May Sophora japonica fragrance,bees are busy gathering honey.As soon as May comes,the weather is getting hotter.The wheat in the field has been jointed and spilled,and the spring is gone in a flash.At this time,the air has long been fascinated by the faint fragrance of Sophora japonica.

  The bud which was blooming in the bud shyly did not completely bloom the petals,tightly wrapped in floral clothes,inlaid on the Locust Branch,and decorated with the verdant and tender yellow of a tree.Then look at the locust trees,the torso twisted in the sunlight formed a variety of shadows.

  When the locust flowers are in full bloom,looking around,the strings and piles of snow-like flowers on the courtyard and the surrounding locust trees are simply intoxicating.The petals are dotted among the green leaves,looking at the Earth with a smile,although there is no charming Qian Jiao,it constitutes a simple,simple and elegant beauty.The spring breeze is Xu Lai,and the fragrance of flowers is floating in the yard with the wind.The sweet taste in the fragrance is refreshing.The locust flowers all over the tree covered the dazzling sunshine and shadows.

  Sitting under the locust tree,looking up,the white and tender locust flowers are evenly dotted among the endless green leaves.The breeze blew,as if it were the fairy with thousands of snow,falling in the slowly surging Green Ocean.The eyes are full of snow,white and green,and the world is full of sweet fragrance.It is not intoxicating,and people are self-intoxicated.

  A tree of flowers blooming,fresh and full,with flawless white buds,pink stamens and golden petals,is so passionate.The green dill gently caress,The Butterfly Dance bees fly,and the fragrance of Sophora japonica makes countless bees rush to fall on the blooming petals,all of which are obsessed with the fragrance of flowers and greedy for the beauty of flowers.Standing under the tree,a string of white chains inlaid in the starry sky floated and hung on the branches,which made people intoxicated.

  Great poet Su Dongpo wrote that:”Huailin May Seminyak Qionghua,luxuriant fragrant drunk Wanjia,spring water waves falling at the Floating Fragrance all the way to the horizon.”Here is the beauty and fragrance of Sophora japonica.In fact,the beauty and fragrance of Sophora japonica can not be summarized in a few words.It is white,small and full of fragrance,and the charm of watching carefully is endless.It is said that beautiful flowers are not fragrant,and fragrant flowers are not beautiful.However,Sophora japonica is a special case.Apart from fragrance and beauty,sweet is more important.

  The stamen of Sophora japonica,the taste bud is elegant,warm and sweet.Picking a yellow stamen and chewing it in your mouth will make you feel a little sweet.Older people often say that the stamens of Sophora japonica are indifferent,clear,clean and pure.In those years of disaster and turmoil,Sophora japonica made countless families full of luck,thousands of lives were saved.Nowadays,Locust nectar has become household supplies.Locust nectar smells fragrant and tastes sweet and refreshing.Regular clothing helps to adjust human body function and makes people energetic.

  also known as”safflower Sophora japonica”or”hairy Sophora japonica”.The flower is red or lavender,especially enchanting under the contrast of green leaves.The purple flowers are in clusters,warm and unrestrained,giving people a feeling that they are neither rich nor flaunting.Wearing a purple shirt,they are full of charm and fragrant.

  Flowers bloom and fall,which is the eternal law of nature.The tiny petals falling from the trees occasionally fall on the shoulders of pedestrians or fall onto the ground.The Originally white petals,after experiencing the baptism of time,Bloom after the colorful beauty,the end of withering quietly is like a beautiful and hazy dream.Now,oh that time not before.

  However,some locust flowers can’t stand the wind and rain.As long as there is a slight gust of wind or rain,the locust flowers will fall all over the floor.The flowers scattered on the ground are like dreams and illusions as if they are fairy dance dresses,be carefully placed by time.However,some locust flowers will remain on the branches until withering and withering,regardless of the wind and rain,which gives people an ordinary sublimation and an unknown touch.

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