The second change is to set up a place for yourself to see and think.

  I am a lazy person.After many years,I found that I was actually a lazy person.I know myself.I was not that kind of person before,I even felt that I would never be that kind of person.I could be called diligent in the past.In a word,I would not be lazy.But now I want to find a reason to show that I am not lazy,but I really can’t find it,I sentenced myself,I am a lazy person.I became the person I thought I would definitely not become before,which made me a little depressed.Now I deny the past me,what a cruel thing it is.

  Why did this discovery occur many years later?In fact,this sentence can’t be added with Greeting.It always happens at any time.There is no reason or reason.It has nothing to do with many years.After a day or a month,you can find it in a hundred years.If you find it,you will find it.If you find it,you will find it.It means that I know I am a lazy person.

  In the past,my understanding of the word”lazy”was that I was not energetic and had nothing to do.I began to make do with it.This idea was because I was so young at that time,I just struggled out from school and finally entered a colorful society.I was a student with poor grades.I was really suffering in the last few years of school.I couldn’t wait to enter the society,however,I think good grades should be similar to mine.They all want to get out of the school world and enter a new world as soon as possible,because we are all young people,and there is no essential difference between good grades and poor grades,at that time,although I did not gain much after paying a lot of enthusiasm and energy,I never thought I would become lazy.How could I have something to do with this word?I have so many things to do and so many places to go,how can I have time to be lazy?

  Of course,many years ago,I would never think that I would not only be really lazy,but also be hard to extricate myself.Many years later,through years of hard work,I have gained a lot of luxury things in the past,however,if you subdivide these gains,they are materialistic and have no gains in mental outlook.Even if you go backwards,the appearance of”laziness”is a good proof.Fortunately,although I am hard to extricate myself,but I was not able to extricate myself,so I made a change to quit”laziness”.

  I think the main performance of my laziness now is that I can’t leave my mobile phone.As long as I have free time,I can’t help taking out my mobile phone.Let’s take a look here and then,after thinking about cellphone as an important tool for communication and work,it was irrational that I couldn’t quit at all.So I set myself a standard that I wouldn’t watch the cellphone as long as I lay on the bed in the future,

  After getting married,especially having children,the whole world becomes chaotic and has no personal space at all,the balcony of the bedroom has always been a small place.I decided to pack it up and stay inside for a while every day.

  Both of them are small changes,but I think they both have great effects.

  First of all,this has greatly relieved the anxiety that has troubled me recently.I feel anxious every once in a while,worrying that I have too little material,colleagues also dislike their inaction to the ideal and spiritual world.

  Now through this small change,I divide my time,most of the time for my family and work,at the same time,I have time to think quietly,and at the same time,I also make myself self-disciplined,it seems that I have found a little feeling of being young many years ago.Specifically,it is the feeling of looking for trouble when I have nothing to do.People really need to spare time to empty themselves.They have nothing to do but find something to do.Only in this way can life be the most meaningful and creative.They can only do things passively like machines when they are busy every day.

  Sometimes,small changes are really useful.

Sometimes,I will eat something wrong,and it hurts people.

  We had a lot of memories in our youth.No matter good memory or painful memory,it has become a warm memory and a firm outlook on life full of love for life.

  In my youth,the memory that goes deep into the bone marrow is hungry.At that time,everyone’s ration was quantitative.What I am talking about is that people who have urban registered permanent residence,without urban registered permanent residence,even this quantitative ration is not guaranteed.Therefore,for a long time,the dream of the vast rural farmers in China is to have an urban household registration.If there is an urban household registration,there will be a certain amount of food ration and the most basic guarantee for life.At that time,no one came from the countryside to the city to work as a migrant worker,because any place in the city where people eat needs food stamps to eat.Without a city household registration,there would be no grain ration,no”grain purchase certificate”,and no food ticket for food,so there would be nothing to eat.There is nothing to eat,and you can’t live anywhere.

  I remember the quantity at that time:Grade 1 to Grade 3 in primary school are junior high school,grade 4 to grade 6 are senior high school,grade 1 is 24 Jin of grain per month,and grade 3 is 26 Jin of grain per month.Junior high school students weigh 30 Jin per month,senior high school students weigh 31 jin per month,and college students weigh 33 Jin per month.The average city residents are 24 Jin of grain per month,and the district-level cadres are 33 Jin of grain per month.Preschool children weigh 15 jin of grain per month,and workers weigh 27 Jin to 45 Jin of grain per month according to different types of work.My quantity at that time was the quantity of high and small,26 Jin per month.

  According to the current situation,26 Jin of food per month should be enough to eat.Little imagine,at that time there was no oil and water in the belly,especially hungry.At that time,the quantitative oil was 2.5 Liang per person per month.Can’t stand hunger!When eating,half a kilo of rice is eaten.I feel that I just have a bottom.26 kilos of food per month.How can I eat it?What’s more,the three brothers in our family,like three little hungry wolves,are really hard for our parents.

  In order to solve the problem of starvation,parents have to farm on the back mountain of their home building after work.There is half of the mountain behind our house,and there is a large wasteland from the mountain to the bottom of the mountain.My parents were all anti-Japanese War cadres from the countryside,and their advantages were to open up wasteland and farm land.But how hard is the dual Labor of having to go to work and farm?Only our parents are clear.Following our parents,we also learned how to open up wasteland to plant corn,plant potato seedlings,plant peanuts,plant sesame seeds and plant all kinds of vegetables.In the harvest season,parents often distributed things to their neighbors to help them ease their difficulties.At that time,everyone was really not enough to eat.

  When planting food couldn’t save the rush,we went up the mountain to look for wild vegetables as soon as school was over.What kind of shepherd’s purse,Greeks,ground vegetables,dandelion,Peng Hao,Guo Shuye,Elm leaves,I really know a lot of game that can be eaten.For example,Peng Hao,after picking it home,boil it with boiled water,then take it out,put some miscellaneous noodles,stir it,and then make it into steamed corn bread and steam it in the pot.The steamed corn bread is steamed,can be used as staple food.There are also Guo leaves,which are also the leaves of wild waxberry trees.After picking it home,it is also boiled with boiled water,then mixed noodles and noodles.That kind of noodles come out with a kind of pure fragrance,which is really delicious.At that time,if there was not enough food to eat,we would use wild vegetables and leaves to make up.And elm,speaking of elm,especially the Elm money.So far,every spring,I have to go to the nearby mountain with my wife to find Yuci.Every time,make a big bag to come back,wash it clean,chop it up,add minced meat,mix it into stuffing and make dumplings.That dumpling was eaten in the mouth,full of fragrance and genuine taste of spring.No matter how upscale the hotels and restaurants you are,if you don’t know how to deal with them,you won’t taste the taste of the natural spring,which is very delicious.

  Once,I got some Guanyin soil at home.This Guanyin soil looks like good flour,which makes people greedy.Therefore,we made a little cake with Guanyin soil and miscellaneous noodles and ate it.There is nothing unusual when eating.Later,when I defecated,I couldn’t pull it out,and my stomach was aching.Later,I drank water and rubbed my stomach,which finally solved the problem.However,I dare not eat Guanyin soil any more.

  At that time,our young man’s stomach was like a bottomless pit filled with dissatisfaction.We were hungry,hungry,and hungry all day long.In fact,we also ate a lot of food,just because there was no meat to eat,there was no oil and water in our stomachs,so we couldn’t bear the hunger.

  At that time,the country had a care for the veteran cadres who had been tested by the war.My mother was a cadre of the anti-Japanese War.She took care of the policy and could eat”nutritious food”once a week”.However,you can only get one in the canteen designated by the unit and eat it on the spot.You are not allowed to take it out of the canteen door.In fact,that”nutritious food”is just a few slices of pork.The size of the meat is similar to the diced meat on the mutton kebab sold on the street now.Mother ate in the canteen,put it in her mouth,and couldn’t swallow it.It’s not that she doesn’t want to eat,but that she misses us-three little”hungry Wolves”.It was such a brainwave that she took the meat out of the canteen door with her mouth in her mouth and divided it into three small portions after coming back.What a rare meat dish it is!I remember that we put the meat in our mouths like eating sugar until it melted and slipped into our stomachs.It was not eaten at all.

  In the youth of hunger,the word”hunger”was so deeply engraved in our minds.In that hungry age,we formed the habit of thrift and hard work.Pair extravagance,ji e ru chou.Today’s life is really not worrying about eating,wearing and using.Compared with that time,it is really a heaven and a ground.But I still sew and mend,still cherish every grain.

  The hungry youth is also an era full of ideals and youthful vigor.We love our motherland,love peaceful life and firmly believe in the beautiful ideal of communism.We are not afraid of difficulties and hunger.We believe that as long as we study hard and work hard when we grow up in the future,we will build our motherland stronger.We will have something to eat,good-looking clothes to wear,upstairs and downstairs,electric lights and telephones.At that time,the stomach was always hungry,but the spirit was full.”Scholar spirits,enthusiastic and ambitious”.Just like a song:we are successors of communism;We are not afraid of difficulties and enemies.For the ideal,advance bravely.Move forward bravely towards victory.We are successors of communism.

Waiting for a wind,I opened the window and stood at the window

  Walking on the straight path,facing the spring scenery all the way,and bumping into the spring.Spring is just under the feet,thus the steps become light.The distance of a few steps is like stepping over thousands of rivers and mountains,and the sweat flowing down from the corners of the face makes people recall and feel that time goes by like a shuttle,but it makes people feel extremely steadfast.I have not let down this beautiful youth,at least I have not let down the season when central China can walk side by side with you.We go ahead in the rain in order to arrive at the destination we want to go together earlier,which is the closest to spring and also very close to you!

  Inadvertently,I felt the gentleness of a breeze blowing across my forehead,which was what I yearned for.It was more like yours.It was so gentle but full of strength that made my heart blossom with the season instantly.The windmill kept rotating,and the fan leaves kept rotating along the windmill,as if back to that childhood.I sat by the bridge,watching you wet the hair line by the clear river,your reflection flows far and far along with the River and flows to the ends of the Earth.I can still stand in front of you with a smile on my face,without saying a word,without sorrow or hurt.

  With a clever mind,a tree in front of the door was dressed up to be extraordinarily green.Magpies held dead branches and built their beloved nests at the end of the tree to continue their lives.In February,the poet’s chapters were filled with fountain-like inspiration.In a flash,the poet’s sweet heart was leaked inadvertently and was chanted loudly by wild geese rushing from the south.The poet disappeared,and he quietly retreated in the mountains.All kinds of anecdotes and anecdotes circulated in the mountains had nothing to do with him any more!When the verses which have been put aside for many years are picked up and read by people who are willing to do so again,the deep feeling of honey can still be appreciated,the burning heart is still burning in the world of mortals which has been reincarnated for thousands of years.At the foot of the Green Mountain,there are always infatuated bones buried deep in the soil,waiting for years,waiting for this spring blossoming,with the Iraqi covering their faces,walking through the mountains,the sound of footsteps,he once disturbed a heart that had been sleeping for many years,but when he woke up slowly again,the Iraqi people had gone far away without shadow,and the dust was full of noise,but no one has a good voice••••••

  waiting for the wind to come into my eyes and then hit my cheek.I used my sense of smell to explore the fragrance of flowers around me,which flower blooms for me and which wisp of fragrance floats for me specially.I thought it over and immersed myself in it unconsciously.Could I float to that person’s side with the fragrance of flowers,like petals,and use countless fragments of my body at some point,put together a dream of color for her.When the wind blows gently,I will scatter all over the ground,eroding the mud!

  Waiting for a rain,I prepared a raincoat and an umbrella,walking alone on the silent Road.Rain fell on my body and hit the umbrella.I can’t tell what else happened in the world except the sound of rain.If the rain suddenly rains heavily and the road ahead is destroyed,I will have no way out.I followed the rain and went straight down the mountain,running towards the vast ocean.The boat swaying in the sea is full of the dangers of the jianghu and the vicissitudes of the world.Will there be someone on the other side of the sea,looking up at the horizon of the vast sea,waiting anxiously for me to return with full load?

  Wait for a meeting,ride the wind and break the waves,wait until the wind is calm,and then come back to you wearily.The smoke from the kitchen was floating on the roof,spreading to the sky.I sat in front of the house,watching you tidy up your life,feeling sorry for me,and looking at me with a smiling face from time to time.Listen,if someone is crying in the wind,it must be the person who has suffered all grievances in life and is waiting for comfort;Listen,if someone is crying in the wind,it seems that there are always many disappointments in life,destiny makes people helpless only to use tears to vent the grievance in their hearts.Listen,the man in the wind seemed to be talking about something with joy and laughter,vaguely,as if this distressed life finally made people encounter a thing that could make people laugh heartily.Let it be,a colorful season always needs to be accompanied by joyful laughter.

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