In the development of human history

  Outside the window,the spring rain was drizzling.I was free,so I moved a small soft stool,held a cup of chrysanthemum tea,and lay lazily in front of the windowsill……


  These naughty rain children took the rain as the key,and casually played the movement that they thought mysterious.Occasionally,there were a group of people who were so naughty that they didn’t know what they were doing.They imitated the diving girl,and a skater who was rolling down from the rain.What a coincidence!They are neither skewed nor skewed,and just fall on the tip of the crisp leaves of the fat and tender dianlan beside the windowsill.I am so obedient.How can the tender and emerald branches and leaves that seem to be dripping bear the weight of these bastards?Helpless!Helpless!Before they could stand firm,return to their senses,or wait for them to skim me,they fell to the ground full of water bubbles,muddleheaded and dizzy,in an instant,they teased with layers of water flowers on the ground,and could not distinguish between you and me.At this time,no matter how fast you are,no matter how big you open your eyes,they can no longer find their handsome back just now.In this way,they repeated the wonderful performances of the last group or the last group in groups and batches.

  Maybe I love them too much.I can’t help putting my hands up and stretching out to continue them.I hope the limited space in my palm can give them some help,Hey!They still don’t appreciate it.They dislike me very much!Otherwise,how could I splash out of my palm in a hurry!I smiled and said strangely,”What are you panicked about?Is it very reluctant to walk away after patting with me?”,Who knows that some of them are frowning,some are blinking,and some of them are bold and fickle,saying”you are too old!”.Hey you.If a!I shook my head and waved my hand.It’s all right.Let’s go.What reason do I have to force you who don’t belong to me?

  My chrysanthemum tea is just suitable for drinking at this time.The soft stool under my butt has made me feel a little sleepy.OK,byebye,my naughty rain kids……


  Raindrops lengthened and widened my mind.My dear him,where are you?Don’t you want to have an afternoon date with me?Er,er,er!Please feel wronged.Don’t tell me that you think I am old too!Otherwise,I will definitely give you a supercilious look!

  Everything in the world has spirituality,ranging from the universe to the fine Earth.According to philosophy,”movement is absolute,while stillness is relative”,movement is vivid and checks and balances in spirit.Celestial bodies in the vast space attract and circle each other,forming a regular celestial system,and no celestial body moves against this rule.The Earth revolves around the sun with its laws.Its own composition also has spirituality.In people’s eyes,the mountains and stones on the Earth remain static and lack of aura.In fact,it is not the case.Himalayas stand up,Albius stands up,East Africa Rift Valley breaks,the Mediterranean surface shrinks,and there are spirits in it,let alone organic soil and creatures.

  Since all things have spirituality,there is a history of life development,which exists between heaven and earth,fair but not exclusive.It doesn’t exist in the center of something.It exists in the heaven and earth.There is its reason.It must not exist only by me but also by its reason.Besides,only self-existence and its death,will perish.

  If human beings live on the Earth,they need to coexist with any material in nature,whether in the organic world or in the inorganic environment,so as to achieve win-win results.Destroying others and monopolizing them is against the law of development of things.

  the lesson that I was respected is profound,such as eliminating species,reclamation of wasteland,destroying Woods,filling rivers and lakes,primer species,dirty atmosphere………This kind of excessive destruction of ecology and excessive pollution of environment is the obliteration of the spirituality of all things.Why not get revenge?Plague epidemic,soil and water loss,global warming,frequent drought and flood,raging sandstorm………

  All things have spirits.Seeking balance in spirits and fair development are the absolute principles.The Ancients all understand,but modern people do not obey.

  The old Confucius said:”Dao Fa the nature”,”universal love for people,do not reward and punish with joy and anger,so for benevolence”(Dong Zhongshu”spring and autumn Fan Lu.Li He Gen),the”Harmony and four Ruirui”of Tibetan Buddhism all advocate that everything is fair.

  Today’s human beings must wake up,and all things coexist,not only human beings.We must not misinterpret”man decides to win the heaven”as”certain”and”Heaven power”,nor do we misinterpret”Man does not die for himself”as””.

  All things are spirits,obeying morality and law,and harmonious development is the destination.

Work has become the first Golden part of the field

  Laughing,I saw the ice and snow melting,and I was happy to see the Earth returning to spring.The ice and snow have not been melted,and the freezing rain still leaves its power.The Cold and depressed winter still exists,but the lively and optimistic spring girl can’t wait to rush here and dress up the Earth constantly.Facing the cloudy weather,the still raging cold wind and the withered branches,she was brave and firm.She was full of confidence.She kept blowing the spring breeze,let flowers,grass,trees,sprouting,spitting green,budding and blooming,and put green clothes on the Earth.The leaves are green,the lawn is dark green,the flowers are fragrant,the rain is fresh,the birds are chirping to tell the love of spring,the Die Er are flying up and down to look for the flower clothes of spring,the gentle and tender feelings of the streams are writing the temperament of spring.The steps of the white-collar and blue-collar workers walking on the way to work are in accordance with the melody of spring.The men and women who dance group dance are singing happy spring-greeting songs.The children who fly kites jump and jump because they hold the dress of the Spring Girl.

  How enthusiastic and unrestrained Miss Chun is.Look,the green mountains and green waters,the red sun reflects the blue sky,the scenery of flowers blooming together,competing for wonders and beauty,and all colors and colors are so beautiful!Rongrong red sun is her eyes,staring at the nature with enthusiasm;Green Mountain is her arms,embracing the sea with enthusiasm;The earth is her body,the passionate blood is the great river.Miss Chun contributed her enthusiasm and unselfishness to the whole world,letting the desert cover the Oasis,letting the grassland fly the pastoral songs,and letting the waterfall sing the music.Miss Chun walked along the way,greeting all the people around her warmly,greeting everyone to be rejuvenated and march forward successfully.She leaped and laughed,shouting loudly,singing loudly,infecting her passion to men,women,old and young people of all ethnic groups,and pouring to the hills,fields,rivers,lakes and seas.

  Miss Chun is so diligent and harmonious.Look,Miss Chun,the messenger of the heaven,calls for the wind and calls for the rain,letting the spring rain in the sky scatter,the spring tide of rivers rise and the spring wind in the field blow.Vegetation Qing Qing willow’s color new,social harmony human joy.People are like tides,cars are like streams,”a year’s plan is in spring”,all strive to shake hands with Miss Chun,thank the diligent and harmonious Miss Chun for her beautiful enjoyment!Bees are busy gathering honey,butterflies are diligent in delivering pollen,the spring rain is wiping dream spring scenery,and the sun is enjoying the beauty of the Earth with its smiling face open.Thousands of flowers,thousands of trees,thousands of birds,thousands of mountains,thousands of slopes,thousands of rivers,thousands of factories,thousands of schools and thousands of towns Qian Cheng.Under the command of Miss Chun,she played the life symphony of red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple,the whole is:safflower blue flowers yellow flowers numerous color flower,flower pleasing wind rain underwater acoustic various sound,the sound heard.

  Thank Miss Chun for bringing spring,because spring makes people excited,spring makes people excited,and spring sows affluence and harmony.Spring is the feeling of heart,spring is the accumulation of life,and the beauty of spring is the comprehension of people who love spring.

  The city has the current route,the wind has the firm starting point,the road has the world of flowers,the heart has the reality of scenery,life is a rare meaning,life has the vision of interpretation.

  and time has become the guest sitting on the table of love and thought,watching all kinds of things around experience,paying the business view and harvest,achieving achievements,thinking about life and enriching the spiritual life.

  One city has the coordinates of buildings,and the first floor has the cognition of stairs.At first glance,one has the right direction,the other has the value of sitting,one has an influential world,and the other has the difference of wealth.

  The reality on the road is changing quietly in time and seconds,and the world we meet quietly arrives at the busy time.There are roads and paths rushing to the ideal,people coming and going to let go of hope,traffic and water representing prosperity,and a sea of people representing our time.

  If you don’t build the stage with your life,how can you stay in classical meaning with reality,if you don’t focus on your life,how can you spend time with yourself,and if you don’t exploit potential with yourself,how to get along with others?Fragrant cognition.

  If one city can be identified from south to north,and the realization of the pursuit of immersion in body and mind,this city has countless ideals to be accomplished,and this road is different from going forward and going forward.

  One person finds the world of a city and holds up the existence of the world with one hand.

  If after traveling in countless cities and worlds,you know that choosing a city is always full of the charm of fireworks,and you devote yourself to opening the pastoral landscape of half a life,the city has endless stairs of high buildings,there are always endless things happening in this world.

  One person chooses to live in the city,and is determined to live on the road.

  With the thought-provoking in the world,everything is around the reality of life,walking around the prosperity of a city,and everything is about the logical identification space with the truth of thinking.

  Naturally,there are steps circulating day and night.People have the wisdom to create the classic connotation of time.They never stay in the same city all the year round,but they belong to the city all the year round.Because one person has the habit of making steps,he is good at locking a major world,and what is important is that there is a prospect to go back and forth between a city and a road,and the prospect must be tied to a place.

  In the spring,there is the power of life,and the soil also brings smooth sailing.In the summer,there are trees flourishing,and all kinds of colors are also given with thousands of purple and red.In this autumn,there is the value of diamonds,and the eaves of the harbor are also Yu Wa.In this winter,with the good luck of Mei Lian,the distance will return to its true nature.

  For example,a person will lose from youth and get from youth,because the price is always fair to look through both sides of gain and loss,growing up in his own changes,but they always walk in the real world and live life,because a person and the city are only the city to and from the host and guest they meet.

  The direction chosen by the changed people and the value of today’s road management.Work is also a measure.Whether the distance between reality and reality is in the equal world or not,and where to develop is also a better world to realize life and life,which is not in the harvest of identification.

  However,many world phenomena prove that a city also happens differently,but they build a city of landscape together.However,each city has its own pen and ink,and gets used to a realistic pace,it usually presents a kind of life.

  Some lives resonate only because of life,while some realities only exist in the world for the tuyere.

  When it comes to happiness and plainness,it becomes the contentment of taste,or the position of practice thinking has become logical extension.

There is also a kind of Sophora japonica called Purple Sophora japonica

  May Sophora japonica fragrance,bees are busy gathering honey.As soon as May comes,the weather is getting hotter.The wheat in the field has been jointed and spilled,and the spring is gone in a flash.At this time,the air has long been fascinated by the faint fragrance of Sophora japonica.

  The bud which was blooming in the bud shyly did not completely bloom the petals,tightly wrapped in floral clothes,inlaid on the Locust Branch,and decorated with the verdant and tender yellow of a tree.Then look at the locust trees,the torso twisted in the sunlight formed a variety of shadows.

  When the locust flowers are in full bloom,looking around,the strings and piles of snow-like flowers on the courtyard and the surrounding locust trees are simply intoxicating.The petals are dotted among the green leaves,looking at the Earth with a smile,although there is no charming Qian Jiao,it constitutes a simple,simple and elegant beauty.The spring breeze is Xu Lai,and the fragrance of flowers is floating in the yard with the wind.The sweet taste in the fragrance is refreshing.The locust flowers all over the tree covered the dazzling sunshine and shadows.

  Sitting under the locust tree,looking up,the white and tender locust flowers are evenly dotted among the endless green leaves.The breeze blew,as if it were the fairy with thousands of snow,falling in the slowly surging Green Ocean.The eyes are full of snow,white and green,and the world is full of sweet fragrance.It is not intoxicating,and people are self-intoxicated.

  A tree of flowers blooming,fresh and full,with flawless white buds,pink stamens and golden petals,is so passionate.The green dill gently caress,The Butterfly Dance bees fly,and the fragrance of Sophora japonica makes countless bees rush to fall on the blooming petals,all of which are obsessed with the fragrance of flowers and greedy for the beauty of flowers.Standing under the tree,a string of white chains inlaid in the starry sky floated and hung on the branches,which made people intoxicated.

  Great poet Su Dongpo wrote that:”Huailin May Seminyak Qionghua,luxuriant fragrant drunk Wanjia,spring water waves falling at the Floating Fragrance all the way to the horizon.”Here is the beauty and fragrance of Sophora japonica.In fact,the beauty and fragrance of Sophora japonica can not be summarized in a few words.It is white,small and full of fragrance,and the charm of watching carefully is endless.It is said that beautiful flowers are not fragrant,and fragrant flowers are not beautiful.However,Sophora japonica is a special case.Apart from fragrance and beauty,sweet is more important.

  The stamen of Sophora japonica,the taste bud is elegant,warm and sweet.Picking a yellow stamen and chewing it in your mouth will make you feel a little sweet.Older people often say that the stamens of Sophora japonica are indifferent,clear,clean and pure.In those years of disaster and turmoil,Sophora japonica made countless families full of luck,thousands of lives were saved.Nowadays,Locust nectar has become household supplies.Locust nectar smells fragrant and tastes sweet and refreshing.Regular clothing helps to adjust human body function and makes people energetic.

  also known as”safflower Sophora japonica”or”hairy Sophora japonica”.The flower is red or lavender,especially enchanting under the contrast of green leaves.The purple flowers are in clusters,warm and unrestrained,giving people a feeling that they are neither rich nor flaunting.Wearing a purple shirt,they are full of charm and fragrant.

  Flowers bloom and fall,which is the eternal law of nature.The tiny petals falling from the trees occasionally fall on the shoulders of pedestrians or fall onto the ground.The Originally white petals,after experiencing the baptism of time,Bloom after the colorful beauty,the end of withering quietly is like a beautiful and hazy dream.Now,oh that time not before.

  However,some locust flowers can’t stand the wind and rain.As long as there is a slight gust of wind or rain,the locust flowers will fall all over the floor.The flowers scattered on the ground are like dreams and illusions as if they are fairy dance dresses,be carefully placed by time.However,some locust flowers will remain on the branches until withering and withering,regardless of the wind and rain,which gives people an ordinary sublimation and an unknown touch.

Some farmers,thinking about the work at home

  Our local dialect,taking advantage of the time,is also called investment,Day,market.Every day when the number of the 2nd,5th and 8th of the solar calendar comes,it is the day of taking advantage of the sun in our town.

  Vendors in the town will display more commodities than usual,including slippers,salted fish,basins and buckets.The goods produced by their own families in rural areas will also be quite abundant.Eggs,sweet potatoes,vegetables,Huaishan,Horseshoe,chicken,duck and so on are numerous.Sometimes it is sold in season according to the season,and it is both pretty and easy to sell.

  It is necessary to hurry up early when you are busy.You have to go to the street early in the morning and take a good position to start selling.There were shouts and bargained voices,and the sounds Rose one after another,very lively.Some people don’t meet each other once in a few months,and they come across each other in the street market.They must have a good talk for a long time,talking about the harvest of this year,the tuition of children,and talking about everything is so sentimental.

  would sell the agricultural products early at a good price and sell them to the back.The people who took advantage of the holiday gradually dispersed,because it was the conventional time to have a meal from eleven o’clock,everyone will cook or eat at the same time,so before this hour,the leftover will always be sold at a low price or at a low price,so that you can go home early and have lunch with your family.Where are some people who don’t plan to go back early?They will eat a bowl of steaming rice noodles in a small shop near the street,and continue to sell after eating.Usually,people who don’t have time to go out in the morning after lunch at one o’clock P.M.will go shopping again,thinking that they can buy some cheap good goods in the morning.After all,generally speaking,compared with the things sold in daily life,Sundays are more good and cheaper,which is a great temptation for people living in the town.

  ”How much did you buy a kilo of banana?””One Piece and five pieces.””It’s a good deal for you.I bought two yuan a Jin this morning”.Like this,people who buy cheap goods are naturally happy in their hearts,but they always like to be modest in their mouths:”What you buy in the morning is good,and what I go there in the afternoon is left by others.”Then we talked about parents’short stories and Happy Days,which often ended in chatting while buying and selling.It is not the day when you take advantage of it,the street will naturally be a little deserted,although all kinds of goods are still available for sale.

  Sometimes I want to buy something when I am short of something at home,and I think it will be tomorrow.I’d better wait until tomorrow.When I go there again,I will definitely start with more cheap and good goods that I need or don’t need,which is the temptation of the day.

  Taking advantage of the weather is like a small festival for people.There will be one in a few days,and people’s happiness is always full.The days are also full of expectation,which is easy to realize.People are willing to expect and enjoy the reality more.

  Such days have been far away from me,and I always miss every day I take advantage.

  When I asked my classmates in my hometown,I said that there was still a day of embarrassment,but it was not as lively as before.Maybe it is related to the prevalence of logistics and online shopping.

  Next time I go back to my hometown,I will definitely choose a good day and go to buy some shoes early.I will buy a lot of cheap and good things to show off to my family;I will buy some clothes to buy some shoes,to meet old classmates,old friends and neighbors inadvertently,we also enjoy the happy time of chatting and trading together.

 Gently,with one stroke,write down thousands of rivers and mountains.

  Handwriting half Shujian does not think temptress,drink the long march out but heart text.There are few fallen flowers and no sound.I don’t know how many years have passed,half of them are sunny,and a period of cool breeze.Right and wrong have passed,and the wounds of time have been written in the annual rings one by one.I can’t wait to wait,dip in the vicissitudes of life,and devote all my life to gentleness and fireworks.I dreamed butterfly in my dream,and I met you outside my dream.

 Yunzhi is affectionate.Those Fu Wen that are difficult to write in time cannot hear the sound of flowers falling,but the breeze is too light.The poem is full of poems,and the ink in the prosperous ending is the faint yellow of kissing fingertips.A tiny piece of warm sun,grinding the spring snow Xia Ming,there will be beautiful ladies in the eternal age.I dreamed for her a star wandering,and she played the piano for me for a lifetime.

  Zhi Nian,grinding.Painting a city,making a dream of eternity,the flower of time drips into rain,and the gray words give four seasons mu song.And it is popular,and the wind stops,waving a thick ink and heavy color,painting Chang’an lantern flowers.I look for you in the painting,but you are deep in the sea of flowers.Pick up the pen in your hand,and draw the remaining flowers for you like wiping,leaves fall Qing Qiu,floating clouds and comfortable.And there are stars in your eyes……

  Zhi Bi,no matter how light the ink color is,wait for the wind to wait for Xuesi Yi Cheng Guo Xinghuo.

  Draw,despite chunhuaqiuyue,recalling flower dream wait gift Iraqis.

  I like stars and time.I wrote and drew the ups and downs at that time in the fleeting time,which was neither very light nor very heavy.All the things that can be seen and cannot be seen can be written and drawn as long as one pen,Yi Yan ink,and the time is quiet and the future is blurred.

  Gradually,we went through the crowd and the world.The sound of flowers falling in the room,stars whispering in the night sky,the sound of wind passing by clouds,etc.They are all engraved on the strings of time,and they create songs of the soul irregularly.Draw it into the painting,the painting will have a sound,and people will know the meaning……

At this moment,a strong feeling gushed out of my heart:

  The spring tide of 2019 AD kicked off in the rain and snow.As usual,I combed the peace of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new,and calmly enjoyed the joy of lucky years.After the snow,the light rain,which is chilly and cold,does not stop and has been working hard.That stubbornness overdraws people’s patience.Or bring a lot of inconvenience to people who travel and work outdoors.In desperation,I tried reverse thinking to solve my troubles,or recollecting and experiencing the memory of Yu Le in the rain.The ancients had rain Byung ode book article arty,there is a saying”wind rain sound the sound of affairs everything care……”

  Here,I have a lot of experience.

  Falling in the wind and rain.At night,gurgling water dripping from the eaves of the House fainted in the peace with the sound of”ticking.When the spirit of calm turns into a pleasant voice,it sublimates into the rhythm of thinking rhythm.Or when there is light rain,which moistens things silently,or spring thunder,wind and rain,falling rainbow,or the sky and earth are in the same color,the sudden inspiration will burst out,and the artistic conception will become the spring of writing and thinking,and I want to write freely and write freely.All of a sudden,the writing was so capricious and deep,and most of the articles that felt good about themselves grew up at this time……

  Until this evening,when it was raining outside,his wife’s cell phone rang.It turned out that the goods bought online had arrived.After pressing the door downstairs for a while,I saw a courier who was pale and panting carrying a bag of rice,covered with rain and sweat,stumbling up the stairs.

  Ah!Young,how hard it is to go upstairs?Seeing the surprise on our face,my little brother frowned tightly and his face was painful.He murmured to himself and mocked:my leg was a little painful,a little painful.Seeing this,his wife felt a little uneasy,so she immediately took the goods and handed a Big Apple to show her gratitude.He shook his head and declined.I also sighed with emotion that after placing the goods,I immediately found a few boxes of pain-relieving plaster for my own use and chased them out eagerly while shouting.Little brother’s hurried figure has already drifted away in the cold rain……

  The rain is still continuing,and the night outside the window is gradually strong.In front of my eyes,there was a thin figure of the courier brother who went away and supported the wind and rain under the dim street lamp.My heart is undulating.How familiar this figure is.At this time,many familiar or unfamiliar faces appeared in my heart.The cold rain stubbornly reminds Ctrip of the bleak and sorrowful materials,arousing many complicated and old memories of the world.My thoughts gradually became clear in the rhythms of wind and rain.Ah,it was many labors who built our well-off life with diligence and kindness.

  Tonight,I don’t care about human beings,and I only wish you-people who beg for life through hardships and bring warmth to all living creatures!

 The Heart Lake in the campus is not built deliberately by people

  There is a lake in the campus,which is called Heart Lake by people.

  The location of Xinhu lake was originally a small reservoir.During the construction and planning of the new campus,part of the reservoir was filled out for the need of construction.Maybe it was arranged by God’s will,just beside the canteen,the remaining part of the reservoir was like the shape of a heart with extremely regular shape.We looked like a heart from the high floor,so we named this water area”Heart Lake”and called the road around the heart Lake”heart Road”.Slowly,the Heart Lake and the heart Road here have become a cultural landmark of our school.

  The Clear Lake of the heart is sometimes calm and sometimes surging.Whether it is quiet or ripples,it is an irreplaceable scenery in the campus and will eventually become a deep memory in every student’s life.The Heart Lake is waiting for this field which belongs to itself,with a kind of kindness,a kind of responsibility and a kind of deep love.It contains a nature,a life,and even a big world!

  This heart-shaped lake is not artificially excavated to build such a heart-shaped lake,but formed in its nature.It is a gift given to the campus by God.Although it is not in the center of the campus,a stream winds in,with a pavilion standing on the shore surrounded by well-arranged campus buildings,it is unique.

  This Heart Lake is not what we want it to be,but it is already here.But it has always existed here,just found by us.Jin Xi is the hometown of philosophers,educators Lu Jiuyuan in the Southern Song Dynasty.Lu Xiangshan”psychology”is an indispensable peak of Chinese Confucianism.Therefore,Jin Xi was named”hometown of heart.It is the profound origin of”mind learning”in Jinxi.Facing the”Heart Lake”in the campus,the sentence”the first middle of heart,the first middle of love”suddenly appeared in my mind.

  Jinxi No.1 Middle School,which has a history of 80 years,will never forget Mr.Zeng Zhonglu,the first principal.When Japanese militarists trampled on the land of China,he refused the invitation of senior officials from his Japanese classmates when he was studying in Japan.He didn’t do his duty for the Japanese invaders and resolutely returned to his hometown Jinxi from Beijing day and night with his family.After returning to his hometown,he continued to carry out the idea of saving the nation through education,and established Jinxi Middle School by raising funds from various sources.Under the gunfire of the Japanese army,the school moved for many times.He was not afraid or gave up.He clung to an educational heart and spread an educational love,inherit the kindling of Jinxi education.At present,when the frontline soldiers fought bravely in the War of anti-Japanese War,he used the campus”moon drama club”to organize student charity performances,and performed on the stage by himself,and donated all the money from the charity performances to the frontline.Just as he said,”the heaven and earth must be a person openly,and when the nation is in danger,it must build up my Chinese soul”.His heart is the original heart of Jinxi No.1 Middle School educating people,which is passed down from generation to generation,gathering the educational spirit of Jinxi No.1 Middle School and also gathering the educational soul of Jinxi educating people.

 let alone elaborately by people.It seems to be a wonder created by nature by nature.With the development of Jinxi No.1 Middle School,today,a kind of heart power is gathering in Jinxi No.1 Middle School.Following the view of Lu Xiangshan”psychology”,Jinxi No.1 Middle School regards human as the core of nature and society,and establishes the concept of”heart education”in the new era with the idea of”human heart is the heart of the Universe.Through highlighting the culture of”heart”,we can further establish the”spirit and spirit”of the teachers and students of Jinxi No.1 Middle School”.

  The wave of light in the Lake of the heart is the rhythm of the heart,the rhythm of the heart is the voice of the soul,and the voice of the soul is the spirit of the teachers and students of Jinxi No.1 Middle School.When you walk on the road of heart,you hear the sound of the Lake of heart.This voice is not affectionate,but powerful;It is not publicized,but firm;It is not agitated,but firm.

  There is no noise in the Heart Lake,it is so bright and crystal in the campus,so clear,in the wind,in front of your eyes,warm like spring water.I think a person always walks on a strange road,sees strange scenery and listens to strange songs.Then at a casual moment,you will find that,the hometown of that heart is the place you will never forget.Heart Lake is like this.

Looking at spring passing by sentimentally and leaving a deep kiss mark in my heart quietly

  Sitting in front of the window,looking at the White Street,all kinds of past always appear in my mind.Why do things,even small and small things,become hot events in my place,always leaving my heart on the edge of being nervous and at a loss.I kept asking myself,why on earth is this?Although I am not a wise and brave person,at least I am not a treacherous and cunning person.Suffering from the fact that I couldn’t find any reason to explain,I could only warn myself that maybe this was my own life,and I was destined to experience these hardships and tests.

  Looking at the road coming step by step,I really can only do my best and let nature take its course.I don’t want my life path not to be so bumpy,not to mention smooth sailing,at least it can be appropriate and smooth.However,I really tried my best,but I couldn’t change too much.Let God decide the rest.I didn’t believe in life,and I didn’t want to give up.However,too many facts forced me to be impressed by my life.Forget it,all this is like catching a bad hand,no matter how you play it,it won’t be too beautiful.

  The game between life and fortune finally kicked off in my inner infinite uneasiness.I also wanted to grow up,but unexpectedly,my own conditions were not qualified,but it became a gap that I could never cross.In other people’s eyes,I am not qualified,I am not qualified,I am not good enough,I am humiliated.In my heart,how much I desire God to be fair to others,but everything is what I think at random.God,you are always unfair.

  Sometimes,when my heart is very tired,I like to stay alone.In my opinion,a person’s entertainment and relaxation is just a simple meal,which may not be the most beautiful but better enough,because what suits him is good,putting everything into the silent dishes and enjoying the joy of drawing people’s taste buds with the squeaking sound can also be regarded as a small encouragement to oneself.

  I have always felt that Western food is a place full of emotional appeal and pleasant,and it is also a place where lovers feel romantic.Nowadays,life has become beautiful,and everyone has the right to enjoy Western food,but the general Western restaurant has become a place for family and friends to get together,which is crowded and noisy,and can’t find half an hour of peace,it is just more laughter of the reunion of relatives and friends.Cheap Western restaurant is suitable for visiting when you are in a good mood.Of course,it is no problem to feed your stomach.

  Inadvertently,when I came out of the Western restaurant,I walked through the coffee bar and the tea room.The twittering voice still attracted me to look up.I thought it must be my uncles and aunts who were playing cards together.It was so lively,it was never imagined that many young sisters and younger brothers were full of gold flowers,landlords and troubles.They were so skilled that they felt that they were basically middle school students.Today’s children are really smart,in fact,I also want to learn.I can have a resonance when I engage in activities,but unfortunately……I still can’t learn.I’m so ashamed.I’d better watch the flowers bloom and fade quietly.

  Everyone has his own life path to go,so do I,swaying in the strong winds and tides of the society,and growing up slowly with the rain and dew.Every day,I will walk step by step towards the goal set in my heart.After reading the story of”wine is sold without wine”forwarded by the circle of friends,I cried unexpectedly,because there were too many resonances,because I missed my parents,and they also offered me to finish my college in this way,I should also be grateful to my parents.

  Groping step by step in the wind made me feel more homesick and miss my parents.It was Friday soon,the end of a week’s work and the beginning of a home reunion.After work,I ran on the road with my schoolbag on my back,but unfortunately there was no car near because of the traffic restriction.In order to catch the last bus back home and have a reunion dinner,I had to run fast and let the suspicious eyes in the past direct at me,sweat dripping down,it doesn’t matter,this is also very good,isn’t it faster than toad.

  Of course,every time on the eve of returning home,it was time to get off work before getting ready,so I had to run out with my backpack and get on the bus quickly to find a less conspicuous back seat to sit down.The bus was groping and bumping on the bumpy road.The trees and pedestrians outside the window blinked.The short and unforgettable experience was presented in my mind like a movie.Counting your fingers,don’t be surprised to sigh.The promises you made and those gratitude still need to be rooted in the land,and even more need to blossom and bear fruit.Floating on the surface can only be moldy and rotten.

  After a week’s hard work,the biggest reward for myself is playing the weekend.Besides sleeping and recuperating,what else can you do on weekends.Don’t doubt that if you want to be better,you have to keep charging yourself,cheer up,cheer up,rest assured and increase your knowledge.Because as long as you are willing to come,you must get something.

  Indeed,sometimes I was still immersed in the sleep of Chen’an,and I was woken up by the roaring furniture manufacture next door.I had to get up with sleepy sleepy eyes.Opening the door,the light sunshine in the morning came in without any discussion,gently patted on the face,gentle and elegant.Walking down the steps,strolling around the courtyard Dam,blending with the cool breeze,waiting for the departure of the next stop.Absorb the small cup of Nai Xi,and let the silk and jujube fragrance reach the heart along the throat.The cold Nai Xi is stirring in the warm heart,and there is always a smell that you are reluctant to give up.

  I know that no matter how strong a person is,he should often go home to have a look and listen to his parents’most affectionate words.It’s time to go home.Go home slowly.On this day,the drizzling rain couldn’t stop me from going home.It took me 20 minutes to get home bumpy and staggered.When I opened the door,I smelt a strong and fragrant smell of hot pot soup,it turned out that I had a meal tonight.My mother cooked it herself and ate hot-pot fish.It was spicy and sour.In addition,pure green,pure natural,wild blood skin vegetables,tut tut tut,the mood becomes good instantly.A good mood is a good start.

  Facing the wind,braving the rain,walking on the wet Street,letting the rain drop kiss the umbrella gently,I also accept the washing of nature,everything after the rain is beautiful,the scenery after experiencing should be drunk and beautiful.Although there is a kind of love to call you good is sunny,there is a kind of pain to call me understand you but don’t understand,there is a kind of silly cry waiting for you to wait until the flowers bloom and fade,there is a kind of love to call me in the end of the world at hand,but when the familiar music is ringing in my ears again,accompanied by the bleak and beautiful melody and listening to the heartbreaking words,I think I should continue to be grateful and wish myself well with every point,don’t ask how the result is,just wait for the beauty of the process and don’t regret,don’t regret.

  The sky is always beautiful after the rain.You see,after a heavy rain,several mountains on the opposite side became more and more green,and the asphalt road at the door also took a cool bath happily,even the sky became clearer and more transparent.Long time no see,I miss you so much,are you OK?An hour and a half drive seems a little long in the sparse rain.The road is still that road,and the land is still that land.Only the beautiful new village is more and more attractive under the precipitation of time.However,the clean and tidy streets and the graceful tall buildings also bring the sweetness of home under the shade of green trees,making people forget to return.

  I haven’t seen you for a few days.Looking at my brother’s driving work,he seems to be more mature,more sensible and more responsible.It’s good.Mom and dad should smile and I should work harder.Looking at the current sales promotion,I am really attentive.Not only the corridors,but also the doors are neatly arranged.Don’t say that it is not easy to work.I am also drunk.We all walk in the society,and it is hard to avoid bumping and bumping,which is somewhat regretful and disappointed.In fact,this society is still beautiful.Everyone hopes to live a natural and unrestrained life and be decent.But all these are given to themselves.As long as you dare to give,tomorrow will surely become better.

  After a day,there will be no more.Every day is a brand new day.Wang Guozhen said,”now that you have chosen a distant place,you just focus on both wind and rain”,”there is no road longer than feet,and there is no mountain higher than people”,”If you want to lose,you will lose to the pursuit,if you want to marry,marry happiness”.Special wishes to special people.As for my parents,I am not afraid of taking them to the park in the red envelopes full of mosquito bites on my face under the scorching sun.I will put down my way to relax and have a look at Luzhou,then make a rich and simple dinner for them,and let the taste of home permeate the heart forever,which is happiness.

  As for me,I believe that diligence always has hope,and hard work will lead to success.Life is determined by heaven,but fortune is created by oneself.When quantitative change reaches a certain degree to realize qualitative change,it is successful opening.At that time,I believed that I was almost grown up,no longer self-abased,no longer pessimistic,no longer desperate,no longer afraid of wind and waves,no longer escaping from reality,knowing how to better adapt to the society and make efforts to do something.

  I understand that this is the affectionate confession it makes to people who like him in its own way.When the trees grow up,the leaves turn green and the flowers turn red,I should also slowly break the film on the land where the spring has not dispersed and look up at the magnificent sky.When youth is still alive,slowly spread its wings in the precipitation of time to welcome the soaring after growing up.

Occasionally,I turned on the treasured photos in the computer and browsed the years in the photos.

  Memory is a touch of fragrant soul,can not hide the trace of tiredness in the aftertaste–Inscription

  Life is short,and time is long.My mother,who was the year of the turtle,was over ninety years old.In the past,the best girl of the family has now become a Manchu.My beloved daughter,the youngest in her family,is now half a hundred.

  A photo of my mother’s sister who visited her mother from Beijing back to Kun stood out from thousands of photos and stared at Xu Zuo,A lot of generosity,a kind of feeling of kindness that has never been seen before.For my sister and I who are close to my mother,this kind of behavior is not surprising,but for my sister who came back from America and settled in Beijing thousands of miles away,it is particularly precious.

  In ordinary families,it is human nature and not strange for children to wash their ears and feet for their elderly parents.The reason why the photos make people feel more precious is that we have witnessed the long-lost feeling of skin after the family affection which is hurt by the drive of interests,I hope more children can understand all kinds of helplessness when their parents are old.

  I remember Lin Huiyin once said;”It is only a moment to keep a memory,but it is forever to recall a memory,”.Memory is a touch of fragrant soul,which can not hide a trace of tiredness in the aftertaste.This kind of kindness of raising hands makes us remember to review this warm moment again and again in our whole life,and remember that the blood vessels and family affection that make money and interests fearless are extremely valuable.

  Although the Zhuo Shi is complicated,don’t let the flying flowers confuse their eyes to confuse their own entanglement;There are so many love relationships,don’t let the soft intestines confuse empty words,keep a beautiful family affection,it is good to endure the expectation of a blood vessel.

  One day,our own bodies also entered such a stove,burning in the flames.Who can remember our sadness and happiness.Life,even a hundred years,is just like this!

  Sometimes,a picture only freezes for one second,but we need to spend our whole life recalling the story behind this second.This may be the wonder deeply contained in this seemingly ordinary photo.

Holding a star in the cloud,holding a charming journey,leading the beauty of love and freedom

  It is another moon night,staying in the breeze,looking up at the stars on the horizon,your shadow seems to appear in the bright starry sky,too late to tell you,let the familiar tears gradually blur your appearance,and the feeling of heartache swept the whole body again.In this long night,although there was a cool breeze and bright moon accompanying you,but I can’t escape from memory and missing greetings.

  You left,quietly left,without a word,goodbye.No word,take it seriously.What left me was only a drop of tears that made me heartache for a lifetime,with my original dream and the scars I gave you.From then on,the ends of the world were strangers.

  We once traveled through the sea of people and wandered for many years.We came to each other through hardships and hardships.An ordinary encounter was our most poetic moment.In the time of love,the beauty of the world seems to be linked with us.At that time,we all firmly believed that we would wait together for the rest of our life.

  However,we have kept the splendor of love,but lost the humbleness of love.Perhaps,in the fate of this life,besides deep love,there is also shallow fate.Perhaps,we excessively demanded the result of this love and didn’t use the remaining strength to retain it.Finally,we let love drift with the flow.

  In this life,your gentleness,your beauty and stories about happiness,I can’t participate in them after all,only those memories you left for me,let the oath of loving you continue to live in this world.

  In the days passed quietly,one person watched the clouds falling Yun Qi and the bright moon coming and going.In the rest of the time,I sincerely wished the years were like poems and songs,when you are the same as in the days when we were together,the warmth is still the same.

  Put down the busy rhythm,manage the petals of time,let go of the steps of the stairs,and watch the fireworks in the space.

  Living on the left side with eyebrows and eyes combed,living on the right side knocks on the tip of the heart,time passes love letters from behind,and time rolls over weeds in the arms.

  There are a lot of Tidewater rushing to the main road,and the management of the path is not paid much.Master the play of the tea house gently,and choose the identification of poems and essays with a smile.

  Outside of body and mind is like poem,inside body and mind is like taste,outside love is like red bean,inside love is like coffee.

  The phenomenon was left to read,and the content of the fire was interpreted.The fingertips were once the thread ends of the kite,and the zither of the butterfly was active in the heart.

  A city is like the spring of planting all the way,which often gives birth to the poetic meaning of natural achievement.A road is like the spring breeze recognized on the first floor,and it grows naturally and becomes the solitude.

  Open a city of spring wind,meet the real wild goose.

  The work first took away the habit,and the field was first centered around the repetition.The reality spread its wings in the world where one is good at,letting oneself build the meaningful territory,and also growing up with the increase of self-cultivation wealth,however,the existence like spring breeze has never lost its color,while the works like spring have never left the design of life.

  The real wild goose shuttles back and forth,and the world painting is freely intertwined.The wind of spring is the manor with a rose,and the fragrance reaches the time when the wild goose can no longer stop.

  It is like giving priority to oneself and being a guest.Encountering a wild goose in reality is like encountering a story and becoming a gift in the palm.

  Holding a star in the cloud,holding a charming journey.

  There are people coming and going along the road,and the starry sky in the cloud is just above the head.The distance at hand often carries thoughts all over the sky,and the metaphor far away from the end of the world will be deeply different from the vines.

  First,the pursuit is not in a vision,first,the ideal is not in a state,first,life is not in a path,first,life is not in a high mountain,first,its own sharpness is not in a kind of thinking.

  So many occurrences in the world all come from their own string sounds,and so many experiences in the real world all come from their own thoughts.

  leading the time and nectar,and touching the words of Time,when it is red,there is a sudden change in the inside.Take a ladle of drink.What is the direction of rotation at this time.

  Every day is full of spring breeze,and today is always standing in the wind.

  The leisure time has changed the work,life and life have been chosen to do something.The reality always happens in the spring,and the world always experiences such as the spring breeze.After the time,the golden gear gets through the diamond ring in the space.

  The spring breeze of a city is blooming towards the path,and the blooming fragrance comes all the way smoothly along the way.The stars in the cloud are pulled towards the main road,and the flowers in the half City are waiting to create a half-city tree and a Phoenix.

  Every dedicated originality,every valuable storm,every time I see the actual situation,every time I witness the soaring of life.

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