I couldn’t help opening her circle of friends again.

  In your address book,is there such a person:you have your own life,occasionally think of each other,know each other not delete each other,do not blacklist,but will not contact again.

  It’s not that you can’t find a chat topic,but that you don’t know how to appear.

  You may not have thought that your relationship will become like this today,but in fact it is becoming more and more strange.

  Now your relationship is like two cross lines.The intersection has passed and you are going further and further.

  You used to talk late at night.I don’t know when your chat records have not been updated.I can’t tell why.


  During this period of time,I have nothing to do,looking through the circle of friends,I want to sort out my friends in the address book.

  Because of writing,many new people have been added to the address book,but with the passage of time and the widening gap,many people have no longer contacted.

  From A to Z,I sorted out and deleted people who had not been intersected for A long time.Some people even deleted him before I deleted him.

  My mother asked the girl who often left messages to me the year before last,why didn’t she see her messages recently.

  I said maybe she was busy,but actually I didn’t know what it was.

  Maybe it’s because we have been busy with our own affairs.We haven’t contacted each other for more than a year.We have a tacit understanding,as if we had discussed it in advance and didn’t contact anyone.When I thought about it again,I found that all these things had already gone wrong.

  I am thinking:how to say that people’s feelings are rusty?

  Time is really a terrible thing,which inadvertently proves how fragile we are.I have always felt that people can not meet frequently,but they must contact frequently.

  Sometimes when I saw TA lying in the address book,I suddenly felt:Haven’t you contacted me for so long?How have you been recently?

  The head teacher of high school said:

  You will meet different people at different stages.They will accompany you more or less through a journey,and then you will no longer be related.It’s not that they are unimportant,nor that their feelings can’t stand the test,this is growth.

  I didn’t understand what this meant before,but I didn’t understand it until I went to college.

  Time has killed our feelings,and now it has become dispensable,and finally it has become two irrelevant people.


  A few days ago,Chang Su talked with me for more than an hour.

  He said,”How long have you not contacted?”

  I said,”it’s been half a year.”

  He didn’t believe it and wondered,”you haven’t contacted each other for such a long time?”

  Yes,it turns out that there are two people who say something almost every day.

  I have known her for a long time,but in the end,it is better for the aunt in the canteen to know me.The aunt knows that I don’t want ketchup noodles,but what about her?

  It is said on the Internet that as long as you are willing to stick to any emotion,she can really go on with you.

  I have the perseverance to persist,but she didn’t even give me an initiative.

  To be honest,I have complained about her and hated her.But I still couldn’t bear to see her hurt,so I couldn’t bear to delete her.No one can contact anyone,no one can ask anyone.

  To be exact,I did not contact,but I did not ask.The last message of WeChat was sent by her,because I didn’t reply,and she didn’t send any more messages.

  If in the emotional world,boys must always take the initiative,then I want to be a girl in the next life.Because I wanted her to feel how cold her last words were at that time.

  At first,I didn’t delete,blacklist or contact because I couldn’t let it go;

  Now,I don’t delete,blacklist or contact because I put it down.

  If you can’t hold your hand tightly,wave your hand to say goodbye.


  If you delete,blacklist,and do not contact,you can reset the past,then I hope that I will not meet it from the beginning.

  You can delete WeChat,blacklist the phone,and even abandon your memory,but can you give me your feelings back?

  Last time,Z said,”Chen,come on.I missed not lying on each other’s list,but I will still keep an eye on your little cabinet……”

  This Z is a very good friend of mine.

  Looking at the words,I felt very uncomfortable and said,”although I didn’t know why at that time,I didn’t feel the same……”

  Z said:”This time,can I add you back?”

  I said,”I will add you.”

  World few recovered,multi-is hard meet.The feelings after being lost and recovered will be more precious.

  Perhaps it is because the feeling of losing is too uncomfortable,so we should cherish the future carefully.

  When watching former three,we couldn’t help feeling sorry:Why didn’t Meng Yun chase after him?Why does Lin Jia insist on leaving?If they take the initiative first,will the ending be different?

  Some people only appear for a period of time,and some are doomed to leave.

  The most terrible thing in emotion is that one doesn’t ask,the other doesn’t say,and then missed it.


  I have no habit of deleting people and blacklisting people,because I know it is not easy to meet them,but it doesn’t mean I won’t.

  they must delete and never see each other.But today I saw a sentence in the circle of friends:

  Only children delete WeChat with each other,but adults just don’t contact with each other.

  Putting down a person does not lie in whether there is his WeChat,whether there is his number in the address book,whether he will secretly look at his circle of friends,but you know that everything happened to him has nothing to do with you.You won’t feel sad for him,he won’t wait for you.

  In the years to come,we will not contact those who will not be deleted or blacklisted.After all,in this world,it is not the one who leaves who can’t live any longer.

  The girl in high school,who said she couldn’t live without me,now I know how old the child is.

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