”Hey,there is a cat there.”

  The Hong Jin swallows who cut water through the curtain,lingered on a bud,and pecked the beauty of the flourishing age of the flower fairy.

  Those soft red,childish Green,Hornets and butterflies,everything is just right.

  The cat followed its owner to sketch.On that day,the owner brought it over,tied the rope to a willow tree,sat down in the shade of the tree,and lifted the pen,immersed in his own world,he never came out.From sunrise to noon,the sun was getting bigger and bigger,and the host was still drawing with great interest.The cat was also intoxicated by the fascinating scenery.Excited,curious,let it run and jump.Slowly,being tired,it is too sleepy.So I fell asleep vaguely.When it wakes up,the host has no idea where to go.Later,a naughty little boy untied the rein,and the cat ran wildly and was left behind in this way.

  There are people coming and going here every day.There is no need to worry about eating.The lotus seed soup of chidong’s family tastes fresh.Girls often kindly spread the soup made by their mothers in the upper corner and let the cats come to eat,remove the painstaking lotus seed,leaving only two white and fat petals,together with chicken,and stew red dates in a rough casserole until the lotus seed is soft and melted at the entrance.The girl loves to eat lotus seed soup made by her mother most.She is still sick and weak.Her friends have gone to school and the cat is her playmate.They often cross the Lotus Bridge to Ting Yu,listen to the morning dew dripping green lotus and listen to the chirp of insects.Sometimes girls will take it to pick Ai Ye,come back and let mom wash it and grind it into moxa paste,mix it with thin and smooth glutinous rice flour,spoon a few white sugar,and beat it in the washbasin,until the glutinous rice flour and moxa paste are integrated,wrapped with fried peanut sesame stuffing,gently cover two layers with thick lotus leaves or zongzi leaves,and steam them in the steamed bun.This is the most enjoyable delicacy for cats.

  The girl wanted to keep a cat,but her mother refused.

  ”This is a wild cat,”Mom said,”you are still sick.The wild cat and wild dog are not sanitary.”

  Every time the cat approaches the girl,the girl’s mother will be fed with broom.

  But this is really a paradise on earth.Even if there is no little girl to take care of it and the cat follows the tourists,it is often delicious and spicy.But the cat often looks at the east of the pool from a distance,at dusk and half-falling evening.

  Cat entertainment activities are also very colorful.The modern girl who hated the Sky High came here to sing and dance lightly,and the cat kicking and stepping also took the cat step.Young girls dressed in hanfu flew there,like a refined fairy,or Bing Yi to take photos of oiled paper umbrellas or the shiny and smooth hair of cats.There are often groups of aunts dressed in colorful dancing clothes and still having good charm here.Cats twist their bodies with them,like happy elves,and the old man who has just sipped mulberry wine,taking advantage of the wine to have a period of erhu,the purple and black fruit pulp wine,ten catties of mulberry fruit,six catties of rock sugar,and one to two catties of white spirit can be soaked until the rock sugar completely melts,nourishing Yin and kidney,benefiting liver and improving eyesight,promoting fluid production and quenching thirst,it can also delay aging,and the local elderly love drinking.Cats had the honor to drink some wine bottles discarded by farmers.There were also the teams who sang the strong drama,and the drums and gongs were very loud.Cats often forget to hear.

  Life was just like this.After many years of peaceful life,a kind-hearted girl grew up,had a good body recuperation,and was graceful and graceful.I heard that I went to a famous university,and my mother invited me.Everyone said that I was a big girl.The geomancy here is good and talented.Mother laughed so hard that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut,’I only hope that my baby can get married and have children in big cities and live happily for a lifetime.The’know’people echoed.

  On the day of college wine,the cat went to see the girl.At the table of the banquet,the girl picked up the cat and just kept touching the cat’s hair,gently,again and again,without saying a word.

  The girl is gone,and the cat is old.Mao Er is also dim,who cares about this wild cat,it is always Lazily curled up in the corner of the trash can.Or follow the footsteps of tourists,and then be driven away.People come here and bring packaged snacks and bread to feed the ornamental fish.People are noisy,chasing and playing.But no one paid attention to this old,ugly and dirty cat.The cat was extremely sad,but it had no strength to squeeze out tears.It squinted,looked at the desolate world and thought of the girl,I heard that after graduating from college,the girl desperately chose to teach in remote mountainous areas,thinking that the surrounding scenery became more and more blurred.

 a young boy pulled his brother’s clothes and shouted excitedly.After a while,his friends also came around and discussed with his mouth in his mouth.”I have hugged this cat before.””It seems very sad.”The cat felt dizzy at this moment.The world was getting farther and farther,leaving only a figure of a petite girl,”Let’s take it back,”a boy said,”but it seems to be dying.”The children wet their eyes and surrounded the cat together,quietly accompanying the cat which once brought countless joy to people.

  The cat looked at the world feebly with its eyelids drooping and finally fell asleep.The children Qi Li buried it in the flower field.Buried in this land of joy boiling.

  The tourists gradually dispersed,and the night and night came together.Everything is quiet,quiet.

  Listen,shake people’s songs,and dream in the night wind.

  Look,the moon is round again.

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