ever experienced that kind of despair?Obviously,it was only one step away,and all the games were lost in an instant.That kind of despair was really cold.

  There is a sad story behind every lonely person.Some people have never recovered since then,and some people wipe away their tears and start on the road again.

  It is a pity that there are more people who have collapsed and less people who have revived.When we meet lonely people,don’t laugh at them.You can never understand their pain.We are not qualified to laugh at them at all.Life is changeable.Who knows what kind of pain we will encounter?We have no choice but to give them a hug.

  I am the one who has never recovered.It seems that I have lost my motivation to fight for the glory that belongs to me.It is a terrible and sad thing to understand my own insignificance and my own powerlessness.Life brings me short-lived happiness and long-lasting pain.Happiness is fragile and pain lasts forever.Every time I want to forget,I always think of that day,that time and that terrible decision,thinking of the eternal youth,I shed tears and faced the darkness of the night alone,as well as my incompetence and weakness.

  Nearly two years have passed since that,but I still can’t walk out.Life seems to have lost its color,and all efforts seem to have lost their meaning.Where should I go,how I should regroup and how I should face the future all make me feel painful.Only by carrying a bag and hiking alone can I forget the pain and the unfairness of fate for a short time.I really hope I can go hand in hand with you,but the reality is so cruel that I can never go forward side by side with you.

  How pitiful it is for a person who has never recovered.They have given up the struggle and let fate cede,but I really don’t want to give up my dream.In this short life,I want to live for myself and for someone,live for a city.

In the past,Qin state established the system of the Emperor

  Now,Li Qingzhao is an Yi An monk named”the first talented woman in the Northern Song Dynasty”,while the Youqi monk who was as famous as Li Qingzhao in those years was forgotten in some corner of history,Youqi,Youqi,this sentimental beauty poet in the Northern Song Dynasty died of old age at last.

  It can be said that both of them are from scholarly families,and the life of young girls is happy and happy.

  Li Qingzhao was really partial to the heaven.He found good fortune and was happy for a long time.It happened that there was happiness and excellence.This talented woman in Northern Song dynasty was forced to marry an unambitious official,and finally left because of her husband’s humiliation and abuse.

  I have to say that the middle period is the most colorful life in Zhu Shuzhen’s life.After being appreciated by the Prime Minister’s wife Wei Wan,she became a guest,and her life was just beginning.Perhaps,love is perfect only when it goes smoothly.

  Join hands with lotus lake on the road.

  I am not afraid of being guessed,and I sleep with my clothes,which makes me pregnant.

  What I like most is this piece of peaceful music,which is bold and can see love things so thoroughly,which is also the reason why she is not sought after by later generations,the heroism of women does not seem to conform to the”aesthetic”of the ancients”.

  On this point,she lived more wantonly than Li Qingzhao.The late love made the withered wood meet the spring.While at this time,Li Qingzhao didn’t know that he was drinking and shedding tears in that boat.

  As time went by,Jin Bing entered and two women fled to their hometown one after another.Zhu Shuzhen the image of a woman at that time seemed to be unbearable.After returning to her hometown,she died of old age,and many collected works had been buried in a fire.However,Li Qingzhao was different.He met another man and found that love was not easy.Fortunately,it was the friendship in the past.He was alone in his later years,but he would not be belittled.

  In spite of this,both of them had several relationships,and it was not clear whether the love was beautiful or sad.Therefore,talented women since ancient times are heartbroken.

  The pavilions in my heart are willing to let their boats stop and talk with them drunk.

  There is a sword in xuanhu Lake,which is five feet long.Its handle occupies two parts,and its edge is elliptical and moist.Its sheath is black and black with stripes all over.Its sword body winds ahead,like a soul snake flying,as well as flowing water undulating,when it happens,it enters.The sword was called”The heavy weapon”,which was placed in the clear sky and the moon.The fog unexpectedly circled and sneaked into people’s hearts.They suddenly felt terrified,or”sword spirit”.Those who are heavy-willed should be ominous and should not be lightly shown to others.

  The Sword of the great power takes mountains,rivers and abundant products as the handle of the sword;Takes the wise and powerful,talented as the edge of the sword;Takes the elite master and the tough force as the body of the sword;Takes the generous virtue,the Yin Ren of virtual Huai is scabbard.The Sword of the great power is called”The important weapon of the country”,which can not be easily unsheathed.

  raised the sword handle and sharpened the body of the sword,and”worked hard for three generations”,which finally swept away the peerless Jia Jian of Liuhe.However,the Emperor forgot the scabbard and often exposed his sword body outside.He attacked Huns in the north and swept hundreds of Yue in the South.The Imperial people inside were like animals.How many families were destroyed at that time?At last,the sword was exposed for too long.It was attacked frequently and didn’t know how to raise it.The scabbard was abandoned but didn’t know how to cultivate it.The First Emperor collapsed and the Qin Empire collapsed.Although the Fu Su was reborn,there was still no power to return to heaven.

  The power of the great power of Qin dynasty was to fear the people rather than the virtue,so it was called”lust of power”.Lust of power was under the power of heaven,so the world was not convinced,and the heroes rose together and replaced it.Vertical(Xiang Yu)is also like this,so the head is different from the place and cannot be complete.

  Fu Dasong,with thick scabbard and light sword body,had no choice but to pay tribute to the north and the South,and finally attracted a thorough cleaning.The power of this great nation was replaced by defending,so all the wolves were greedy,and finally they ate up all the wide fields in the south,and made the South a prisoner of Chu.

  The power of a great country lies in Germany and in military.The virtue protects the military,and the military protects the virtue.

  A great power is a heavy weapon,which is honed day and night to maintain its front.Therefore,it can be easily not out of the sheath,out of the sheath must see blood;Not easy to fight,fight will win,not so can not fight for prosperity.It is impossible for the poor to fight against the military,and it is impossible for the poor to survive.

  The power of a great power is the way to strive for a long time,not a flash in the pan.

 ”Hey,there is a cat there.”

  The Hong Jin swallows who cut water through the curtain,lingered on a bud,and pecked the beauty of the flourishing age of the flower fairy.

  Those soft red,childish Green,Hornets and butterflies,everything is just right.

  The cat followed its owner to sketch.On that day,the owner brought it over,tied the rope to a willow tree,sat down in the shade of the tree,and lifted the pen,immersed in his own world,he never came out.From sunrise to noon,the sun was getting bigger and bigger,and the host was still drawing with great interest.The cat was also intoxicated by the fascinating scenery.Excited,curious,let it run and jump.Slowly,being tired,it is too sleepy.So I fell asleep vaguely.When it wakes up,the host has no idea where to go.Later,a naughty little boy untied the rein,and the cat ran wildly and was left behind in this way.

  There are people coming and going here every day.There is no need to worry about eating.The lotus seed soup of chidong’s family tastes fresh.Girls often kindly spread the soup made by their mothers in the upper corner and let the cats come to eat,remove the painstaking lotus seed,leaving only two white and fat petals,together with chicken,and stew red dates in a rough casserole until the lotus seed is soft and melted at the entrance.The girl loves to eat lotus seed soup made by her mother most.She is still sick and weak.Her friends have gone to school and the cat is her playmate.They often cross the Lotus Bridge to Ting Yu,listen to the morning dew dripping green lotus and listen to the chirp of insects.Sometimes girls will take it to pick Ai Ye,come back and let mom wash it and grind it into moxa paste,mix it with thin and smooth glutinous rice flour,spoon a few white sugar,and beat it in the washbasin,until the glutinous rice flour and moxa paste are integrated,wrapped with fried peanut sesame stuffing,gently cover two layers with thick lotus leaves or zongzi leaves,and steam them in the steamed bun.This is the most enjoyable delicacy for cats.

  The girl wanted to keep a cat,but her mother refused.

  ”This is a wild cat,”Mom said,”you are still sick.The wild cat and wild dog are not sanitary.”

  Every time the cat approaches the girl,the girl’s mother will be fed with broom.

  But this is really a paradise on earth.Even if there is no little girl to take care of it and the cat follows the tourists,it is often delicious and spicy.But the cat often looks at the east of the pool from a distance,at dusk and half-falling evening.

  Cat entertainment activities are also very colorful.The modern girl who hated the Sky High came here to sing and dance lightly,and the cat kicking and stepping also took the cat step.Young girls dressed in hanfu flew there,like a refined fairy,or Bing Yi to take photos of oiled paper umbrellas or the shiny and smooth hair of cats.There are often groups of aunts dressed in colorful dancing clothes and still having good charm here.Cats twist their bodies with them,like happy elves,and the old man who has just sipped mulberry wine,taking advantage of the wine to have a period of erhu,the purple and black fruit pulp wine,ten catties of mulberry fruit,six catties of rock sugar,and one to two catties of white spirit can be soaked until the rock sugar completely melts,nourishing Yin and kidney,benefiting liver and improving eyesight,promoting fluid production and quenching thirst,it can also delay aging,and the local elderly love drinking.Cats had the honor to drink some wine bottles discarded by farmers.There were also the teams who sang the strong drama,and the drums and gongs were very loud.Cats often forget to hear.

  Life was just like this.After many years of peaceful life,a kind-hearted girl grew up,had a good body recuperation,and was graceful and graceful.I heard that I went to a famous university,and my mother invited me.Everyone said that I was a big girl.The geomancy here is good and talented.Mother laughed so hard that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut,’I only hope that my baby can get married and have children in big cities and live happily for a lifetime.The’know’people echoed.

  On the day of college wine,the cat went to see the girl.At the table of the banquet,the girl picked up the cat and just kept touching the cat’s hair,gently,again and again,without saying a word.

  The girl is gone,and the cat is old.Mao Er is also dim,who cares about this wild cat,it is always Lazily curled up in the corner of the trash can.Or follow the footsteps of tourists,and then be driven away.People come here and bring packaged snacks and bread to feed the ornamental fish.People are noisy,chasing and playing.But no one paid attention to this old,ugly and dirty cat.The cat was extremely sad,but it had no strength to squeeze out tears.It squinted,looked at the desolate world and thought of the girl,I heard that after graduating from college,the girl desperately chose to teach in remote mountainous areas,thinking that the surrounding scenery became more and more blurred.

 a young boy pulled his brother’s clothes and shouted excitedly.After a while,his friends also came around and discussed with his mouth in his mouth.”I have hugged this cat before.””It seems very sad.”The cat felt dizzy at this moment.The world was getting farther and farther,leaving only a figure of a petite girl,”Let’s take it back,”a boy said,”but it seems to be dying.”The children wet their eyes and surrounded the cat together,quietly accompanying the cat which once brought countless joy to people.

  The cat looked at the world feebly with its eyelids drooping and finally fell asleep.The children Qi Li buried it in the flower field.Buried in this land of joy boiling.

  The tourists gradually dispersed,and the night and night came together.Everything is quiet,quiet.

  Listen,shake people’s songs,and dream in the night wind.

  Look,the moon is round again.

The food in my memory is always so delicious.

  The cloud from my hometown floated slowly over my head with the smell of fireworks.In a trance,I saw the smoke of the kitchen dotted with the sunset in the farmhouse again,which was still familiar and graceful.

  I still remember clearly that in that era when firewood was used,the smoke on the roof was all my hope,which was all my sense of security.I often stand at the intersection where I have to go home from school and look at my roof carefully.As long as there is smoke rising on the roof,you can be sure that your parents have gone home and there are delicious food in the pot.I will speed up the pace of going home,go to that safe haven and start my happy time.

  Whether it is rice or noodles,I feel very comfortable in my stomach.Every meal can taste the process of slow work and meticulous work,and can also feel mother’s concentration and strong love when cooking.I am not picky about food,but I can’t eat fast food now.Its taste always makes people feel the impatience and haste of cookers.Even if I eat it,I don’t have the feeling of fusion when I was a child.

  There are many things that can’t be expressed,but they can be so real.The taste of mother’s meal,can not be explained clearly,but has been occupying the whole taste bud,involving a lot of nostalgia.In my memory,as long as the meal is made by my mother,it is just mixed with five flavors,which is just soft and crisp.

  The smoke from the kitchen in a trance today brought the smell of my mother’s cooking that year,which made me shed tears of surprise or heartbreak.Many people had already disappeared in my trance,just like the smoke of the kitchen,leaving no trace to find,even the memory was incomplete.

  In the process of missing and caring,the past came out one after another.In that plain time,there were so many luxurious happiness buried unexpectedly.The busy figure of mother in front of the stove is always so beautiful.The steaming food in the pot always floats away the fragrance of seducing taste buds.The smoke on the roof is always gentle and lingering.These are the longitude and latitude lines of my happiness in life,which symbolize my joys,sorrows and sorrows.

  The urgent phone ringing interrupted my mind,and Biao Mei said she would surprise me.I was stunned for a few seconds and asked her if the mountain flowers had come.If so,just take a few photos.I didn’t let the spring scenery down.

From thousands to tens of thousands,and then to hundreds of thousands

  When you climb from the bottom of the society to the top,you will find out how hard it will be and how dangerous it will be.Hardship,hardship,hardship.When you climb from the top of the society to the bottom again,you will also find how wonderful and wonderful the cleanliness of the world will be.The mountains are full of boundless meanings.

  Don’t worry about a man’s stomach…Being able to see clearly is a man’s elegance,and being able to make sense is also a man’s experience.Being able to know clearly and hear clearly is even more like a man listening to Huixiang,taking a cursory look all the way through five levels,cut six generals;Ups and downs at any time,a precipitation of Heart Sutra accumulated with the world.

  We are all adults now.Why do we embarrass ourselves everywhere in the world of adults and adults?From youth to ignorance,from ignorance to youth,from youth to youth,from middle age to over a hundred and a half years old,the age of ancient times,the year of the past,the blessing,salary,three days of life,why bother to be embarrassed everywhere.

  Is there no definition of life?Where does the so-called definition come from?Liu Yuxi,the poet of Tang Dynasty,said in his”the inscription of the humble room”,such a famous saying passed through the ages:”If the mountain is not high,the You Xian is famous.The water is not deep,there is a dragon and the spirit.Si is a shabby house,but I am virtuous.The Moss marks are green,and the grass color is green.Laughing with round perspective,with no Baiding.You can tune Su Qin and read Jin Jing.The disordered ears without Silk bamboo”…

  I have a pot of tea which is not enough to fear the wind of dust.I have a brilliant pen.I can comfort the gods of heaven and earth and the Five Emperors of xuanhuang.I can warn the people of heaven and earth to come to the court,and the heaven and earth,people,ghosts and gods in the three realms.

  Sometimes I like studying essays about wild stories very much,and sometimes I also like studying ancient scrolls and fairy tales very much.Sometimes I also like to focus on the study of Saints,the way of Confucius and Mencius;Knowing is knowing,not knowing is not knowing,it is knowing.Knowledge has no borders and culture has no thickness.Sometimes,I also like to write some books of changes,the Book of Changes,yin and yang theories,eight diagrams and Five Elements,wind,fire,thunder and lightning,gold,wood,water,fire and earth,about feng shui,about devouring demons and subduing demons,nine ghosts house-building method.

  The”Xun Long tactic”in the grave robbing notes once recorded such a verse:Xun Long the gold is divided into the mountains,and the heavy entanglement is the heavy barrier.If the door is closed,there will be eight risks,and there will be no Yin-Yang and eight diagrams.And the movie Mo Jin captain in A is:-in-is born,sub-rule die,side with between the two worlds,eyes is the other shore flowers,crowing lamp,sprites infested;Xun Long gold,one pass and one insurance.These are all historical authenticity records that have long been rooted from the origin of human culture.

  Don’t believe it.Four Seas and five lakes,so does Jiuzhou heaven and earth.But do you know how many circles the Earth has rotated from turnover to revolution?But do you know where the origin of human civilization comes from?Do you know how merchants,that is,the origin of trade transactions,formed?Where it comes from and when it comes from.

  Everyone says that reading is good,and it is self-righteous to read a hundred times;From kindergarten to nine-year compulsory education,high school,junior college,undergraduate,postgraduate,postgraduate,then to doctor,postdoctoral.More than 30 years without time will not be put into this?Dedicated,suck it sticking out our necks,decade cold han chuang.

  millions.And the manpower,material resources and financial resources spent.Isn’t it a long-lasting hatred for a slip?Or is it that reading is not for officials Yi Qiu money?Take office,travel a thousand miles.

  Then what on earth is called real knowledge and real culture.Then please believe me,the real knowledge is read into people’s mind,and can also be eaten into people’s stomach,words and deeds,words and deeds,every move,every word and sentence motto.The end of the line is positive.Interested in is not in high,no ambition empty long centenarians;Avenue trip,world to be is also.

  When you climb from the top of the society to the bottom again……

The silent snow enchanted the tenderness of the wind.Crystal

  The snowflakes flying all over the sky drifted silently in the silent sky all night.Looking around in the morning,the white snowflakes dressed the fields,mountains,trees and villages into silver,the world made of powder and Jade.Snowflakes are trembling and floating under the sky,rippling and flying,and their expressions are so pleasant.Standing in the snow,looking up at the sky,feeling the purity and depth of the snow between heaven and earth.The wisps of light snow flying in the sky made the soul seem to be precipitated and filtered,becoming pure and quiet.At this moment,the soul seems to be sublimated as crystal and transparent as ice and snow.At this moment,breathing the fresh air of snowflakes,extending the memory that has been touched for thousands of times to the distant scenery.

   clear snowflakes are like fairies in Feather gauze.They are invited by the wind to sing and dance lightly between heaven and earth.Watching snowflakes dancing alone in the wind,they all show her charm and enchanting.The elegant movement was natural and soothing,leisurely and leisurely,without any deliberate creation.The steps were light and the ground was silent.It came so quietly that it was so quiet that it didn’t disturb anyone,it floats silently in the wind,completely ignoring the obstruction of all the trivial things between the sky and the Earth,using its own pure and flawless body and beautiful feelings in the wind.Standing in the snow,he raised his face and kissed the snowflakes gently.The snowflakes were straight on his head and eyelashes,and his lips seemed to be a girl’s kiss.He was shy,cold and gentle,making people relaxed and happy,I can’t help indulging in romance and comfort.Snow fluttering one after another,lingering for a whole night,and after a whole night of separation,under the wind,the memory with seals quietly fell into the deepest part of the world of mortals.

  The snow falls silently and enchanting the color of flowers.Snowflakes flying all over the sky dyed the Earth into a piece of white paper,allowing couples to write and depict romantic pictures with lingering emotions.Under the interpretation of love,the cold red plum blossoms through snowflakes flying all over the sky,burning Flame and red lips is like a scene of snow plum falling in love with each other.Appreciating the white snow and plum blossom kissing me in the chilly cold wind gives people a feeling of Ice and Fire.The white snowflakes make lovers close,and the red wintersweet makes love faithful;The snow contains lingering thoughts,and the plum sticks to the oath once;The snow comes as promised,which proves that the heart of the plum is connected;mei Shengqing was open and witnessed the unexpected encounter with snow.Snow in love with plum,one is white and flawless,the other is arrogant and upright,the other is the sky,the other is the underground Bell spirit.Snow is not Mei’s lover,but as long as they meet Mei,they will recite the myth of love.This is not only the symbol of love,but also the beautiful and enchanting scenery and color in the silvery white world.

  The snow fell silently and sad the missing of love.Walking on the snow leaves a string of footprints of different depths,which are woven into the most beautiful concern in the world of mortals,and each string of footprints hides distant memories.Although the memories have been incomplete,the romance of walking hand in hand in the snow and sharing the happy time of joys,sorrows and sorrows often appears in my mind.I thought I would accompany you for a lifetime,but I could make a fortune to make people.Facing the so-called love,I became a corner of my heart.The sound of stepping on the snow under your feet is like the Elegy of parting,which makes this short love end forever in the string of footprints.The world of mortals is long and time is like a song.The snow is dancing quietly with the silent wind without saying a word.The delicate and smart snowflakes condense the love of missing in the frown.Standing in the snow,holding a handful of snowflakes and letting them fly,the flying snowflakes are like a helpless farewell,carrying all the thoughts and sorrows to the distant place.

However,here,dusk is still leaving.Where to go?

  Work at sunrise and rest at sunset-the everlasting law of life.At dusk,such a mysterious but poetic scene,beauty also implies the sadness that the day is about to end,and everything that is too late will eventually go with the sunset!For human beings,if they live one more day,the end of the day will end with the sunset.However,day after day,year after year,as long as you are alive,there will be countless dusk.But I want to take the liberty to ask:how many people think the dusk exists?—-In the early morning,when the dream left by the pillow reluctantly,we woke up without any choice and started the whole day’s journey.Accidentally,we walked to the noon,walking,the road suddenly turned down,as if only a flash of smoke slipped to the end of the day.When we stared at the distance filled with white smoke and the treetop was dotted with a faint layer of golden color,groups of chirping insects rushed back with the sun,as if something heavy was in our hearts without any precaution.We know:The night is coming,However,we have no mood to appreciate the sunset.We are extremely eager for the coming of dreams,ending the hardships of the day and letting the exhausted body rest.Before long,the thin night covered our eyes and blurred our hearts.We were busy in the narrow space,but at dusk we were shut out like this.If someone asked:did you see the dusk?What a beautiful dusk!At this moment,we are at a loss!

  How could we not be at a loss?When we leaned out of the window to look for the figure at dusk,he had already disappeared without a trace with the dark clouds or white clouds,leaving only the hazy night.Then,the dusk is just like a light dream of spring night,coming and going quietly!

  Where has he gone?—No,I should ask first:where does he come from?I don’t know.I don’t know.I also have no ability to catch the dusk and ask him where he came from!Guess,is it from Dong Fanglai?Isn’t the east the place where the sun comes out?Western?Isn’t the West filled with red clouds?South?Only light and heat can be seen in the South.It seems that the North should not be wrong.If we start our association and see that the extreme of the North is the Arctic Ocean,we can imagine to draw such a picture:the white world,the white snow land,and the white iceberg.Then go north,on the edge of the white sky,it is hard to tell which Sky is the sky,the ground,the ice,the snow,just a vast expanse of misty white.Should the hazy gray dusk be transformed from here?

  However,it evolved and then spread.Passing through the Plains and grasslands,only a layer of shadow was left;Passing through the forest,leaving a gloomy darkness,passing through the stream,only the silent light blended into the water,the water was shining in the silent night;When it overflowed the top of the mountain,it left them starlight and Moonlight;When it overflowed the village,it left a vast expanse of white Mu Yan……Every corner has left indelible traces.Later,we went through the lonely desert and came to our land.I can imagine:If I stood in the desert facing the dusk,I would surely watch the dusk running from the edge of the sky in Liaoyuan,like-like what?Should it be like a wisp of smoke?Or like a stretch of cloud shadow?After running,there was still only a shadow left.After running away again,we came to our homeland,along with the white smoke in the distance and the faint golden color on the treetop,also with the sun on the back of insects,it gently fell into people’s hearts,but was rejected.

  However,he was unusually quiet and didn’t mind whether people cared about him or not.He just faced everything in his life in his own way,lonely and cold,we have arranged a world of fantasy but full of poetic fairy tales for us.The hazy gradually becomes bright,just like the shadow reflected in the mirror,which dyed everything with the color of silver gray dream.The cow-colored air condenses like a real cow.But it seems to be flowing softly,sticky and thick again.It brings peace,you listen:-it is quiet,like a mid-night with heavy snow.But is it dead?However,it is not.It will be a little more silent than it is now,and it will also become a dead silence like a tomb.It seems that there is no increase or decrease at all.The beautiful,light,comfortable,quiet,soft,sticky and thick pressing on people’s hearts.The gray sky is like a mist;Trees,houses,smoke lines and clouds are all like the epitome of the night one by one,sticking quietly on the screen.Here,There,dotted with the purple sun of sunset glow and the cold light of little stars.The dusk is really like a poem,a song and a fairy tale;It is like a melodious flute sound from the upper floor of the moon,and a crane crowing in the sky;Like decades of old wine;Like everything that is too beautiful to be expressed.If you can’t say it,you can only see it;If you don’t see it,you can only know it;If you don’t know it,you can only praise it.-However,people were finally locked out of the door.

  Should I say so when I am rejected?No,I should be cautious,such as Chinese characters,whose implication is hard to find.After all,the so-called people are not all people,nor are they all people.Usually,when the time schedule permits,most people will quietly wait for the coming of dusk.It often happens to happen that it often does so,especially in summer,sitting on a short stool,watching the corner of the wall getting dark gradually,the white walls around were also covered with a layer of light shadow.In the darkness,the fragrance of the fragrance of the night came into people’s hearts.Bats fly in the sky.The spider web on the corner of the eaves reflects the gray sky.In the hazy,the lines on the Web and the bodies of mosquitoes and flies stuck on it can also be counted.Suddenly,I raised my head again inadvertently,and there was already a small star blinking in the dark gray sky.In winter,the courtyard is covered with snow.Curled up in the room.When we see the white window paper getting gray gradually,and the flame in the stove which is not as bright as the color in the daytime is getting red and bright gradually.You will also know that it is dusk.Looking out from the crack of the air door:the gray sky,gray roof covered with snow.The half-curved bleak moon was printed in the sky.Although it was a little desolate,it still couldn’t cover the beauty of dusk.At this time,even those who often sat in the well waiting for it to come had to curl up in the room.Only the gray snow was left,accompanied by it outside the deserted door.Who could see this fickle and hazy world?Don’t you feel lonely at dusk?

  But loneliness won’t last long.Still leaving at dusk.Li Shangyin poem said:”The sunset is infinitely good,just near the dusk.”Isn’t the poet lamenting that the dusk can’t stay long?It really couldn’t stay for a long time.In a flash,this dusk was like a light dream,which only swept people’s hearts,leaving a dark night and leaving with its loneliness.

  Gone,really gone.Now I also want to ask:where is the dusk?This is the same as its origin that makes me ponder.It is also impossible to catch the tail of dusk and ask what on earth.But,presumably,people from the North should go to the South!Who said he didn’t go to the south?I saw how it went.-Over the south wall;Over the South Mountain,the forest;Over the beautiful south.Until Africa in Liao Kuang.There are towering mountains in Africa;There are deep Gu Cang dark forests on the mountains.Then,there are tigers in the forest.Tiger?The dusk is coming,and the eyes with only light green Dark Light in the daytime should light up.Does it look like two lamps?There should be wild grass in the forest,which is taller than people.There are lions,big mosquitoes,big spiders and bats in the grass,which are bigger than ordinary bats.The afterglow of the sunset passed through the spider webs on the branches from the thin part of the leaves and leaked in.The brilliant golden light shone by one shone made the whole forest Brown red,after closing the poisonous gas spit out by the poisonous snake under the grass,it turns into colorful fog with five colors.There should also be fireflies.Now it is shining,and there should be flowers;But it seems that it should not be nocturnal incense or evening Jade.What is it?It is the evil flower of all poison and beauty.Shouldn’t evil flowers be produced in poisonous gas?The fragrance of this flower slowly melts into the brownish-red air and into the gorgeous mist.Stir it into a mass;Roll it into a mass of warm hot air.However,soon the hot air was dissolved by the bright night.There are only flickering fireflies left,and now they are gradually brighter.The Tiger’s eyes are more like two lights,watching silently the stars appearing in the dark gray sky.

  But no one really understood this.-Follow the light white light of cold moon to climb into the dark sky?Have you climbed the tianhe river with the little star you are looking?Pressed on the wings of bats,got into the eaves?Does it dissolve behind the distant mountain with the faint red of the western sky?Who can know this clearly?What we know is that it has left,taken away its loneliness and beauty,like a ray of light,like a dream of spring night.

  Go.–Now,what else can I ask now?Wait for tomorrow?Tomorrow comes,and tomorrow,and then tomorrow,continues.When people saw the white smoke in the distance,the treetop was lightly dyed with a layer of golden yellow,and groups of insects flew back with the sky,it seemed that something was pressing on our hearts,we are eager for the coming of our dream.Close the door.It was still dusk that was locked outside the door.When we stretched out our head again to look for it,the dusk had already left.He ran from the arctic ocean and passed by to the african forest.Again,where,who knows?However,the night is coming:the long dark night,the night shining with starlight and moonlight,the night floating with dark fragrance……It’s just a night,a long night,and the night will never end.What about dusk?–Dusk never exists in people’s hearts.Just swept away,like a light dream of spring snack.

Fenghua refers to quicksand,old is a period of time

  The flowing time has become a beautiful embellishment in the way of life.Looking at the sky,watching the snow,being quiet and silent are all good scenery without saying a word.All the year round,the vicissitudes of life and great changes,the idyllic scenery is the poet’s favorite place of return in ancient times.

  Field tunes also have their own personality.They are called spring,summer,autumn and winter.

  In spring,it is a lively elf,waving the dance stick in his hand wantonly.Sprinkle the breath of spring in this field,let it burst out tender branches and leaves,let people who walk in leisure time feel the dance steps of spring,feel the softness of spring breeze,and feel the gurgling flow of the brook,depict the first ink painting in the field.

  In summer,it is a shy girl,carrying a pink pleated skirt,walking slowly,enjoying the sea of flowers.The most indispensable thing in the scorching sun is the brook,with lotus leaves holding lotus flowers,for its escort,the cicadas in the Grove are the symphonies in summer.Sometimes accompanied by some storms,it can be painted with a new layer of vitality in summer.The starry sky in summer makes people feel beauty and happiness.Let us feel it full of vitality and see it depict the second ink painting.

  In autumn,it is a mature adult.The color of autumn is especially different,with yellow maple leaves and red chili.Blue Blue Sky,the sky was clear,am proudly Lake,clear water and thorough,qiuchong Haw,Qiu Chan tweet.Small Bridge flowing water,the setting sun is bright red.In this autumn afternoon,let your thoughts drift away and write down the poems of autumn.Mature it depicts the third ink painting.

  In winter,it is an indifferent ice-snow doll.When it comes to winter,the earth seems to have no vitality at all:the mountains are bleak,hundreds of trees are withered,no birds are flying,and no beasts are heard.At first glance,it looks like a drooping Yun Mu the front,A lifeless picture is frozen.It depicts the last ink painting with the biting cold wind.

  However,every season brings people different feelings,which is the reason why officials in ancient times had to hide.

  Lilac Blossoms,lotus blossoms in full bloom,osmanthus falls,plum blossoms stand alone in the snow.

  I yearn for such a life,just like a newborn bird,yearning for flying in the sky……

  After a sleep,I flipped through my circle of friends,from 2020 to year 16,and then before year 14,the circle was deleted and nothing was seen.The scattered memories may have been forgotten completely,such a WeChat in 2000 years(from 2000 to 2020)for ten years.

  Ten years of life and death are boundless,and you will never forget it if you don’t think about it;An idea,suddenly,is also involuntarily born in your mind.Will words become your final destiny?Of course,I will also answer myself.Since then,I have not been able to determine.Powerless.

  I stopped some trivial and complicated things at hand,so I started to record and tell them in an unhurried and well-organized way Yu Wenzhong night,or you and I are in the mood.The heart is like a slight blue,and the human being is as light as a chrysanthemum.I hope this world is fragrant and Shan Yi,implicit and deep,as well as gentle and elegant as you and me,and is low-key,not for fame or for profit.

  With thousands of thoughts,my heart is like water.Hold your heart,as light as the morning wind.Is it betrayal?Or loneliness?Love in a lifetime,encounter by Karma,if love is deep and righteous.

  Too many stories…There are also too many Xuan sayings in it,the doorway and the right power.Of course,we can’t rule out the negative energy that has existed.There are too many laughter and laughter,people come and go,people go to empty buildings,people go to tea party cool,unforgettable and profound,evil and justice coexist,self-cultivation and harmony,face the sea,walk thousands of miles,past,past,so that the reality and future,love and spirit.

  There are also family affection,friendship,window affection,alumnus affection,jianghu affection,as well as sadness,joy and separation,which were once the existence of strange friendship.I know very well that the records and narratives of pages deep into the bone marrow,more remembered.A general conclusion is…Unexpectedly,there is no big wave in your heart.

  Falling flowers have no intention to go to the running water,and the running water is willing to fall flowers,walking continuously and conscientiously,as if walking on thin ice all the way is also determined.No matter what you see from the circle,what you hear,or what you have talked about and read through it,or what you have already said:’People who do good deeds need thousands of times,however,the evil-abiding people are still thinking about’getting through the outstanding,not getting out of the game.

  Fenghua is easy to pass,time is hard to stay.The Age has gone,I hope you can cherish it.Although I am used to this endless loneliness…Although I am used to the support of this person…After all,it can’t be,gradually moving towards peace?But I don’t want to recall anything.

  With bitterness and happiness,love and hate are casual.In the ordinary fleeting time,people can feel it quietly,listen quietly in the ordinary time,and listen quietly.The most real voice and feeling in people’s heart will be fine.Pick up,put down,pick up.The choice of right and wrong,right and wrong,black and white,learn to distinguish clearly again and again,learn to distinguish again and again,follow the good as the flow,be impassioned again and again,Mo Fei,finally it is not in the plain.

  If all wounds heal…Yesterday is like fireworks,and youth is like Epiphyllum.What makes you most fortunate is whether this text is left.

  If God can give me another chance to start over…I will certainly say to that girl that I love her,and I hope that…Day and night.

  But do you know…It has been ten years…

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