Fenghua refers to quicksand,old is a period of time

  The flowing time has become a beautiful embellishment in the way of life.Looking at the sky,watching the snow,being quiet and silent are all good scenery without saying a word.All the year round,the vicissitudes of life and great changes,the idyllic scenery is the poet’s favorite place of return in ancient times.

  Field tunes also have their own personality.They are called spring,summer,autumn and winter.

  In spring,it is a lively elf,waving the dance stick in his hand wantonly.Sprinkle the breath of spring in this field,let it burst out tender branches and leaves,let people who walk in leisure time feel the dance steps of spring,feel the softness of spring breeze,and feel the gurgling flow of the brook,depict the first ink painting in the field.

  In summer,it is a shy girl,carrying a pink pleated skirt,walking slowly,enjoying the sea of flowers.The most indispensable thing in the scorching sun is the brook,with lotus leaves holding lotus flowers,for its escort,the cicadas in the Grove are the symphonies in summer.Sometimes accompanied by some storms,it can be painted with a new layer of vitality in summer.The starry sky in summer makes people feel beauty and happiness.Let us feel it full of vitality and see it depict the second ink painting.

  In autumn,it is a mature adult.The color of autumn is especially different,with yellow maple leaves and red chili.Blue Blue Sky,the sky was clear,am proudly Lake,clear water and thorough,qiuchong Haw,Qiu Chan tweet.Small Bridge flowing water,the setting sun is bright red.In this autumn afternoon,let your thoughts drift away and write down the poems of autumn.Mature it depicts the third ink painting.

  In winter,it is an indifferent ice-snow doll.When it comes to winter,the earth seems to have no vitality at all:the mountains are bleak,hundreds of trees are withered,no birds are flying,and no beasts are heard.At first glance,it looks like a drooping Yun Mu the front,A lifeless picture is frozen.It depicts the last ink painting with the biting cold wind.

  However,every season brings people different feelings,which is the reason why officials in ancient times had to hide.

  Lilac Blossoms,lotus blossoms in full bloom,osmanthus falls,plum blossoms stand alone in the snow.

  I yearn for such a life,just like a newborn bird,yearning for flying in the sky……

  After a sleep,I flipped through my circle of friends,from 2020 to year 16,and then before year 14,the circle was deleted and nothing was seen.The scattered memories may have been forgotten completely,such a WeChat in 2000 years(from 2000 to 2020)for ten years.

  Ten years of life and death are boundless,and you will never forget it if you don’t think about it;An idea,suddenly,is also involuntarily born in your mind.Will words become your final destiny?Of course,I will also answer myself.Since then,I have not been able to determine.Powerless.

  I stopped some trivial and complicated things at hand,so I started to record and tell them in an unhurried and well-organized way Yu Wenzhong night,or you and I are in the mood.The heart is like a slight blue,and the human being is as light as a chrysanthemum.I hope this world is fragrant and Shan Yi,implicit and deep,as well as gentle and elegant as you and me,and is low-key,not for fame or for profit.

  With thousands of thoughts,my heart is like water.Hold your heart,as light as the morning wind.Is it betrayal?Or loneliness?Love in a lifetime,encounter by Karma,if love is deep and righteous.

  Too many stories…There are also too many Xuan sayings in it,the doorway and the right power.Of course,we can’t rule out the negative energy that has existed.There are too many laughter and laughter,people come and go,people go to empty buildings,people go to tea party cool,unforgettable and profound,evil and justice coexist,self-cultivation and harmony,face the sea,walk thousands of miles,past,past,so that the reality and future,love and spirit.

  There are also family affection,friendship,window affection,alumnus affection,jianghu affection,as well as sadness,joy and separation,which were once the existence of strange friendship.I know very well that the records and narratives of pages deep into the bone marrow,more remembered.A general conclusion is…Unexpectedly,there is no big wave in your heart.

  Falling flowers have no intention to go to the running water,and the running water is willing to fall flowers,walking continuously and conscientiously,as if walking on thin ice all the way is also determined.No matter what you see from the circle,what you hear,or what you have talked about and read through it,or what you have already said:’People who do good deeds need thousands of times,however,the evil-abiding people are still thinking about’getting through the outstanding,not getting out of the game.

  Fenghua is easy to pass,time is hard to stay.The Age has gone,I hope you can cherish it.Although I am used to this endless loneliness…Although I am used to the support of this person…After all,it can’t be,gradually moving towards peace?But I don’t want to recall anything.

  With bitterness and happiness,love and hate are casual.In the ordinary fleeting time,people can feel it quietly,listen quietly in the ordinary time,and listen quietly.The most real voice and feeling in people’s heart will be fine.Pick up,put down,pick up.The choice of right and wrong,right and wrong,black and white,learn to distinguish clearly again and again,learn to distinguish again and again,follow the good as the flow,be impassioned again and again,Mo Fei,finally it is not in the plain.

  If all wounds heal…Yesterday is like fireworks,and youth is like Epiphyllum.What makes you most fortunate is whether this text is left.

  If God can give me another chance to start over…I will certainly say to that girl that I love her,and I hope that…Day and night.

  But do you know…It has been ten years…

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