”The slight wind is still floating with the fragrance of flowers,green mountains and green waters,traveling in a picturesque way.My home is on the other side of the mountain of Naxi……”Wandering on the road of happiness in the city,looking at the bustling crowd and vehicles passing by Sichuan,I can’t help thinking of teacher Li Guyi’s”Na Xi Na Shan”,with mixed feelings in my heart.

  Looking up at the starry sky,I understood that with a flick of my finger,I had been separated from that pure land for several years.Rongyou village,now called Rongshan town,is a small town located in the remote area of Hejiang county,Luzhou city.It has a unique soil climate and a small basin in the original ecological mountainous area.It breeds Nanxiang rice with peculiar flavor.Here,it is also known as the hometown of Nan Xiang rice.Many people never feel tired of visiting here,perceiving the purity of the Paradise,witnessing the legend of the integration of mountains and rivers,appreciating the pleasure of the natural scenery,and tasting the original ecological fish and Yunxian chicken.

  In order to study and dream,I followed my parents away from the countryside for more than 10 years.Because of fate,I returned to this field of hope with fear and longing.Winding paths,layers of forests,abrupt peaks,traditional folk customs and simple folk customs make people intoxicated.Accompanied by green mountains and forests all day long,frogs call birds and insects fly together,far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility and comfort of stepping into the remote mountains and forests,cultivating one’s morality and nourishing one’s nature,just like stepping into Yun Dian fairyland.

  A small village,like the bridegroom expected in a dream,can be seen after a long time.The Classic of the gathering of valleys and peaks is quiet in the misty water mist,charming but elegant.After a short period of mental contrast,I still find that my heart of returning to the dust in my heart has never changed.All the feelings here are still so strange and familiar,stepping on the path of the new village,A burst of fragrant and strong local flavor will blow on your face.

  Because of the inconvenience of transportation,the distance of the road and the unsmooth communication,it seems to be an isolated border city when it rains.However,after every rain,here is more beautiful and beautiful,with green trees and shadows,and clouds and mist drifting around.It is a pleasure to be in it and experience the casual and wonderful work of nature.The forest coverage rate of 70%makes this small village become the old forest of the rural population.I still remember my thought at that time,but now it is still so interesting when I think of it.”Window silver light,house fan Coochie;Night sky starry,forest frog insects call;Hospital angry little,heart love endures;Suburban 80 kilometers,border town Iraq calm.””Beautiful Waters good cool,summer Feng Xia Yu Xia Zhuxiang;Mountain water a manor,Meitu view$scenery;Dream Dream Dream qian rao,love in love outer love connecting rooms.”

  Wine City,a city where I came and went,a bright pearl beside the Yangtze River,nurtured more than 5 million children of wine city with its own light and heat,here,generations have absorbed the unique essence and nutrients,walking on the waves in the wind.In this season of blooming flowers,the past is permeating like clouds and smoke.With clear context,familiar face and ardent entrustment,I set sail against the wind on my way back.

  Yesterday’s beautiful stars will soon pass away,and today we have to set sail again with a little wish.Although the other shore is still waiting far away,the heart of chasing can never stop.New year new atmosphere,New Year New Hope,a brand new journey,starting with a smile,in the vast life,in the sincere wishes

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