Work has become the first Golden part of the field

  Laughing,I saw the ice and snow melting,and I was happy to see the Earth returning to spring.The ice and snow have not been melted,and the freezing rain still leaves its power.The Cold and depressed winter still exists,but the lively and optimistic spring girl can’t wait to rush here and dress up the Earth constantly.Facing the cloudy weather,the still raging cold wind and the withered branches,she was brave and firm.She was full of confidence.She kept blowing the spring breeze,let flowers,grass,trees,sprouting,spitting green,budding and blooming,and put green clothes on the Earth.The leaves are green,the lawn is dark green,the flowers are fragrant,the rain is fresh,the birds are chirping to tell the love of spring,the Die Er are flying up and down to look for the flower clothes of spring,the gentle and tender feelings of the streams are writing the temperament of spring.The steps of the white-collar and blue-collar workers walking on the way to work are in accordance with the melody of spring.The men and women who dance group dance are singing happy spring-greeting songs.The children who fly kites jump and jump because they hold the dress of the Spring Girl.

  How enthusiastic and unrestrained Miss Chun is.Look,the green mountains and green waters,the red sun reflects the blue sky,the scenery of flowers blooming together,competing for wonders and beauty,and all colors and colors are so beautiful!Rongrong red sun is her eyes,staring at the nature with enthusiasm;Green Mountain is her arms,embracing the sea with enthusiasm;The earth is her body,the passionate blood is the great river.Miss Chun contributed her enthusiasm and unselfishness to the whole world,letting the desert cover the Oasis,letting the grassland fly the pastoral songs,and letting the waterfall sing the music.Miss Chun walked along the way,greeting all the people around her warmly,greeting everyone to be rejuvenated and march forward successfully.She leaped and laughed,shouting loudly,singing loudly,infecting her passion to men,women,old and young people of all ethnic groups,and pouring to the hills,fields,rivers,lakes and seas.

  Miss Chun is so diligent and harmonious.Look,Miss Chun,the messenger of the heaven,calls for the wind and calls for the rain,letting the spring rain in the sky scatter,the spring tide of rivers rise and the spring wind in the field blow.Vegetation Qing Qing willow’s color new,social harmony human joy.People are like tides,cars are like streams,”a year’s plan is in spring”,all strive to shake hands with Miss Chun,thank the diligent and harmonious Miss Chun for her beautiful enjoyment!Bees are busy gathering honey,butterflies are diligent in delivering pollen,the spring rain is wiping dream spring scenery,and the sun is enjoying the beauty of the Earth with its smiling face open.Thousands of flowers,thousands of trees,thousands of birds,thousands of mountains,thousands of slopes,thousands of rivers,thousands of factories,thousands of schools and thousands of towns Qian Cheng.Under the command of Miss Chun,she played the life symphony of red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple,the whole is:safflower blue flowers yellow flowers numerous color flower,flower pleasing wind rain underwater acoustic various sound,the sound heard.

  Thank Miss Chun for bringing spring,because spring makes people excited,spring makes people excited,and spring sows affluence and harmony.Spring is the feeling of heart,spring is the accumulation of life,and the beauty of spring is the comprehension of people who love spring.

  The city has the current route,the wind has the firm starting point,the road has the world of flowers,the heart has the reality of scenery,life is a rare meaning,life has the vision of interpretation.

  and time has become the guest sitting on the table of love and thought,watching all kinds of things around experience,paying the business view and harvest,achieving achievements,thinking about life and enriching the spiritual life.

  One city has the coordinates of buildings,and the first floor has the cognition of stairs.At first glance,one has the right direction,the other has the value of sitting,one has an influential world,and the other has the difference of wealth.

  The reality on the road is changing quietly in time and seconds,and the world we meet quietly arrives at the busy time.There are roads and paths rushing to the ideal,people coming and going to let go of hope,traffic and water representing prosperity,and a sea of people representing our time.

  If you don’t build the stage with your life,how can you stay in classical meaning with reality,if you don’t focus on your life,how can you spend time with yourself,and if you don’t exploit potential with yourself,how to get along with others?Fragrant cognition.

  If one city can be identified from south to north,and the realization of the pursuit of immersion in body and mind,this city has countless ideals to be accomplished,and this road is different from going forward and going forward.

  One person finds the world of a city and holds up the existence of the world with one hand.

  If after traveling in countless cities and worlds,you know that choosing a city is always full of the charm of fireworks,and you devote yourself to opening the pastoral landscape of half a life,the city has endless stairs of high buildings,there are always endless things happening in this world.

  One person chooses to live in the city,and is determined to live on the road.

  With the thought-provoking in the world,everything is around the reality of life,walking around the prosperity of a city,and everything is about the logical identification space with the truth of thinking.

  Naturally,there are steps circulating day and night.People have the wisdom to create the classic connotation of time.They never stay in the same city all the year round,but they belong to the city all the year round.Because one person has the habit of making steps,he is good at locking a major world,and what is important is that there is a prospect to go back and forth between a city and a road,and the prospect must be tied to a place.

  In the spring,there is the power of life,and the soil also brings smooth sailing.In the summer,there are trees flourishing,and all kinds of colors are also given with thousands of purple and red.In this autumn,there is the value of diamonds,and the eaves of the harbor are also Yu Wa.In this winter,with the good luck of Mei Lian,the distance will return to its true nature.

  For example,a person will lose from youth and get from youth,because the price is always fair to look through both sides of gain and loss,growing up in his own changes,but they always walk in the real world and live life,because a person and the city are only the city to and from the host and guest they meet.

  The direction chosen by the changed people and the value of today’s road management.Work is also a measure.Whether the distance between reality and reality is in the equal world or not,and where to develop is also a better world to realize life and life,which is not in the harvest of identification.

  However,many world phenomena prove that a city also happens differently,but they build a city of landscape together.However,each city has its own pen and ink,and gets used to a realistic pace,it usually presents a kind of life.

  Some lives resonate only because of life,while some realities only exist in the world for the tuyere.

  When it comes to happiness and plainness,it becomes the contentment of taste,or the position of practice thinking has become logical extension.

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