Falling one after another covered the wide road and blurred the brightness of eyes.

  Keeping the beauty of home,thinking silently,the gentle sunshine is the perfume in winter.

  Standing alone under the gray blue sky without being disturbed by anyone,your firm eyes are reluctant to linger for a minute,and the reeds can also see your heart.With the Bell accompanying the wind chime and the peaceful theater spreading on the water,the performance leaped out the exciting ballet in winter,moving even the hay beside the pond was dancing gently.

  I have always been by your side.You never look at me and say that I don’t know the heart of a snowman.Looking straightly at Lin Dai in front of him,he was heartbroken,regardless of the melodious bamboo bushes aside.

  In a gray day,The Sun also goes home to hibernate.Facing the wind,the natural freedom and melancholy,carrying the wind,seemed to be carrying a heart wound and moistened the goddess’s eyes.I can only quietly accompany you to think…

  Snow and rain fell in the sky,falling on the vast land.The wooden house in the mountain nest was beside you and me.

  I can’t hold back the waves in my heart,and I jump around you with great excitement.

  I glanced at you casually and found that you were looking at the distance silently all the time.I stopped slowly,gazing at you,seeing that your eyes were wet but the corners of your mouth seemed to rise a little,and continued to look at the White Ocean far away.

  I looked up slowly and looked at the direction you looked at.I found a pair of big snow-white butterflies flying out of the mountain forest in the snow,flying interactively in the boundless white sky.Gentle rhythm,write the most beautiful chapter in this snowy day.

  You smiled and said that it was on the other side of the mountain.In the distance,someone could see the watch of the snowman……

  Have you ever experienced that kind of despair?Obviously,it was only one step away,and all the games were lost in an instant.That kind of despair was really cold.

  There is a sad story behind every lonely person.Some people have never recovered since then,and some people wipe away their tears and start on the road again.

  It is a pity that there are more people who have collapsed and less people who have revived.When we meet lonely people,don’t laugh at them.You can never understand their pain.We are not qualified to laugh at them at all.Life is changeable.Who knows what kind of pain we will encounter?We have no choice but to give them a hug.

  I am the one who has never recovered.It seems that I have lost my motivation to fight for the glory that belongs to me.It is a terrible and sad thing to understand my own insignificance and my own powerlessness.Life brings me short-lived happiness and long-lasting pain.Happiness is fragile and pain lasts forever.Every time I want to forget,I always think of that day,that time and that terrible decision,thinking of the eternal youth,I shed tears and faced the darkness of the night alone,as well as my incompetence and weakness.

  Nearly two years have passed since that,but I still can’t walk out.Life seems to have lost its color,and all efforts seem to have lost their meaning.Where should I go,how I should regroup and how I should face the future all make me feel painful.Only by carrying a bag and hiking alone can I forget the pain and the unfairness of fate for a short time.I really hope I can go hand in hand with you,but the reality is so cruel that I can never go forward side by side with you.

  How pitiful it is for a person who has never recovered.They have given up the struggle and let fate cede,but I really don’t want to give up my dream.In this short life,I want to live for myself and for someone,live for a city.

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