Holding a star in the cloud,holding a charming journey,leading the beauty of love and freedom

  It is another moon night,staying in the breeze,looking up at the stars on the horizon,your shadow seems to appear in the bright starry sky,too late to tell you,let the familiar tears gradually blur your appearance,and the feeling of heartache swept the whole body again.In this long night,although there was a cool breeze and bright moon accompanying you,but I can’t escape from memory and missing greetings.

  You left,quietly left,without a word,goodbye.No word,take it seriously.What left me was only a drop of tears that made me heartache for a lifetime,with my original dream and the scars I gave you.From then on,the ends of the world were strangers.

  We once traveled through the sea of people and wandered for many years.We came to each other through hardships and hardships.An ordinary encounter was our most poetic moment.In the time of love,the beauty of the world seems to be linked with us.At that time,we all firmly believed that we would wait together for the rest of our life.

  However,we have kept the splendor of love,but lost the humbleness of love.Perhaps,in the fate of this life,besides deep love,there is also shallow fate.Perhaps,we excessively demanded the result of this love and didn’t use the remaining strength to retain it.Finally,we let love drift with the flow.

  In this life,your gentleness,your beauty and stories about happiness,I can’t participate in them after all,only those memories you left for me,let the oath of loving you continue to live in this world.

  In the days passed quietly,one person watched the clouds falling Yun Qi and the bright moon coming and going.In the rest of the time,I sincerely wished the years were like poems and songs,when you are the same as in the days when we were together,the warmth is still the same.

  Put down the busy rhythm,manage the petals of time,let go of the steps of the stairs,and watch the fireworks in the space.

  Living on the left side with eyebrows and eyes combed,living on the right side knocks on the tip of the heart,time passes love letters from behind,and time rolls over weeds in the arms.

  There are a lot of Tidewater rushing to the main road,and the management of the path is not paid much.Master the play of the tea house gently,and choose the identification of poems and essays with a smile.

  Outside of body and mind is like poem,inside body and mind is like taste,outside love is like red bean,inside love is like coffee.

  The phenomenon was left to read,and the content of the fire was interpreted.The fingertips were once the thread ends of the kite,and the zither of the butterfly was active in the heart.

  A city is like the spring of planting all the way,which often gives birth to the poetic meaning of natural achievement.A road is like the spring breeze recognized on the first floor,and it grows naturally and becomes the solitude.

  Open a city of spring wind,meet the real wild goose.

  The work first took away the habit,and the field was first centered around the repetition.The reality spread its wings in the world where one is good at,letting oneself build the meaningful territory,and also growing up with the increase of self-cultivation wealth,however,the existence like spring breeze has never lost its color,while the works like spring have never left the design of life.

  The real wild goose shuttles back and forth,and the world painting is freely intertwined.The wind of spring is the manor with a rose,and the fragrance reaches the time when the wild goose can no longer stop.

  It is like giving priority to oneself and being a guest.Encountering a wild goose in reality is like encountering a story and becoming a gift in the palm.

  Holding a star in the cloud,holding a charming journey.

  There are people coming and going along the road,and the starry sky in the cloud is just above the head.The distance at hand often carries thoughts all over the sky,and the metaphor far away from the end of the world will be deeply different from the vines.

  First,the pursuit is not in a vision,first,the ideal is not in a state,first,life is not in a path,first,life is not in a high mountain,first,its own sharpness is not in a kind of thinking.

  So many occurrences in the world all come from their own string sounds,and so many experiences in the real world all come from their own thoughts.

  leading the time and nectar,and touching the words of Time,when it is red,there is a sudden change in the inside.Take a ladle of drink.What is the direction of rotation at this time.

  Every day is full of spring breeze,and today is always standing in the wind.

  The leisure time has changed the work,life and life have been chosen to do something.The reality always happens in the spring,and the world always experiences such as the spring breeze.After the time,the golden gear gets through the diamond ring in the space.

  The spring breeze of a city is blooming towards the path,and the blooming fragrance comes all the way smoothly along the way.The stars in the cloud are pulled towards the main road,and the flowers in the half City are waiting to create a half-city tree and a Phoenix.

  Every dedicated originality,every valuable storm,every time I see the actual situation,every time I witness the soaring of life.

Waiting for a wind,I opened the window and stood at the window

  Walking on the straight path,facing the spring scenery all the way,and bumping into the spring.Spring is just under the feet,thus the steps become light.The distance of a few steps is like stepping over thousands of rivers and mountains,and the sweat flowing down from the corners of the face makes people recall and feel that time goes by like a shuttle,but it makes people feel extremely steadfast.I have not let down this beautiful youth,at least I have not let down the season when central China can walk side by side with you.We go ahead in the rain in order to arrive at the destination we want to go together earlier,which is the closest to spring and also very close to you!

  Inadvertently,I felt the gentleness of a breeze blowing across my forehead,which was what I yearned for.It was more like yours.It was so gentle but full of strength that made my heart blossom with the season instantly.The windmill kept rotating,and the fan leaves kept rotating along the windmill,as if back to that childhood.I sat by the bridge,watching you wet the hair line by the clear river,your reflection flows far and far along with the River and flows to the ends of the Earth.I can still stand in front of you with a smile on my face,without saying a word,without sorrow or hurt.

  With a clever mind,a tree in front of the door was dressed up to be extraordinarily green.Magpies held dead branches and built their beloved nests at the end of the tree to continue their lives.In February,the poet’s chapters were filled with fountain-like inspiration.In a flash,the poet’s sweet heart was leaked inadvertently and was chanted loudly by wild geese rushing from the south.The poet disappeared,and he quietly retreated in the mountains.All kinds of anecdotes and anecdotes circulated in the mountains had nothing to do with him any more!When the verses which have been put aside for many years are picked up and read by people who are willing to do so again,the deep feeling of honey can still be appreciated,the burning heart is still burning in the world of mortals which has been reincarnated for thousands of years.At the foot of the Green Mountain,there are always infatuated bones buried deep in the soil,waiting for years,waiting for this spring blossoming,with the Iraqi covering their faces,walking through the mountains,the sound of footsteps,he once disturbed a heart that had been sleeping for many years,but when he woke up slowly again,the Iraqi people had gone far away without shadow,and the dust was full of noise,but no one has a good voice••••••

  waiting for the wind to come into my eyes and then hit my cheek.I used my sense of smell to explore the fragrance of flowers around me,which flower blooms for me and which wisp of fragrance floats for me specially.I thought it over and immersed myself in it unconsciously.Could I float to that person’s side with the fragrance of flowers,like petals,and use countless fragments of my body at some point,put together a dream of color for her.When the wind blows gently,I will scatter all over the ground,eroding the mud!

  Waiting for a rain,I prepared a raincoat and an umbrella,walking alone on the silent Road.Rain fell on my body and hit the umbrella.I can’t tell what else happened in the world except the sound of rain.If the rain suddenly rains heavily and the road ahead is destroyed,I will have no way out.I followed the rain and went straight down the mountain,running towards the vast ocean.The boat swaying in the sea is full of the dangers of the jianghu and the vicissitudes of the world.Will there be someone on the other side of the sea,looking up at the horizon of the vast sea,waiting anxiously for me to return with full load?

  Wait for a meeting,ride the wind and break the waves,wait until the wind is calm,and then come back to you wearily.The smoke from the kitchen was floating on the roof,spreading to the sky.I sat in front of the house,watching you tidy up your life,feeling sorry for me,and looking at me with a smiling face from time to time.Listen,if someone is crying in the wind,it must be the person who has suffered all grievances in life and is waiting for comfort;Listen,if someone is crying in the wind,it seems that there are always many disappointments in life,destiny makes people helpless only to use tears to vent the grievance in their hearts.Listen,the man in the wind seemed to be talking about something with joy and laughter,vaguely,as if this distressed life finally made people encounter a thing that could make people laugh heartily.Let it be,a colorful season always needs to be accompanied by joyful laughter.

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