The child was reviewing his lessons and doing exercises.I put on a mask and went out of the door.The village path which gradually became solid was a little bit squatting.Walking on the top,his head was slightly shocked and the back of his head was firm and hard.The lights haven’t been turned on in the room in my hometown,and pots of newly planted potted plants have just sprouted,emitting faint fragrance.The sky was still dark and foggy.The wet ruts were covered with mud.The dirt on the shoes was disposed in the outdoor vegetable garden.Looking at the flood of Chunxi in the yard,the birds would not fly away in fear.

  After putting down three jin of walnut,my parents said a few words to me and asked me to coach my child’s homework.It was heard more and more clearly like the roar of torrent.The sky outside the window was covered with a gentle smog like a light yarn,which was scattered on those pomegranate trees like drizzle.My face was full of pain,and my parents’admonition was like gentle and beautiful spring rain.With the smell of soil,a large area of tender green leaves appeared in the potted plant.

  ”At that time,our conditions were so poor that we also offered your brothers and sisters to graduate from college.Why did you banish yourself so much and train your children to be the best people,it is also about our dignity and honor.”I am immersed in thinking,summarizing my parents’central thoughts in my own language,summarizing my own image completely and enriched,and feeling my parents’strong love.The generation of parents were full of glory and thorns.They had dinner casually and bumped into the embrace of the night with pale face.

  The deaf and blind old lady was struggling in the sharp pain and contempt of the world.She glanced at me and I smiled.Maybe she still hopes to recover her health strength and happiness,and comfort me with mercy on her face.She watched me grow up,watching her sleepy eyes,in the silence of everything,you can hear the sound of running water in the mountains and streams.The gentle moonlight splashed on The Silent Village.I remembered an ancient poem,”The mountains are flat Ye Kuo,and the moon is flowing along the river.”Through the crack of the branch,looking up at the stars in the night sky,just like a white sailing boat scattered on the blue sea,floating with the wind.

  Take out the two walnuts given by my colleague and put them in the palm of my hand.Then my brain feels better and my eyes seem to be much brighter.In order to live,suffering the torture of poverty and the pain of misfortune,the rebellion contained in the long sigh was released enthusiastically.I don’t deserve to be the backbone of my family.Pain cannot be strangled,even tears cannot be washed away.Bu Mei stubbornness and impatience all night long,gaunt.Gentle and docile,poor and noble,struggling and breaking out in contradiction.The tranquility and enjoyment in humbleness satisfied his own destiny,got shelter in the storm of life,and accepted the tranquility of death and nothingness.In the past,I could restrain all my wishes,not to be the unique flower.

  My heart is resisting.Isn’t the purpose of life to pursue something higher and farther than life?What I resisted was only myself.Anger turned into power,and yearning became the will of creation.I wanted to surpass the ordinary life,listen to the whisper of the universe,and feel the change and power of photoelectricity.

  Leaving those two walnuts far away into the pond full of darkness,I saw beautiful trees,listening to the joy of the night,there is a kind of taunt in the gray cement World although the pain still exists,I can forget myself for a moment and enjoy the agreement with the Earth to my heart’s content.The fragrant flowers hit my nose,and I can’t help speeding up my steps,maybe the child is waiting for me to go back to check my homework!

  No one cares about the beauty of a city because of a sudden disaster.No one appreciated a grand flower event because of a sudden virus.That gorgeous cherry rain,like a lonely beauty,silently shed tears.

  Wuhan is a very beautiful city,and Wuhan University is a very beautiful University.Cherry blossoms in Wuhan are the most beautiful synonyms of Wuhan University.The fragrance of the trees intoxicated many people.

  It came to the cherry blossom season for another year,but because of the influence of coronavirus,there was no one to watch it,and it was really a little wild.Those gorgeous flowers can only blossom and fade silently.I remember that the flowering period of Sakura is very short,only one week.Such a short beauty has become shorter due to this lesion.If you want to appreciate its beauty again,you can only wait for next year.

  For the freshmen,they may still be able to wait,but for the senior students,there is no chance any more.Time is really easy to throw people away,and many beautiful things become missed forever because of sudden accidents.

  Therefore,we should cherish every encounter and appreciate the rare beauty.After all,beauty is like cherry blossom,which is easy to fade away.

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