Looking at spring passing by sentimentally and leaving a deep kiss mark in my heart quietly

  Sitting in front of the window,looking at the White Street,all kinds of past always appear in my mind.Why do things,even small and small things,become hot events in my place,always leaving my heart on the edge of being nervous and at a loss.I kept asking myself,why on earth is this?Although I am not a wise and brave person,at least I am not a treacherous and cunning person.Suffering from the fact that I couldn’t find any reason to explain,I could only warn myself that maybe this was my own life,and I was destined to experience these hardships and tests.

  Looking at the road coming step by step,I really can only do my best and let nature take its course.I don’t want my life path not to be so bumpy,not to mention smooth sailing,at least it can be appropriate and smooth.However,I really tried my best,but I couldn’t change too much.Let God decide the rest.I didn’t believe in life,and I didn’t want to give up.However,too many facts forced me to be impressed by my life.Forget it,all this is like catching a bad hand,no matter how you play it,it won’t be too beautiful.

  The game between life and fortune finally kicked off in my inner infinite uneasiness.I also wanted to grow up,but unexpectedly,my own conditions were not qualified,but it became a gap that I could never cross.In other people’s eyes,I am not qualified,I am not qualified,I am not good enough,I am humiliated.In my heart,how much I desire God to be fair to others,but everything is what I think at random.God,you are always unfair.

  Sometimes,when my heart is very tired,I like to stay alone.In my opinion,a person’s entertainment and relaxation is just a simple meal,which may not be the most beautiful but better enough,because what suits him is good,putting everything into the silent dishes and enjoying the joy of drawing people’s taste buds with the squeaking sound can also be regarded as a small encouragement to oneself.

  I have always felt that Western food is a place full of emotional appeal and pleasant,and it is also a place where lovers feel romantic.Nowadays,life has become beautiful,and everyone has the right to enjoy Western food,but the general Western restaurant has become a place for family and friends to get together,which is crowded and noisy,and can’t find half an hour of peace,it is just more laughter of the reunion of relatives and friends.Cheap Western restaurant is suitable for visiting when you are in a good mood.Of course,it is no problem to feed your stomach.

  Inadvertently,when I came out of the Western restaurant,I walked through the coffee bar and the tea room.The twittering voice still attracted me to look up.I thought it must be my uncles and aunts who were playing cards together.It was so lively,it was never imagined that many young sisters and younger brothers were full of gold flowers,landlords and troubles.They were so skilled that they felt that they were basically middle school students.Today’s children are really smart,in fact,I also want to learn.I can have a resonance when I engage in activities,but unfortunately……I still can’t learn.I’m so ashamed.I’d better watch the flowers bloom and fade quietly.

  Everyone has his own life path to go,so do I,swaying in the strong winds and tides of the society,and growing up slowly with the rain and dew.Every day,I will walk step by step towards the goal set in my heart.After reading the story of”wine is sold without wine”forwarded by the circle of friends,I cried unexpectedly,because there were too many resonances,because I missed my parents,and they also offered me to finish my college in this way,I should also be grateful to my parents.

  Groping step by step in the wind made me feel more homesick and miss my parents.It was Friday soon,the end of a week’s work and the beginning of a home reunion.After work,I ran on the road with my schoolbag on my back,but unfortunately there was no car near because of the traffic restriction.In order to catch the last bus back home and have a reunion dinner,I had to run fast and let the suspicious eyes in the past direct at me,sweat dripping down,it doesn’t matter,this is also very good,isn’t it faster than toad.

  Of course,every time on the eve of returning home,it was time to get off work before getting ready,so I had to run out with my backpack and get on the bus quickly to find a less conspicuous back seat to sit down.The bus was groping and bumping on the bumpy road.The trees and pedestrians outside the window blinked.The short and unforgettable experience was presented in my mind like a movie.Counting your fingers,don’t be surprised to sigh.The promises you made and those gratitude still need to be rooted in the land,and even more need to blossom and bear fruit.Floating on the surface can only be moldy and rotten.

  After a week’s hard work,the biggest reward for myself is playing the weekend.Besides sleeping and recuperating,what else can you do on weekends.Don’t doubt that if you want to be better,you have to keep charging yourself,cheer up,cheer up,rest assured and increase your knowledge.Because as long as you are willing to come,you must get something.

  Indeed,sometimes I was still immersed in the sleep of Chen’an,and I was woken up by the roaring furniture manufacture next door.I had to get up with sleepy sleepy eyes.Opening the door,the light sunshine in the morning came in without any discussion,gently patted on the face,gentle and elegant.Walking down the steps,strolling around the courtyard Dam,blending with the cool breeze,waiting for the departure of the next stop.Absorb the small cup of Nai Xi,and let the silk and jujube fragrance reach the heart along the throat.The cold Nai Xi is stirring in the warm heart,and there is always a smell that you are reluctant to give up.

  I know that no matter how strong a person is,he should often go home to have a look and listen to his parents’most affectionate words.It’s time to go home.Go home slowly.On this day,the drizzling rain couldn’t stop me from going home.It took me 20 minutes to get home bumpy and staggered.When I opened the door,I smelt a strong and fragrant smell of hot pot soup,it turned out that I had a meal tonight.My mother cooked it herself and ate hot-pot fish.It was spicy and sour.In addition,pure green,pure natural,wild blood skin vegetables,tut tut tut,the mood becomes good instantly.A good mood is a good start.

  Facing the wind,braving the rain,walking on the wet Street,letting the rain drop kiss the umbrella gently,I also accept the washing of nature,everything after the rain is beautiful,the scenery after experiencing should be drunk and beautiful.Although there is a kind of love to call you good is sunny,there is a kind of pain to call me understand you but don’t understand,there is a kind of silly cry waiting for you to wait until the flowers bloom and fade,there is a kind of love to call me in the end of the world at hand,but when the familiar music is ringing in my ears again,accompanied by the bleak and beautiful melody and listening to the heartbreaking words,I think I should continue to be grateful and wish myself well with every point,don’t ask how the result is,just wait for the beauty of the process and don’t regret,don’t regret.

  The sky is always beautiful after the rain.You see,after a heavy rain,several mountains on the opposite side became more and more green,and the asphalt road at the door also took a cool bath happily,even the sky became clearer and more transparent.Long time no see,I miss you so much,are you OK?An hour and a half drive seems a little long in the sparse rain.The road is still that road,and the land is still that land.Only the beautiful new village is more and more attractive under the precipitation of time.However,the clean and tidy streets and the graceful tall buildings also bring the sweetness of home under the shade of green trees,making people forget to return.

  I haven’t seen you for a few days.Looking at my brother’s driving work,he seems to be more mature,more sensible and more responsible.It’s good.Mom and dad should smile and I should work harder.Looking at the current sales promotion,I am really attentive.Not only the corridors,but also the doors are neatly arranged.Don’t say that it is not easy to work.I am also drunk.We all walk in the society,and it is hard to avoid bumping and bumping,which is somewhat regretful and disappointed.In fact,this society is still beautiful.Everyone hopes to live a natural and unrestrained life and be decent.But all these are given to themselves.As long as you dare to give,tomorrow will surely become better.

  After a day,there will be no more.Every day is a brand new day.Wang Guozhen said,”now that you have chosen a distant place,you just focus on both wind and rain”,”there is no road longer than feet,and there is no mountain higher than people”,”If you want to lose,you will lose to the pursuit,if you want to marry,marry happiness”.Special wishes to special people.As for my parents,I am not afraid of taking them to the park in the red envelopes full of mosquito bites on my face under the scorching sun.I will put down my way to relax and have a look at Luzhou,then make a rich and simple dinner for them,and let the taste of home permeate the heart forever,which is happiness.

  As for me,I believe that diligence always has hope,and hard work will lead to success.Life is determined by heaven,but fortune is created by oneself.When quantitative change reaches a certain degree to realize qualitative change,it is successful opening.At that time,I believed that I was almost grown up,no longer self-abased,no longer pessimistic,no longer desperate,no longer afraid of wind and waves,no longer escaping from reality,knowing how to better adapt to the society and make efforts to do something.

  I understand that this is the affectionate confession it makes to people who like him in its own way.When the trees grow up,the leaves turn green and the flowers turn red,I should also slowly break the film on the land where the spring has not dispersed and look up at the magnificent sky.When youth is still alive,slowly spread its wings in the precipitation of time to welcome the soaring after growing up.

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