The silent snow enchanted the tenderness of the wind.Crystal

  The snowflakes flying all over the sky drifted silently in the silent sky all night.Looking around in the morning,the white snowflakes dressed the fields,mountains,trees and villages into silver,the world made of powder and Jade.Snowflakes are trembling and floating under the sky,rippling and flying,and their expressions are so pleasant.Standing in the snow,looking up at the sky,feeling the purity and depth of the snow between heaven and earth.The wisps of light snow flying in the sky made the soul seem to be precipitated and filtered,becoming pure and quiet.At this moment,the soul seems to be sublimated as crystal and transparent as ice and snow.At this moment,breathing the fresh air of snowflakes,extending the memory that has been touched for thousands of times to the distant scenery.

   clear snowflakes are like fairies in Feather gauze.They are invited by the wind to sing and dance lightly between heaven and earth.Watching snowflakes dancing alone in the wind,they all show her charm and enchanting.The elegant movement was natural and soothing,leisurely and leisurely,without any deliberate creation.The steps were light and the ground was silent.It came so quietly that it was so quiet that it didn’t disturb anyone,it floats silently in the wind,completely ignoring the obstruction of all the trivial things between the sky and the Earth,using its own pure and flawless body and beautiful feelings in the wind.Standing in the snow,he raised his face and kissed the snowflakes gently.The snowflakes were straight on his head and eyelashes,and his lips seemed to be a girl’s kiss.He was shy,cold and gentle,making people relaxed and happy,I can’t help indulging in romance and comfort.Snow fluttering one after another,lingering for a whole night,and after a whole night of separation,under the wind,the memory with seals quietly fell into the deepest part of the world of mortals.

  The snow falls silently and enchanting the color of flowers.Snowflakes flying all over the sky dyed the Earth into a piece of white paper,allowing couples to write and depict romantic pictures with lingering emotions.Under the interpretation of love,the cold red plum blossoms through snowflakes flying all over the sky,burning Flame and red lips is like a scene of snow plum falling in love with each other.Appreciating the white snow and plum blossom kissing me in the chilly cold wind gives people a feeling of Ice and Fire.The white snowflakes make lovers close,and the red wintersweet makes love faithful;The snow contains lingering thoughts,and the plum sticks to the oath once;The snow comes as promised,which proves that the heart of the plum is connected;mei Shengqing was open and witnessed the unexpected encounter with snow.Snow in love with plum,one is white and flawless,the other is arrogant and upright,the other is the sky,the other is the underground Bell spirit.Snow is not Mei’s lover,but as long as they meet Mei,they will recite the myth of love.This is not only the symbol of love,but also the beautiful and enchanting scenery and color in the silvery white world.

  The snow fell silently and sad the missing of love.Walking on the snow leaves a string of footprints of different depths,which are woven into the most beautiful concern in the world of mortals,and each string of footprints hides distant memories.Although the memories have been incomplete,the romance of walking hand in hand in the snow and sharing the happy time of joys,sorrows and sorrows often appears in my mind.I thought I would accompany you for a lifetime,but I could make a fortune to make people.Facing the so-called love,I became a corner of my heart.The sound of stepping on the snow under your feet is like the Elegy of parting,which makes this short love end forever in the string of footprints.The world of mortals is long and time is like a song.The snow is dancing quietly with the silent wind without saying a word.The delicate and smart snowflakes condense the love of missing in the frown.Standing in the snow,holding a handful of snowflakes and letting them fly,the flying snowflakes are like a helpless farewell,carrying all the thoughts and sorrows to the distant place.

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