Yunfeng and Lili sat at the bow of the boat.

  In the early autumn of year 82 S,Yunfeng accepted the restoration and confirmation work of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project in Yichang.At half past four P.M.on August 15,the passenger ship from Chongqing to Shanghai left Chaotianmen Wharf on time.The third class cabin on the ship was a room with eight people.There were four beds on the upper and lower bunks in the room.The bed of Yunfeng was No.123,and the thin and thin girl I met when I bought the ticket was No.122.When the girl saw Yunfeng,her face immediately turned from sunny to overcast.Maybe she recalled the dispute when she bought the ticket.Whatever,a man and a big husband,don’t have the same knowledge with her.Yunfeng put the pillow on the head of the bed next to No.122,and closed his eyes and recuperated himself on the bed with the clothes.This means that if you don’t see it,your heart will not be annoyed.

  ”Son of a bitch,get up and sleep!”

  Yunfeng opened his eyes and saw that little girl standing in front of his bed,staring at him severely with her eyes,pretending to be aggressive.Yunfeng wanted to laugh in his heart.You are about 1.5 meters tall,weighing about 80 kilograms at most.I am lying here.If you beat me ten times or eight times,it won’t hurt me at all.Really….

  ”Alas–,sorry.Of course I can sleep on the other end.Well,it’s just a little inappropriate….Think about it,a young man,once he opened his eyes,he saw a little girl coming there,feeling….”

  ”What do you think!Hum….”

  ”A little,um…,Indecent.”

  ”Hee hee,indecent?….”

  The little girl stared,her face turned red,as if what Yunfeng said was reasonable.Apart from being thin,this little girl is quite delicate and symbolic.Although it was a little bit unruly,raising your hands and raising your feet also showed some elegance and the spirit of books.

  ”Well,yes,it is not suitable for me to sleep on the other end!….”

  Yunfeng thought to himself,that’s right,where there is a young man sleeping under a girl’s crotch.If she really wants to insist,then Yunfeng has to change to the other end to sleep.At most,it is just to open your eyes less or not to squint.After thinking for a long time,she may still think what Yunfeng said is more appropriate.The expression on her face turned cloudy and sunny immediately.She moved her pillow and put it on Yunfeng’s pillow.Finally,a disturbance disappeared.

  This ghost elf looked at Yunfeng with his big eyes,as if he wanted to ponder,speculate,or guess what he wanted to know from Yunfeng’s face.Yunfeng raised his head,avoiding her gaze,silently looking at the autumn sun outside the window,feeling the domineering of Chongqing Autumn Tiger.Thinking about the beauty of the Three Gorges,the hero of Yamen.

  ”My name is Lili.May I ask if you are….”

  ”Oh,Hello,My name is Yunfeng.”

  When young people are together,some small unhappiness will soon disappear.It is said that Chongqing people are straightforward,open-minded,and the joy and anger only appear on the face,never exist in the heart.That Lili was no exception.She soon became friends with Yunfeng and had a great chat.

  Lili said that after her major graduation,she was assigned to work in a research institute in Beijing,and her parents both taught in Chongqing Academy of Fine Arts.She began to learn art since she could remember,not because she loved it herself,or she was willing.But their parents all do that kind of work.Their work is painting,leisure and painting.The topic of chatting is painting,what is happy is painting,and what is sad is painting.Although she was a worker,she became interested in painting because of the edification from childhood.And he declared to me that this was not a hobby,but a habit formed from childhood.

  She also said that she went to Yichang for a public trip because her parents were in Chongqing.With the consent of the leaders,they made a detour to Chongqing to see their parents.

  Yunfeng said that he worked in a large factory in western Sichuan to do something in Yichang,and also said that he knew another Lily.I said that Lili was clever and talented,and that Lili’s time was wasted….

  The next day,just before dawn,the little girl picked up the drawing board and frame and left the room silently.Yunfeng closed his eyes and silently reviewed the relevant materials of No.2 blade of No.2 machine of’330’project,thinking about this task.Then,Yunfeng also came to the deck and saw Lili concentrating on painting there.Yunfeng gently walked to her side,and she didn’t notice at all,which showed how focused she was.

  Although that little girl’s paintings were only sketched with the technique of drawing,they were also majestic and extraordinary,which really deserved to be born in an art family.Yunfeng watched quietly and dared not make any noise.I knew this was the most taboo thing for artists.Her paintings are full of mountains and rivers,and cliffs are overlapping.Cangshan also appears to be full of vitality….It could not be seen from the picture that it was actually the hand of a thin little girl.With this and this scene,Yunfeng naturally remembered a few poems and wanted to match them with the little girl’s paintings.Look up at the sky,it’s still like Wei Xiao dawn.Seeing Lili standing at the bow of the boat,observing and sketching on the drawing board,I showed some respect to her in my heart.Anyone who does any work should be respected as long as he is dedicated.Even if he has a bad impression on her,there should be no exception.

  After dinner,Yunfeng and Lili walked on the deck.Lili seemed to be tired.Just quietly walking beside Yunfeng,the expression is neither excited nor depressed.

  ”Tired!I went to see you painting in the morning,very good,very imposing.”

  ”I have to modify it tomorrow,Yunfeng.I feel a little tired,let’s go to the bow and sit for a while.”

  The evening wind was cold.Although it was very comfortable to blow on the body,it was not a good thing to get cold.

  ”Lili,it’s too cold.I’d better go back to my room.”

  ”Sit down again,Yunfeng.The room is very stuffy,and it’s still early to rest.”

  ”Well,good.Lili,I saw your paintings and the modality when you were painting,and I remembered a few words of rhyme.One is the painting that you want to match,and the other is the shape of your painting.However,I also feel that the artistic conception and momentum are a little insufficient.It seems,um,it seems that there is something wrong with it.”

  ”Hee hee,I am Lili,not surnamed Ban!Speak out and listen,Yunfeng.”

  ”One song is called’going down to the Three Gorges’.I think your painting is also a bit like going down to the Three Gorges,and the other one is called’mountain high gorge forced to reflect the moon xiao’.Yes……”

  ”Yunfeng,you have become a big girl,tell me quickly!”

  ”Hao Ba!It is:the mountains are heavy,the water is overlapped,and the mountains are endless.If it is difficult to create a generation of business,only the great river will never die.”

  ”Well,Zi Yun.The first two sentences are full of momentum,which write down the mountains of the Three Gorges and the running of the Yangtze River,which is exactly the artistic conception that my painting wants to express.Although the latter two sentences also eulogized the endless flow of the Yangtze River,they slightly belittled the generals and princes.Hee hee,this also reflects Yunfeng’s young age….”

  ”Yunfeng,there is another song,read it quickly!”

  ”The other song is:the mountain is high and the gorge forces the moon to be small,and the breeze is thin and the mist floats on the boat.It looks like Dan Wei Dan Xiaoguang is shallow,and the bow of xiaoya is painted with white drawing.”

  ”Hee hee,Yunfeng,’Mountain high gorge forces the moon to be Xiao’,absolutely,absolutely.I like it,thank you for the poem you wrote for me!Well,the word”little ya”feels a bit…,Hee hee.”

  ”Lili.Although using’xiaoya’seems casual,it is more suitable for your lively and unrestrained character.Hee hee,don’t say thank you.Anyway,it’s okay.It’s for fun.I’ll copy it with a pen tomorrow.”

  ”Well…,Zi Yun,I know.Why did that Lily struggle hard for you for those years and can’t extricate herself.Hee hee,I guess,I’m afraid that deep in your heart,you also have a deep feeling for that lily!”

  ”Alas–let bygones be bygones.Lili,look at the rolling Yangtze River and the passing water of the East,isn’t it just like those generals and princes who have a lot of entrepreneurship,and just like the years we lost….”

  At this point,they didn’t speak any more,silently watching the rolling Yangtze River,passing through the Three Gorges and fleeing far away.

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