Outside the window,the spring rain was drizzling.I was free,so I moved a small soft stool,held a cup of chrysanthemum tea,and lay lazily in front of the windowsill……


  These naughty rain children took the rain as the key,and casually played the movement that they thought mysterious.Occasionally,there were a group of people who were so naughty that they didn’t know what they were doing.They imitated the diving girl,and a skater who was rolling down from the rain.What a coincidence!They are neither skewed nor skewed,and just fall on the tip of the crisp leaves of the fat and tender dianlan beside the windowsill.I am so obedient.How can the tender and emerald branches and leaves that seem to be dripping bear the weight of these bastards?Helpless!Helpless!Before they could stand firm,return to their senses,or wait for them to skim me,they fell to the ground full of water bubbles,muddleheaded and dizzy,in an instant,they teased with layers of water flowers on the ground,and could not distinguish between you and me.At this time,no matter how fast you are,no matter how big you open your eyes,they can no longer find their handsome back just now.In this way,they repeated the wonderful performances of the last group or the last group in groups and batches.

  Maybe I love them too much.I can’t help putting my hands up and stretching out to continue them.I hope the limited space in my palm can give them some help,Hey!They still don’t appreciate it.They dislike me very much!Otherwise,how could I splash out of my palm in a hurry!I smiled and said strangely,”What are you panicked about?Is it very reluctant to walk away after patting with me?”,Who knows that some of them are frowning,some are blinking,and some of them are bold and fickle,saying”you are too old!”.Hey you.If a!I shook my head and waved my hand.It’s all right.Let’s go.What reason do I have to force you who don’t belong to me?

  My chrysanthemum tea is just suitable for drinking at this time.The soft stool under my butt has made me feel a little sleepy.OK,byebye,my naughty rain kids……


  Raindrops lengthened and widened my mind.My dear him,where are you?Don’t you want to have an afternoon date with me?Er,er,er!Please feel wronged.Don’t tell me that you think I am old too!Otherwise,I will definitely give you a supercilious look!

  Everything in the world has spirituality,ranging from the universe to the fine Earth.According to philosophy,”movement is absolute,while stillness is relative”,movement is vivid and checks and balances in spirit.Celestial bodies in the vast space attract and circle each other,forming a regular celestial system,and no celestial body moves against this rule.The Earth revolves around the sun with its laws.Its own composition also has spirituality.In people’s eyes,the mountains and stones on the Earth remain static and lack of aura.In fact,it is not the case.Himalayas stand up,Albius stands up,East Africa Rift Valley breaks,the Mediterranean surface shrinks,and there are spirits in it,let alone organic soil and creatures.

  Since all things have spirituality,there is a history of life development,which exists between heaven and earth,fair but not exclusive.It doesn’t exist in the center of something.It exists in the heaven and earth.There is its reason.It must not exist only by me but also by its reason.Besides,only self-existence and its death,will perish.

  If human beings live on the Earth,they need to coexist with any material in nature,whether in the organic world or in the inorganic environment,so as to achieve win-win results.Destroying others and monopolizing them is against the law of development of things.

  the lesson that I was respected is profound,such as eliminating species,reclamation of wasteland,destroying Woods,filling rivers and lakes,primer species,dirty atmosphere………This kind of excessive destruction of ecology and excessive pollution of environment is the obliteration of the spirituality of all things.Why not get revenge?Plague epidemic,soil and water loss,global warming,frequent drought and flood,raging sandstorm………

  All things have spirits.Seeking balance in spirits and fair development are the absolute principles.The Ancients all understand,but modern people do not obey.

  The old Confucius said:”Dao Fa the nature”,”universal love for people,do not reward and punish with joy and anger,so for benevolence”(Dong Zhongshu”spring and autumn Fan Lu.Li He Gen),the”Harmony and four Ruirui”of Tibetan Buddhism all advocate that everything is fair.

  Today’s human beings must wake up,and all things coexist,not only human beings.We must not misinterpret”man decides to win the heaven”as”certain”and”Heaven power”,nor do we misinterpret”Man does not die for himself”as””.

  All things are spirits,obeying morality and law,and harmonious development is the destination.

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