Because outbreak,long time haven’t gone out.Today,I have a suitable opportunity to relax in Wanfu Park.

  As usual,I went to the Cherry Garden to watch the cherry blossoms.

  Wanfu Park covers an area of more than 20 mu of Sakura Forest,and there are many different varieties of Sakura,among which the largest single variety is Tokyo Sakura,Japan.I thought cherry blossoms were beautiful originally,but because of the influence of the Wuhan epidemic,I could see another feeling:Cherry blossoms bloom like snow or like clouds,beautiful,but also sad-I saw a little gloomy in the white,but I saw more bloody in the red,but I hope it can not only represent love,it can more represent a firm and determination spirit and render a more heroic color.–I think,instead of being sad,we might as well look at it with appreciation.

  Therefore,when I saw the cherry blossoms,I went to look for another kind of affection-the blossoms were loud.

  Is there any sound when flowers bloom?For a long time,I have been thinking about this problem.Finally,one day,I clearly found that if you feel it with your heart,you will hear the flowers bloom and sound,depending on whether you will find them.

  French poet krodale said:The eyes can also be heard.Literati’s works and scenes are frozen,no matter realistic or freehand brushwork,but also like frozen images,just like a moment on the screen.Watching flowers means feeling with your heart.If you watch more,you will get better and better.Touching the flower branches,making the flower shadow,watching the Flower Dance,smelling the fragrance of the flower,and releasing the flower language,suddenly one day you will feel the flexibility of the flower,the sound of the flower blooming,so tiny,but it is so simple-all creatures created by nature have their own unique meanings,so there will be sounds when flowers bloom,which belongs to themselves.

  whether you pay attention to them or not,they have existed objectively.

  ”I especially like a moment,when the words fall on the keyboard under the’kake’,a flower blooms suddenly.”I suddenly thought of such words,and I felt very Shu Ran.

  The mood is getting better gradually,and I can see the pleasure when I look at the flowers.Gradually,I feel that the world of flowers is psychic with people’s heart-when the leaves stretch their bodies slowly,when the flowers spit out their stamens,I clearly heard a proud voice:I want to bloom the splendor of life.

  Yes,on the short road of life,shouldn’t we grasp life and create miracles like flowers?Flowers bloom and sound,let alone us!Let the world feel our existence and let history record our splendor.

  Flowers bloom and sound,do you feel it?

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