Sometimes I lay on the bed,the sunshine came in through the window,like a naughty child,rolling around on me.After a while,she scratched my feet,which made me itchy.She couldn’t help laughing,and she also smiled proudly.In order not to make her so complacent,sometimes I tried my best to endure,but she didn’t give up until she caught me.

  After a while,she jumped into my eyes again.I kept blinking.The more I blinked,the more energetic she was.I simply closed my eyes or turned around.She grabbed my back until I couldn’t stand turning around.Sometimes I escaped to the sofa,and she followed me to the sofa in a short time.Most of the time I won’t escape,and playing with her is also my pleasure.

  Sometimes I wanted to take a nap quietly,so I drew the curtains cruelly and drove her out of the window.She knocked on my window and begged for mercy.I pretended not to hear and fell asleep unconsciously.

 she didn’t leave.She shrugged her head and looked pitiful.Hearing that I pulled the curtain open,she jumped into the room immediately,but she was much more clever,just lying on me quietly.I thought she was angry or sad,so I couldn’t help trying to coax her.She suddenly showed her true face and made faces to me,then laughed with success.It turned out that she just pretended to be pitiful and coquetry.I couldn’t laugh or cry,but looking at her innocent and lovely appearance,she laughed happily.The house was full of our happiness.

  When I am sad,we will exchange roles.She was clever and quiet,just accompanying me silently.Sometimes she would make faces to make me happy,but at that time I had no intention to look at her.My numb eyes looked out of the window or stared at somewhere in the house.Maybe she would simply close her eyes and let the tears flow out of the corner of her eyes silently.She would gently dry the tears for me and then gently touch my head with her warm hands.

  At this time,I was like an obedient child,regardless of her touch,because it always gave me a feeling of comfort and peace of mind,relaxed all over,and sometimes even fell asleep unconsciously.When I woke up,my troubles had disappeared.I stretched myself,and my mood recovered to peace,and I also smiled again.And that guy turned back to the naughty child,dancing with my smile and playing the game of playing tricks on each other with me again.

  Sunshine and I are such a pair of inseparable friends,sometimes like a pair of infatuated lovers.We play games that others cannot understand but we enjoy ourselves every day.

  When dusk comes,we will not give up,but we will not feel sad,because it is only a short separation.She left me a deep glance as farewell,and I gave her a smile as goodbye.Then we look forward to the dawn together and start our new day.

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