The second change is to set up a place for yourself to see and think.

  I am a lazy person.After many years,I found that I was actually a lazy person.I know myself.I was not that kind of person before,I even felt that I would never be that kind of person.I could be called diligent in the past.In a word,I would not be lazy.But now I want to find a reason to show that I am not lazy,but I really can’t find it,I sentenced myself,I am a lazy person.I became the person I thought I would definitely not become before,which made me a little depressed.Now I deny the past me,what a cruel thing it is.

  Why did this discovery occur many years later?In fact,this sentence can’t be added with Greeting.It always happens at any time.There is no reason or reason.It has nothing to do with many years.After a day or a month,you can find it in a hundred years.If you find it,you will find it.If you find it,you will find it.It means that I know I am a lazy person.

  In the past,my understanding of the word”lazy”was that I was not energetic and had nothing to do.I began to make do with it.This idea was because I was so young at that time,I just struggled out from school and finally entered a colorful society.I was a student with poor grades.I was really suffering in the last few years of school.I couldn’t wait to enter the society,however,I think good grades should be similar to mine.They all want to get out of the school world and enter a new world as soon as possible,because we are all young people,and there is no essential difference between good grades and poor grades,at that time,although I did not gain much after paying a lot of enthusiasm and energy,I never thought I would become lazy.How could I have something to do with this word?I have so many things to do and so many places to go,how can I have time to be lazy?

  Of course,many years ago,I would never think that I would not only be really lazy,but also be hard to extricate myself.Many years later,through years of hard work,I have gained a lot of luxury things in the past,however,if you subdivide these gains,they are materialistic and have no gains in mental outlook.Even if you go backwards,the appearance of”laziness”is a good proof.Fortunately,although I am hard to extricate myself,but I was not able to extricate myself,so I made a change to quit”laziness”.

  I think the main performance of my laziness now is that I can’t leave my mobile phone.As long as I have free time,I can’t help taking out my mobile phone.Let’s take a look here and then,after thinking about cellphone as an important tool for communication and work,it was irrational that I couldn’t quit at all.So I set myself a standard that I wouldn’t watch the cellphone as long as I lay on the bed in the future,

  After getting married,especially having children,the whole world becomes chaotic and has no personal space at all,the balcony of the bedroom has always been a small place.I decided to pack it up and stay inside for a while every day.

  Both of them are small changes,but I think they both have great effects.

  First of all,this has greatly relieved the anxiety that has troubled me recently.I feel anxious every once in a while,worrying that I have too little material,colleagues also dislike their inaction to the ideal and spiritual world.

  Now through this small change,I divide my time,most of the time for my family and work,at the same time,I have time to think quietly,and at the same time,I also make myself self-disciplined,it seems that I have found a little feeling of being young many years ago.Specifically,it is the feeling of looking for trouble when I have nothing to do.People really need to spare time to empty themselves.They have nothing to do but find something to do.Only in this way can life be the most meaningful and creative.They can only do things passively like machines when they are busy every day.

  Sometimes,small changes are really useful.

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