Winter is approaching and spring is approaching.Another spring is coming.New morning light,new sunshine,and every new day,the spring sun falls gently,kissing the world quietly and everyone who loves the world.

  In the spring of clear and sunny days,everything is recovering,the old trees are sprouting,and the sunshine is breeding the newborn buds,as if every life is trying to grow and showing the most beautiful side to spring.

  In such a shallow day,there is a hope about you,as a seed,buried in the bottom of my heart,maybe it can make time pity,stay until the four seasons of the year pass,the story about you and me,the rest of my life is no longer only memories,and we will not let each other become the past.

  You once said that spring is your favorite season,but now,I stand in its arms alone,but I am still grateful,because you have been here,you have been in spring,with the simplest love and the most beautiful face,I met at the most beautiful age and spent those warm spring days together.

  each other’s promises and longing for the future,will eventually be covered by the fireworks in the world.You choose to go far away,I choose to settle down,maybe,what was wrong was just the haste when I was young.Without a firm heart to love,I picked up each other’s emotions.

  But now,you are at the end of the world,I am at the corner of the sea,walking in their own spring,and the care for you,the missing for you,can only be placed in memory,fortunately,you in memory,except for the turning around when we see each other,the rest are all about the picture of falling in love with me.

  The flowers will disappear at last,and I will always see you when I say goodbye.I always believe that you and I will meet again in the distance,just like this warm spring day when flowers bloom,waiting and waiting,and then coming.

  No matter how time flies,no matter how wrinkles pour out,the years are still quiet.In this bright spring day,we are all treated gently by this earthly world.Spring comes,although you are not here,but I have been waiting,maybe,waiting for you,just like waiting for spring in the bleak winter,with hope,waiting and waiting,then came.

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