In prose writing,I always like those poetic words,leaving endless space for reverie.I want to walk into the poetic space of the talented elves.This is not a kind of flattery or flattery,but a kind of Zhi Nian trying to absorb the source of the soul that will not be exhausted.Under the shadow of the quiet night,listening to the leisurely ticking sound of the rain,I imagined that there might be flowers blooming on the windowsill,otherwise how could there be a light fragrance floating over.

  The arrogant attitude towards the reality like clay sculpture and wood carving can’t be done,and the pleasure of vassal elegance can’t be lifelike,just as when roses bloom,bees just pass pollen from one flower to another,they do not seem to understand the symbolic meaning of love.The shy girl stroked the spoiled rose,and she knew how short-lived happiness the broken and broken flower leaves which were separated from the soil and water were.Sniffing the budding flower buds,the suspense such as what the girl really likes the man,the strong body,or the handsome appearance was still blooming before it was unsolved.The luxuriant tree room is deep and warm.The Flower enjoying love blooms leisurely.A shy flower bud passes through the dense layers of branches and leaves,standing proudly in the wind.The birds began their pleasant singing again.

  The dryness and heat in the study was full of forgotten atmosphere.The indifferent romanticism could not comfort the burning feelings and lungs.There were only a few various cars driving past on the extremely indifferent Street outside the window,the body was covered with dust.I longed for the tenderness of roses.The fiery purple-red fire was sucking the sunshine and rain in the tenacious and thorny love,and the flowers were slightly undulating and trembling,the refreshing fragrance is like pouring out,facing the sweet kiss of your lover,with the flower fragrance of enduring winter,intoxicated in the depth of the delicate flowers and leaves.The pulse intertwined,the small face was as delicate as petals,and the slightly trembling BlackBerry gave out a sweet and delicious smell as soft as holding a child,in a pious mood,carefully pull it away,just like the grass of quail nesting,to see the image of the Earth with light hands and feet.

  as well as mountains and hills.The frozen frozen Lake is so fragile,like the ceramic rolling down the table,leaning down the wine of life.Her hair was curly like black mushrooms,and the sunshine and breeze became her body.The hot spring of milk and body is permeated with the flavor of the South.Health and southern red beans,spring hair table branches.May you pick more,this thing is the most lovesick.The valley is quiet and the forest is dense,disturbing the lonely and lonely Sika deer to taste the spring leaves.The bright sunlight poured down and strolled along the soft coastline,as if you were in the Wonderland in the clouds.The flowing spring water gathered out from the mountains,and the woman with the skin color of the bottle was presented as a gift from the sunlight,vaguely heard the rhyme of flute solo and the singing echoed by women in the fantastic forest.

  The clear rain is like the words spreading on the River Bay quietly.The wind is extremely rich and changeable,waiting for the poet to bend down and come to pick it up.Here are the hometown of flowers,forests,seas,mountain springs and the charming gardeners.This is a warm Country.In the beauty of plump spirit,you can even meet Weeping Crabapple,morning glory and Joy Flower.Just as Kawabata Yasunari said-beauty is the gain from encounter and closeness.This needs to be cultivated repeatedly.

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